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  1. https://appleinsider.com/articles/21/05/17/new-lossless-apple-music-logo-discovered-online
  2. I have mine on carpet so, because the spikes are quite short, and after determining the best position, I replaced the underlay beneath them with plywood, then screwed them to the plywood through the rear bracket. I'm not sure of the impact this may have on sound quality, but they are unlikely to fall over.
  3. I had an Majik surround system with active 5140s, an active 5120 centre, and sub. Then I went to the 2015 demo at the Violin Factory and heard the 530s. My takeaway was that the SQ of the 530 system was better than mine and particularly in terms of the soundstage. It had more breath and depth despite the absence of a centre speaker and sub. I went home and swapped 5 boxes, 6 speakers, and a lot of cables, for an Akuarate Exakt DSM, 530s and added an LP12, and I have not regretted it. I've upgraded the LP12, I've thought of exchanging the AEDSM for a Selekt and adding surround speakers, but even if I do I'm keeping the 530s. However, as others have said you really do need to hear them yourself , perhaps in comparison with the Majik speakers and the Akubariks, before you finally decide.
  4. On the new Full Systems page, the Akurate Systems Hub is still paired with the Akubariks and Akudoriks, whereas the Series 5, which was paired with the Akurate Sytems Hub, is now paired with the Selekt. Make of that what you will.
  5. The Selekt System Hub has replaced the Akurate System Hub for the 530 speakers and is now paired with the Akubariks and Doriks
  6. Some years ago I went to the demo of the 5 series in the Violin Factory. I had fully active 242s. The sound of the 530s together with their design and drastic reduction in cable won me over, and I have not regretted it. To me their sound stage is so good it has obviated the need for a centre speaker.
  7. Just heard the master speaker at the launch in Harrods. Sounded and looked good. Slaves can be used as surround speakers in an Exakt system. Other colours may follow. Going back next week to hear them in stereo
  8. New wireless music system set to launch exclusively in the Harrods flagship concession this October. https://www.scotsman.com/business/scottish-hi-fi-icon-linn-making-sweet-music-as-barclays-cash-aids-growth-1-4992621
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