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  1. That's a great review. And given HI-FI+'s reputation, to end with "Let’s not mince words; this is the best streaming audio component I’ve ever reviewed" from these guys is the highest possible praise for this truly great product. I've had mine for a while now and feel that what the review says about its performance is spot-on. I have never had so much enjoyment from reproduced music: it wows every time it's fired up. If it takes a serious reordering of priorities to get one, I'd say go for it. It widens musical horizons, deepens appreciation of music's emotional content - takes you there. It really is that good.
  2. On the other hand, you could take the view that even though the NG Klimax DSM would reveal the limitations of my current front end, it would give me access to the best that hi-rez streaming has to offer, and get the very best available in that meduium. When I took the decision to throw in my lot with the latter (and trade in my LP12 and records), I knew that I was losing access to the gamble of getting a superior vinyl version of a particular piece of music in a very variable medium, in favour of consistent and remarkable sound reproduction every time. Now I choose music for the music, not how well I think it will reproduce. I have not regretted the decision for a minute.
  3. So, if I understand correctly, the phrase "too revealing" means "doing too effectively the job it was designed to do given the front end that I'm currently using." Following that logic I suppose the position would then be, "unless I can get the best front end available, I wouldn't get the best DSM product available because it wouldn't show my system at its best." Fair enough I suppose.
  4. Yet again, can someone explain to me what "too revealing" means in this context?
  5. Indeed, it seems like saying, "If I used an inferior amplifier, my LP12 would sound better"!
  6. In the context of music reproduction, whatever does the phrase "too revealing" mean? Surely there is perfect replication of the live performance on the one hand (admittedly, only a theoretical possiblity) and on the other, degrees of degradation from that perfect sound? That is, there is perfect "revelation", or degrees of loss from that state. How can revealing be "too much"? Have I missed something here?
  7. I my experience I always found that a better front end pushed speakers to deliver more - sometimes to a surprising degree. As we are talking here about the best front end in the world (?) and really good speakers, an improvement is guaranteed, it'll just be a matter of degree. If money is not the major consideration, think of it like this. Better speakers will improve your current system, but you will always be wondering what the NGKSH would do for them. Source first, I'd say. Fate will deliver you better speakers down the line.
  8. Yes indeed. Especially for someone like me who gave up on vinyl some time ago, trading in my LP12 (and discs) for digital streaming. I must say, I haven't missed it - and now the NGKDSM is delivering the best sounding music I have ever heard outside of a live concert. I will add that something else I don't miss when I choose a piece of music is the vagaries of pressings, surface noise and cleanliness, etc. Heresy for some, I know, but real for me.
  9. I've had my NGKSH for a few weeks now and am a little bemused by this thread. I really have no idea which source sounds better because, to be frank, the quality of the music is so amazingly satisfying, so arresting - indeed, as I wrote earlier, addictive - that I can't be bothered to compare them. And if I needed further proof of the system's abilities, I attended my first long delayed live concert last week at Symphony Hall in Birmingham UK (with its world-class acoustics) hearing among other works, a favourite piece, Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony. Of course, live music will always be special, but it's a measure of the system that what hits my ears with this equipment works its magic in just the same measure. A system that doesn't disappoint after a great live concert is some system indeed. Highly recommended, as they say.
  10. Since posting the above I have started to follow this course again and have just watched Lecture 8: Bass Patterns: Blues and Rock. A couple of thoughts occur. First, what a great education Yale offers if this beginners' course is representative; and seeing some students wandering in to lectures up to 15 minutes late (in a 50-minute lecture!) grates on this former teacher - but I guess if you're paying the fees these students (parents') pay, I suppose no one is going to pull you up on it. The arrogance of privilege, eh? But my point: I'm left humming chord progressions to pieces of music I thought I knew well, adding a whole new dimension to my listening. (And now I know what chord progressions are!) Once they are pointed out, with examples in Mozart, Beethoven, The Beach Boys and Gene Chandler (Duke of Earl) - using the same chord progressions! - once illustrated, your brain wants to pick them out in everything. I had forgotten what wonderful stuff (and wonderful music) these lectures contain and how much my listening has been rewarded and enhanced. Vic.
  11. Hang on in there Akamatsu because you are in for a real treat! My 11-week wait was cushioned by the (effective) loan of a KSH (thanks, Hidden Systems) which significantly bettered the ASH it replaced, but the NGKSH was a huge improvement in every department. I struggle to put into words what I am listening to now but will say that I have never experienced such realism, immediacy, presence and detail. Every listening session is a joy - and quite addictive actually! The NGKSH is a truly remarkable product. Vic.
  12. I have lived with my new Next Generation Klimax DSM for four days now and thought I would share my reactions here. First, I acknowledge that equipment at this price level severely limits its availability for most music lovers (and how lucky I am to be able to have one) but for most of my life I have sought information on the best that is available, even if not accessible to me. So I share. My long and variable upgrading path, beginning in my penny-pinching days with cobbled-together cast-off units, to what I consider now my ultimate system, has one consistent theme: the better the system, the wider my musical taste developed. Obvious when you think about it. If a soprano’s top notes reproduce as screeching, and piano notes clang rather than ring, pretty soon your listening narrows to top-line melody and boom-measuring time signatures. Others have posted their responses to the NGKDSM, with detailed descriptions better than I am able to, and my reactions echo theirs. I am pleased (thanks to Chris’ Hidden Systems) to have lived for a few weeks with the previous Klimax DSM (a wonderful product in its own right) but it’s in what the former does that the latter doesn’t that the magic lies. It is truly amazing. Here’s the difference it has made to my music-listening. On every genre of music that I have used to “put it through its paces”, as the Dutch reviewer posted earlier, the music smothers the attempt to analyse reproduction. It’s like to a much greater degree, each contributing element, be it individual instruments in the orchestra, individuals in a choir, or backing vocalists and the muted contribution of a distant steel guitar, they all demand attention, become spot-lighted, enhancing, demanding, a fuller appreciation of the effect of the music as a whole. A couple of examples. I like Mahler’s symphonies, but there are parts of some of the later ones where the “heaviness” detracts and attention wanders. Not any more. Now a whole Joan Armatrading album delights; I’m not just picking out favourites. I hope this makes the point. And in passing, my title chosen for this post has reminded me of something I have thought about sharing for a while. A few years ago I watched a series of 50-minute lectures on You Tube by Craig Wright, head of music at Yale University called Listening to Music. He is a master communicator of music, using popular music to illustrate aspects of classical music, and vice-versa. By the end of this fascinating course my knowledge of all aspects of music had expanded massively. I defy anyone to follow this course and not end up really appreciating all music better, not just one’s existing favourites. What times we live in that give us such access to music! Vic.
  13. Mine was installed this morning, eleven weeks and five days into that 10 to 12 week prediction. First impressions are everything I expected from reading every word in every report I could find in my impatient wait! The 2018 Klimax Hub that the new one replaced did an amazing job and is a superb product, but the new one outshines it in every department. It's truly a revelation in what is achievable in this medium. Well done Linn (and S. Campbell who built it!) and Neil from Hidden Systems who fine-tuned SO, leaving this lucky customer one happy bunny. Sad for those customers who have to wait 15 weeks now. But you're in for such a treat at the end of the wait. Back to the music. Vic.
  14. Good move! I remember your regular posts on the old forum. I learnt a lot from them - and probably spent a lot on the strenght of them! I'm long retired, and music fills a lot of my time thanks in major part to a great system. Really looking forward to the new Klimax Hub. It feels a long wait! Great development for Linn. They obviously can't make enough of them. Best wishes Anthony.
  15. Yes indeed. Thanks Erik. This review is the best, most detailed and informative that I have found. And I've found a few.
  16. That Dutch review is worth running through Google translate (paragraph by paragraph.) He/she is impressed indeed, and describes the reproduction brilliantly. Whets the appetite even more. Some interesting translation though: piano notes that leave you upright seems an interesting bonus.
  17. So, apart from Michael above, no one else here has a NGDSM on order, no one knows (or is saying) how many units Linn is shipping to dealers, and Linn isn't commenting on the effects of reported world-wide shortages of aluminium on expected delivery dates. Hey ho! Patience is a virtue. They say.
  18. Enthusiastic reports from reviewers and new owners of the new Klimax System Hub are not helping to assuage my impatience waiting for mine! My 2018 variant is doing a great job, outshining its Akurate predecessor, of course, but still... Disturbing reports about aluminium shortages and other possible hold-ups (Covid related?) Is anyone receiving their units? How many are Linn supplying to dealers? Will the quoted wait times be extended? Frustrating lack of news. In the days of the old Forum Linn fans were better informed, I think.
  19. Now in week 7 of the quoted 10 - 12 week wait, and almost salivating. Mind you, the Klimax Hub (2018) is delivering some amazing sounds in its stand-in role. I'm taking on trust the reports of how much better the NGKDSM is of course, not being able to demo it. But then, over the years, Linn's claims, supported by Forum members' reports have always delivered for me. Exciting!
  20. You're not helping me keep my excitable level of anticipation under control Eldarboy! I'm only in week 5 of the quoted 10 to 12 weeks wait for the delivery of mine! Talk about Uncle Karl's commodity fetishism!
  21. I meant physically too big for my room. I think anything bigger than my beautiful new matt-black integrated Akubariks would be a little over the top. On your next move decision, I think I'd go source first and get the Klimax. When I swapped my Akurate Hub for the Klimax (into 242s) the improvement was significant, to say the least. If I were up for a holiday at the moment, Serbia would be high on my list of places to visit. I hear that it's beautiful. Vic
  22. Yep, I'm in the queue for the new Klimax System Hub and not a little frustrated at the waiting time. But, hey ho, anticipation, they say, is part of the fun. And my temporary old-style (2018) Klimax Hub is still generating the tingle-factor every time the system is fired up. I wonder if Linn prioritises certain products on its production line, or if the single-station-build system produces items in order of orders received, so to speak? And if Linn has a list of favoured dealerships who get priority? Who knows? Still, as life's inconveniences go, having to wait for a great piece of kit hardly counts as hardship. And there's always that cable spaghetti to sort out, as Paul says.
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