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  1. I know there are quite a few Roon users on here, so I wondered if anyone has come across a problem I'm having. I have Roon running on an Intel QNAP NAS, providing both Qobuz and local FLACs. Whilst playing music to the AEDSM Roon is using 20-25% CPU (total system CPU use about 35%), and a little over 1GB RAM (of 8GB, 4GB free), disk access and network use are minimal compared to available bandwidth. I know Roon don't recommend running it on a NAS, but seems to be fine from a performance aspect. The problem I am having is that after about 10-15 minutes of playing Roon loses contact wi
  2. I bought an Exotik some years ago through eBay (from Europe to Australia), just after they started doing international shipping through their own broker instead of letting sellers organise shipping with the buyer. When it turned up the packaging was a real mess. It looked like it had been very poor to start with (wasn't the original box) and it had clearly been opened and resealed. Inside, the sleeve of the Exotik case was held on by a single screw loosely put in and the other three screws were neatly placed inside the bubble wrap. There was a dent in the back corner of the sleeve and the back
  3. That's not really how it was.... Stanford University set of a parapsychology unit in the 1970's, funded in part by the CIA. I have no idea how the research staff were chosen, but they were presumably people open to the idea and willing to be associated with parapsychology. A paper was published on Uri Geller as one of a number of examples of this type of research (it was the 70's!), it was not endorsed or widely accepted at the time and debunked well before the self-promoting Randi was on the scene. Furthermore, psychology was, and is, a fairly 'soft' science in which proving anything bey
  4. Maybe. We all like schadenfreude (someone with more money than sense being separated from their money in this case), but I guess I have always seen this level of irrationality (e.g. Peter Belt stuff) as a sign of mental health problems to be honest. I realise someone with these beliefs won't agree and will see my interpretation as snobbery and probably highly offensive though. Belief is a continuous scale, the most rigorous scientist can't prove everything themselves, having to believe in the work of others to a significant extent, and there is no clear good/bad or real/not real dema
  5. Actually, it is remotely possible that the price is not totally unreasonable. According to the MSDS it contains: Palladium Nanopowder (Pd, 99.95%, 15 nm) Rhodium Nanopowder (Rh, 99.95%, 15 nm) Platinum Nanopowder (Pt, 99.95%, 15 nm) Ruthenium Nanopowder (Ru, 99.95%, 15 nm) Iridium Nanopowder (Ir, 99.95%, 15 nm) Gold Nanopowder (Au, 99.95%, 15 nm) Silver Nanoparticles Graphene Nanoplatelets (95+%, thickness 2-8 nm, 3-6 layers) Conductive Polymer Shungite I guess it has to have those in there if they are on the MSDS, so if
  6. Not. It's a little laser flashing on and off at a single wavelength (frequency). The noise that can (theoretically) be carried by wired Ethernet is high frequency electrical signals. Ethernet itself is a serious of layered protocols that includes the hardware of the link, rather than a cable or a simple 'signal'. There are those here who know what they are taking about on this subject though and I am not what one then, so I will shut up!
  7. Yeah, that's normal. Kazoo is the same. If you are playing vinyl and select to play a song via kazoo it will switch from vinyl straight to what you've selected in Kazoo as well, no manual switch required. You just need to be careful to load up the playlist rather than play if you don't want that to happen (maybe clear playlist and use add to playlist rather than play). I think you have to use the exit button to get out of bubbleupnp (there is an option whether to show it or not I think?), I've found that Bubbleupnp or bubbleds tend to slaughter the battery if left running in the backgrou
  8. I own none of the devices under discussion here so may be wrong, but I think the Melco server does not have optical (so would need a separate converter), but the Melco switch and the NGKDSM both do, so do not need anything other than a fibre optic Ethernet cable. A wired to optical Ethernet converter would have to be very bad indeed to cause any problems, but I suspect very few optical to wired converters would have a power supply as good as in the KDSM.
  9. They might also lose some friends in the industry if they did. They are notably circumspect on the rare occasions they mention aftermarket cables.
  10. Hadn't heard of this before, found this (plus lots of appreciative forum posts), looks like calling the process 'noise' is a bit harsh! : http://www.soundfountain.com/amb/cd25pioneer.html
  11. Do you have the uPnP source activated on the ADSM? Not 100% sure that would mean it isn't discoverable, but might be the cause.
  12. BubbleDS supports Linn's open home protocol (extensions to upnp), BubbleUpnp doesn't. The latter therefore supports a lot more devices, but not the extra open home features Linn and a small number of other manufactures use.
  13. If noise is being introduced it has to be the NGKDSM, if the Melco has a fibre optic Ethernet connection that is incapable of sending data, that would be pretty extreme.... Plus it would be resent.
  14. Someone more knowledgeable than me (many people!) will no doubt respond, expand and correct me (please feel free!), but firstly, the original home digital optical connections back in 80's, such as s/pdif and toslink had no data rate control, very little buffering and no error correction, so if the transmitter or receiver chips were poor or the cable was poor you could get dropped data and jitter was a problem. Thus these connections are a very different beast to fibre-optic ethernet and shouldn't be considered the same. Fibre optic ethernet is a physical layer carrying the same data prot
  15. Heh heh, in that vinyl has always been my source of choice and, for me at least (being used to the surface noise and odd pop or crackle), the better resolution of the music vs CD meant that I never made that shift, other than for classical music. That said, having subsequently shifted to 24 bit hi res files for classical music, it is clear that vinyl is not better than good 24 bit files, so I have been a bit philosophically challenged for a while. Luckily almost none of the vinyl I have is available as 24 bit files, so I could continue to enjoy the act of playing and handling vinyl records tha
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