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  1. I finally put my system back together again, and have settled on the balanced cables between the KDSM and Solos. Just sounds a bit punchier to me compared with the RCAs. All my cables are Vertere Pulse B.
  2. I will do some auditioning of RCA vs XLR between the KDSM and the Solos which have both output and input options. The problem (IIRC) is that the XLRs may sound louder. And louder is better, right?! So proper A-B-A auditioning may be a bit confusing.
  3. For several years, I have had the same setup of KDSM-->2xSolos-->2xSolos-->Sonus Fabers as a passive bi-amped configuration, with one pair of Solos connected to the higher frequency speaker terminals and one pair connected to the lower frequency terminals. Since the Solos have to be piggy-backed, they can only be connected together with unbalanced RCAs, and hence the KDSM had to also connect to the first pair of Solos with unbalanced RCAs. I have decided to simplify things and remove a pair of Solos which I intend to deploy elsewhere. I am furthermore looking at speaker upgrades that include several possible models that do not accommodate bi-amping. Now I have the option of balanced or unbalanced between the KDSM and Solos in my main system. I will naturally experiment - I have Vertere Pulse-B cables in both RCA and XLR forms. I have read various debates on the virtues (or not) of balanced vs unbalanced, and the associated system/component dependency. I would be interested in the opinions of this group, particularly as I notice that Linn has been supplying KDSMs with Silver RCAs for some time, which I assume is for a good reason. If I recall correctly, my first ever KDS (2011) came with XLRs.
  4. That would be considerably more than the trade-in price indicated by my (UK) dealer for my 20-month old KDSM/2. In fact, about half of the original price is what was indicated.
  5. I use Roon. To be honest, I’ve not noticed any bugs with the latest version. Probably because I’m not a very demanding user. My main reason for preferring Roon is that it works identically and seamlessly for my Linn system, my Devialet system and my wireless speaker in the bedroom. Simple for me and my family. Oh, and I’ve taken the liberty of adding a bit of bass shelf that’s missing in SO2. I don’t have any performance issues but I’m running on a fully loaded QNAP TVS-672N.
  6. I suspect that many KDSM owners like myself might have selected an option that is missing from this poll, something like: I will audition the new Organik KDSM, but will wait to see if an Organik upgrade to the original KDSM materialises in the next 12-24 months before deciding which way to go.
  7. I have enjoyed bein on the Linn Klimax upgrade journey over the past 10 years or so, with Dynamik upgrades, plus the various KDS/KDSM upgrades up to and including Katalyst, appreciating the sonic benefits that come with these upgrades every time. Linn have now brought the upgrade journey to an end for the current KDSM box. I imagine that the new KDSM platform will be with us - with periodic upgrades - for many, many years to come. I don't especially want to call it a day. So my questions are: 1. What will be the precise terms set out by Linn for an incentivised KDSM trade-in programme, now that the upgrades are at an end (I have a KDSM that is less than two years old) and 2. For how long will such a trade-in programme be made available by Linn (at the incentivised terms)? Once I know this, and have had the chance to listen and compare, I will take an informed decision.
  8. That is a very interesting comment. Curious to know where you got this information....
  9. Double the current price basically, and a huge gap between KDSM and ADSM. It would cut out a significant market segment from the Linn range. I just don’t get it. We don’t have the full picture yet.
  10. I’m willing to pay 15-20K for a Linn Klimax box. But 40K? I’ve owned Klimax kit for over 10 years, have happily done upgrades, trade-ins and trade-ups. I consider my ongoing hifi budget to be generally on the high side, but if the rumours are true, then I will suddenly be priced out of Linn Klimax going forward. I can’t quite get my brain around this.
  11. OK I’ll admit it: call it pure self interest, but prospect of ca £50 grand’s worth of Klimax boxes suddenly becoming obsolete stirs up a bit of angst on my part. But this is still just consumer electronics after all, and this day was always bound to come.
  12. As I reported elsewhere in this forum, I had to adjust SO2 after tightening the screws on my Sonus Faber speaker drivers (for the first time ever). I had to dial down the bass a bit (absorption and final slider preference). Oh, and I also toned down the very low end bass shelf (the one I can still apply because it’s in Roon). Yes I am a bass head.
  13. I'll fish my KDSM out of the trash, and send it over to you with my four Solos. You can start to re-pave your patio.
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