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  1. Same experience with Supra Cat 7 Cables. Audioquest Cinnamon were much better, but with the BJC Cat 6 the sound is more natural, everything just click together.
  2. I know Kay and the Speakers Corner in Kiel. I was there last summer for a few hours for a funny demo to listening his Akudoriks with different DSM. He took a lot of time for me thought I didn‘t want to buy something except some records. He is a great dealer with many experience and a wonderful person. And I know most of German Linn dealers. Greets from Bavaria 😉
  3. There‘s a big sound sound quality advantage when upgrading to Klimax System Hub. But if I were you, i would upgrade to Radikal, first. The new Karousel bearing is also a great upgrade. After that, get a Kore or Keel subclasses and change the Linto with an Urika 2. I did all the steps and changed Lingo, Linto, then Akito 2, Benz Ace Sl, Kore and Circus Kit to Radikal (First Akurate then Klimax), Urika 2, Ekos SE/1, Kandid, Keel and then Karousel. I changed my AEDSM with KEDSM, too. It is a wonderful update, but I would go source first and get the Lp12 to another level. If you hurry, you can get the Karousel for free when you spend 3000£ or more for a new order till May, 22nd. There‘s a big price advantage for buying a bundle incl. Radikal and Urika 2, too.
  4. Before you think about upgrading a phono amplifier, you'd better buy the Radikal first. It‘s a game changer. The best upgrade I ever did for my Lp12. Don‘t forget the Karousel, it is worth the money,too. 😉
  5. I love my old Audiotech Wallmount. The TigerPaw Vulkan is a replica of the original Audiotech.
  6. Wait until you have installed the Karousel. It is so much more of all, just fun. I have got a full spec Lp 12 with Urika 2 and KEDSM. It is unbelievable how wonderful my Akudoriks sing, now.
  7. He‘s got an AEDSM. He should try to get an used Exaktbox Sub.
  8. Are you nuts? 😉Linn without Lp 12 isn‘t the same. Much better source than anything else. Can‘t sell my Klimax one...and not at all after my Karousel was installed.
  9. I changed my my passive speakers to Exakt one. Some years I managed to kill an amp with active cards inside, cause I fumbled at my speaker cable while the amps were on. One time was enough. The Lp12 is placed on an old Audiotech wallmount, now. Better sound and safer place. I think the KEDSM and the Klimax Radikal isn‘t at high risk. Meanwhile my 3 year old daughter is the biggest guard of my Linn system and records. When we get a visit she always says first: “Don‘t touch Dads hifi equipment and records, it‘s forbidden!“ 😅😘
  10. Mine woke up after about 14 seconds, when turned off by switch before. First is the right, then the left speaker about a quarter second later. That’s cause of the daisy chain connection. What Davaar Version do you have? I still use Davaar 70 Build 300 (4.70.300). I prefer that, cause it sounds better for me.