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  1. Isn't the SINGularity (if Fredrik will make you one) still priced at £32K? The Entity at £1,500 is significantly cheaper than the Uphorik and way cheaper than the Urika, with which (having heard it in my system) I can confidently say it is fully competitive in terms of sound quality. David
  2. Or forgot where they left their printouts lying around for us to pick up ... All the Linn dealers I have encountered (and others whom friends of mine use) seem to have no difficulty in getting hold of and using fitting instructions. I have known them be a bit reluctant to pass on said instructions to the customer, however. David
  3. @DebsE I hope that you will accept my assurance that no aggression or disrespect were intended in the imagery I used, and I am sorry that you felt otherwise. In the interests of amity, it is probably best that I leave my response at that. David
  4. Unfortunately, I don't think that your leap of logic here is strong enough to carry you over the chasm of unknowing. Whatever the merits of Tranquility may be, I think it is unwise to assume that they were a major factor in the development of Karousel. For the better part of half a century, Linn have put the bearing at the top of the improvement hierarchy of their flagship product. Just because Cirkus was introduced in 1993, we should not assume that the development team have not been working on the design pretty much continuously since then. If you look at the photos and cutaway drawings, it is clear that there are many changes of detail between Cirkus and Karousel. Those changes did not happen by accident; a lot of work has gone into them, very likely over an extended period. Linn have said that the technology underpinning Karousel has only become available quite recently, but that does not necessarily mean that the whole design has just come out of nowhere; aspects of it could have been waiting in the wings for some time. Progressive development is, for me, a more plausible explanation of the motivation for creating Karousel than a need to counter Tranquility. It may be of course that Tiger Paw will develop a version of Tranquility that is compatible with Karousel. Sadly, I have heard several reports that they are not currently contactable. The website is still online, but that is all. I'd love the reports to be wrong and to learn that Tiger Paw are still in business. David
  5. The legal position in each market will be relevant. In North America, the EU and the UK, for instance, resale price maintenance is prohibited, so Linn cannot (legally) enforce pricing at any level. However there are certainly informal pressures on dealers (as much from other dealers as from Linn) to sell at list prices where these exist, and, as Linn ask quite a lot of their dealers, Linn business generally needs to be done at or near list price to be profitable. But, as arm says, these are not normal times, and some dealers will certainly be looking to liquidate stock. Of course, money off does not in itself make a good deal. As my granny used to say, "Something worth nothing is dear at any price". David
  6. Advice to listen personally is always good, though (sadly) not always practical. But why "sceptical"? And why specifically about Linn upgrades? In my experience, upgrades can often be a bit less horrendously priced than the original product. And, by default, Linn's upgrades are to the current build standard; where, exceptionally, that is not the case (some of the Exakt speaker upgrades, for example), this is made clear in Linn's literature. David
  7. Yes. But many of them also charge separately for home installation, particularly where significant cost or time commitments are involved. That's understandable; circumstances alter cases. David
  8. I think that you are buying trouble here. Clearly, I have not listened to every turntable in existence, but I believe that the new Majik will give you good value for the price. Setup is something that, generally, the dealer does. If you are taking the deck home yourself, and you can secure it with padding and a seat belt on the back seat of your car, all you need to do is remove the outer platter belt and inner platter and fit the oil retaining cap non the top of the bearing housing. Once it is home, install it where you want to use it, remove the oil cap and replace the platters and belt. All should be well. Just because the Majik is upgradeable, you should not think that it is not a fine table in its own right, particularly with the Karousel bearing and the Linn Majik arm. And, while upgrading is not cheap, it does not (by the standards of high end hi-fi) need to be outrageously expensive either. Fitting a Lingo 4 and possibly a Kore (both of which are sometimes available second hand from upgrades) will take an already good table to a new level, which is as far as many owners will wish to go. The arm and cartridge from the original purchase will be fully adequate at the new level. From your description of your listening experience, I think that at present a new Majik TT to the current specification is your best long term buy. Later on, all being well, ex-demo examples should be available at a discount. With Hi-Fi, my experience is that, if you get a purchase right, the cost that looms so large beforehand ceases to be relevant relatively quickly, while the pleasure you get from your listening goes on and on. David
  9. It's a dealer job for all but the most proficient of LP12 fettlers. A complete strip down and rebuild of the deck is needed. That does at least mean that you get pretty much a full service included with the modification. David
  10. Linn recognise that dealers have to have stock to demonstrate and that stock needs to be turned over quite regularly. Dealers are therefore allowed a limited number of demonstration units at discounted prices. In the UK, these units are typically sold on at the end of their time in the showroom at a discount of 25% or so off the list price.. So, in the UK, an ex-demo Majik TT (which would, at this point, still have the Cirkus bearing) would be offered at £2,200 or thereabouts. When you add £750 for the upgrade to Karousel, you are actually just above the £2,930 of a new unit with Karousel fitted. This, as Tendaberry says, makes the ex demo unit a questionable buy unless the dealer is prepared to fit the Karousel at below list price. I don't know how the relativities work in Germany, but I doubt that they are much different to those in the UK. Because the bearing is such an important element of what makes the LP12 the fine turntable it is, I think that it would be spoiling the ship for a ha'porth of tar to spend £3K to get an LP12 and not fit the Karousel. In the present case, the dealer is in the unfortunate position that the introduction of Karousel has somewhat devalued his ex demo stock. From the customer's perspective, it would be wise to seek further concessions from the dealer and reference any offer to the price of a new unit to the current specification. Bear in mind that it will not be all that long before ex-demo models fitted with Karousel will be on the market. David
  11. As I am a languages graduate who spend his working life as a bureaucrat of one sort or another and still has voluntary "bureaucratic" responsibilities in relation to a number of charities, large and small, I am always conscious of the ways in which language can divide as well as unite us. And language barriers can exist within as well as across the "official" linguistic boundaries. When I was 15 (which was so long ago that the Wall had not yet been built), I stayed for several months on an exchange programme with a German family and attended the local Gymnasium. My hosts, who were of farming stock, spoke exclusively Westphalian dialect at home. The son of the family used to refer to my (no doubt English accented) Hochdeutsch as "dein komisch-Deutsch" ... David
  12. No, that's not at all what I meant. You made, as I said, a useful point. I was simply acknowledging that there was an element of nit-picking in my (following) response. I hope that explains things; I'm sorry for any confusion. David
  13. I realise that this is nit picking, but this point (of which I was unaware, as my budget runs to neither KEBs nor 350s, so thanks for the info) is surely just an aspect of the way in which the software handles the relationship between the Exakt engine and the speakers, in which it, so to speak, takes the intermediate amplification as a given. The servo bass on the 350s, though it obviously involves amplification, is part of the speaker. I think that the OP was looking for Konfig-style settings related to the amplifiers, and there aren't any of those. David
  14. This is probably prohibited, or at least severely restricted, by the GDPR rules, which, although we are no longer in the EU, still apply in the UK. People have to sign up to receive marketing emails. If an email address has not been provided with that intention/permission, it cannot be legally used for that purpose. I receive Linn marketing emails, both for Linn products generally and Linn records. I signed up for them and can of course unsubscribe at any time. The real reasons for the closure of the forum are something of a mystery. To my experienced outsider's eye, it looks like a bad decision taken in haste, of which Linn will, I am sure, find themselves repenting at leisure. David
  15. That is correct. There are no user options for Exakt Boxes (or Exakt speakers) that I am aware of. Any facilities for output adjustment on the Linn amps are, as you say, legacy provision to support Aktiv installations; for Exakt, these out to be set to zero adjustment, as that is what the software will assume. So far as I know, the Exakt software is unaware of which make/model of amplifier is in use and unable to make adjustments for different amplifier configurations. This means that the more closely matched (in terms both of tonal balance and output gain) the channels are, the better. That said, I have heard several Exakt setups with a mix of Linn Chakra amps (typically Mx100 and Ax200 models) which produced very satisfying results. Which amp channels you put which speakers on will, I guess, vary between speaker models. There is a case for putting the bass units on x200 channels, as bass drivers require the most power; otherwise the predominant recommendation is to put either the tweeters or the midrange units on the better amp channels. Trial and error experimentation is likely to be needed; my dealer (Chris of Hidden Systems) does it all the time. David