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  1. We all know this is a nonsense question. While there must, by definition, be a best it will differ for everybody, every budget, and every situation to which it is installed. I am sure there is better than I have (LP12/ADSM/Akubariks) for my budget and situation, but the sheer number of combinations of kit I’d have to listen to make attempting to find ‘the best’ more or less impossible. And I don’t particularly want to anyway. What I have is plenty good enough for me, for now.
  2. Yep, been there Sadly we just have to suck it up and look forward to better times ahead. I’m still working out how to get a NGKSH into the house….
  3. My take: these fancy cables cost pennies to make (and many £/$ to market). If Linn thought them worthwhile they would use them as their stock cables. But if you (think you) hear an ‘improvement’ then go ahead, it can’t be wrong.
  4. I know the Urika II has an optical output but have never seen it discussed. Linn presumably thought there was a use case for it or they wouldn’t have put it there. Does anyone use it and if so what for?
  5. Well maybe you are right. But to my mind denying customers the ability to get use their Amazon or Apple subscriptions fully is different from the niche Roon issue which has been pretty much worked around, and airplay 2. (And I know Roon has many keen supporters on here, please don’t shout at me but Linn cannot meet every individuals priorities). That said it takes two to tango, and if the big boys won’t play nicely by cooperating with Linn it may all be moot. I should add that I neither have, nor have any intention of getting, either subscription service, although I do have Spotify.
  6. Yes I seem to recall that. And of course you are quite right. Responding to Linn is likely to be on Big Tech’s sometime/never list. They will be envisaging their customers accessing the music through phones and smart speakers, which happily they will also supply.
  7. Sure I would also keep one of the integrated services (at least while they survive) if I was into streaming. But I think Linn now has an urgent need to get Amazon and Apple integrated. Are they really going to say ‘thanks for buying our £30k streamer. Sorry it doesn’t handle Apple or Amazon’?
  8. It is definitely not good news for niche offerings like quboz and tidal who have just lost their raison d’etre.
  9. If I’ve understood you correctly the thrust of your argument is that other decks, and specifically the SME and Notts Audio, are, to you, ‘better’ decks that the LP12. Great. You must be happy then with your choice. Others have made different choices. Happily there are still quite a few different decks available from various manufacturers to different specs and prices so hopefully everyone can find something that suits.
  10. Media server (eg Kazoo server) sits with (or is pointed to) wherever you have the rips, such as a Mac. The control point (a different bit of software) eg Kazoo (not Kazoo server) sits on whatever you want to use to trigger playing stuff from, such as an iPhone, and can be on multiple devices.
  11. I have been thinking that I’d seriously consider upgrading my integrated Akubariks if it is offered. Easy decision algorithm: simply cost v improvement as any physical change is ‘under the hood’. But now I’m thinking a new Klimax hub might also be needed to really benefit. And that is a change that certainly would be noticed by the authorities.
  12. I’m pretty sure you can do this with DBPoweramp. It’s one of the DSP settings. And It’ll do a folder or several as you specify.
  13. No reason to think that Linn won’t support the ADSM for the foreseeable future. After all they still support everything back to the first DS.
  14. ’Troll is quite right. It is illegal in Great Britain to add a surcharge for use of a consumer credit card, debit card or similar electronic payment means. Of course in practice this simply means that sellers incorporate the costs they incur in accepting those payments into the prices they charge. Sadly there is no free lunch...
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