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  1. Linn state (in their DEV forum) that for the Next Generation systems, they currently don't support additional time displays and the like due to the nature of the OLED panel used. It might "burn in". I certainly had the display on my ADSM dim after 6 or so years of usage, exaktly where the "three dots" are that are used to depict standby. Luckily, Linn were kind enough to replace the worn display at no extra cost when going Katalyst
  2. Be prepared to send the helpdesk the usage information, so turn on logging using Konfig or the devices's konfig screen on its local page (type in the IP address to get to it).
  3. Use "fing" on your Android phone to scan your local network. Look for the mysterious server, look for its IP address, see what else has the same IP - the media server must be installed on that box, then...
  4. I will newer understand why people store music as wav. Use FLAC or ALAC: There are only upsides, no downsides: you save ~51% storage space on average you sacrifice nothing - the file is compressed losslessly. You can always convert it back to WAV and it will be bit-perfect (do a CRC comparison if you are in doubt). WAV is terrible at holding tags, which will make your browsing experience much worse. Yes, you can browse via a folder structure. But why not have additional searchable information in your files, like composer, work, lyricist or whatever?
  5. You need to head over to the web setup in your Linn account https://www.linn.co.uk/account/music-systems Once your DS is running Davaar 4.86 you can toggle between Airable and Tunein as your "Radio presets provider" in the settings under "Music" (scroll down - it's the last option). Cannot be set in Konfig for now. https://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Airable
  6. According to John Darko, macOS is quite troublesome when it comes to the Sample rate (and s.r.c.) Plus - can you control the Mac from a handheld device?
  7. Anything but a full integration would be just lame. I would expect to browse the Apple Music content in the same fashion as Tidal or Qobuz. And of course to have the Hifi Kit handle the playlist. But from what I see, apart from Sonos, no hardware manufacturer got Apple to allow them to integrate AM to their kit. Not even BluOS or Roon can do it ?
  8. Why shouldn't Linn build an Organik Board for the ADSM? Plenty space in the case... Much better situation than that tiny module in the Selekt...
  9. Oh c'mon guys. What's the NAIM of the game? Please also rattle your powercords and make sure you get the flow of your cables right.
  10. Possibly the TV station changes its output format from something the DSM can convert (PCM) to something it cannot (like AC3)? They often do this for ad breaks or between shows.
  11. Well... in that case, all you need would be some kind of extension to allow ethernet next to his system. Wifi Bridge comes to mind, or some kind of DLAN (LAN over power sockets)
  12. You have to re-add the system to your Linn account (using "settings" in Kazoo, for example). Once it's in there, just log in to the Linn account website and the optimisations are there, ready to be applied (make sure that you have configured the Speakers in Konfig first)
  13. Great. Now if Apple only allowed the use of their services integrated into third party devices. I mean, c'mon Qobuz, you're charging 20 EUR a month with a catalogue with huge gaps - and Apple comes along with a giant library, now with classical as well, for half the price? Ouch.
  14. Perhaps it's time for qobuz to improve their playlist feature with something like folders. Then, the only thing needed would be to be able to pin such a folder. [[Unfortunately, it's not possible to batch move tracks out of a playlist, otherwise this could help.]] I stand corrected, but it's just badly designed in qobuz. The feature is called "change track order" - if you select that, you can edit any playlist quite freely. So you could move a batch of songs out of your playlist to make room for new content...
  15. Great to see that Linn actually take their time to investigate & to sit down and reply to their customers. Their DEV and support staff are really great & helpful. My experience.
  16. Only reason I'd consider buying that module is bc my stupid TV passes on the data to the DSM as AC3 2.0 if it is broadcast that way. But hey, TV program is a lot of crap anyway and using streaming platforms like FireTV the output can be set to PCM (brute force).
  17. As far as I understand it, the new release was only issued to counter issues that arose bc Linn had to source a different chip and account for that. No need to update existing NGKDSMs (that have not been produced during the last days or so...) Davaar 83 Build 413 (4.83.413) Released on 19 August 2021Click to view more.. Required for production of KDSM/3 only. Existing PCAS 1054 updated to account for part shortages, new version is PCAS 1084
  18. Anybody figured out a way to use Qobuz playlists more effectively? Like having a pin set on "Playlist of new Tracks I'd like to listen to" - but it seems Qobuz is a bit cumbersome to use when it comes to moving lots of tracks out of such a list in order to have it streamlined...
  19. Hi guys Just out of curiosity How do you make use of the pin feature in your Linn streamer? Is there a way to properly handle/cater the musical tastes of several household members using pins? Inspire me.
  20. Please don't write "colored" / "coloured". Use P.O.C. (plinths of color) instead..! SCNR
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