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  1. Wondered myself and found some signs of both -72 and -73 on Wikipedia. But then there were a lot of hits with 25th anniversary products in -97. So went for next year.. But even if it would be -23, why not start speculating in good time . If nothing else, just to be ahead of Paulssurround..
  2. What do we think Linn will introduce during their upcoming 50th Anniversary next year? The CD12 was one for the 25th. With Karousel bearing for the LP12 already a few years old and Organik already introduced what's to come next year? Surely it should be something for the LP12? New tonearm? New Ulrika, Radikal? New speaker range(s)? Klimax level or Majik? Will they have a 2-way or at least 3-way or how long will the 2K and especially 3k-array dominate their speakers? Any passive speakers or keep the aktiv only? Any new power amps? Solo successor? Or will they only focus on integrated speakers? But with Class D amplification? New Akurate form factor? Or will it be stopped in favour of a new updated 50th anniversary Selekt? My guess is something for the LP12 and at least some new speaker(s) or power amp(s) (whether separate or speaker module amp range).
  3. Those improvements over the full range would be most welcome! One could wonder how many different lines they will keep then. At least three I assume would be needed to target enough customers. But all could not get the same improvements. But slightly drifting from the topic of this thread which was meant to be more about how we will look back at the present Klimax Organik in a few years.
  4. Is that true or more an assumption? I thought Klimax updates will happen, Akurate still somewhat unknown. Majik doubtful. And since Katalyst was a quite close call between Klimax and Akurate, I think they in that case (or anyway?) have to use some software ”limitations” for Majik, Selekt etc in order to differentiate and justify Klimax prices.
  5. I sure hope that it is just a taste of what is still to come. And with reasonable upgrade prices avoiding early adopters to having payed too much of the development costs.
  6. After the raving reviews of Organik, and I trust it is good, but it is not the first time similar statements have been made. So, having not had an opportunity to listen to the new flagship streamer, and no way I would spend that amount on a streamer; I am still curious: how will we look on Organik (version 1?) in a few years? Will this be a giant leap (that the industry incl Linn did not manage before) or just a rather big step i.e. kind of like Katalyst - really good but what it sounds like today, not close to the Organik improvement.
  7. Surely dealers should be a major influence. At least for those lucky enough still having a good dealer closer than an 8-9 hour drive each way, making every dealer visit a two day project thus very rarely happening. So (for me), the just listen is normally not made at a dealer but at friends or more often at their friends. So the omission probably more reflected my reality in addition to the fact that I am lower down the food chain, very rarely buying new Linn gear, certainly not new at Klimax level (apart from Renews) making those dealer visits even harder to motivate. Still their demos have resulted in occasional used gear purchases from them much later. Distance to dealers nowadays makes e.g. forums a much bigger influence for creating that necessary interest to even consider spending a two day drive (or in my case more likely (pre-covid) asking friends knowing someone who happen to own the product for a listen.) (Kind of a vicious circle if you ask me where increasing cost of demo products and necessary sales volumes reduce the no of dealers outside larger cities).
  8. Sure, but I am far from convinced if they (at reasonable cost at least) can tell with some kind of accuracy, whether a customer purchased an expensive hifi product due to an ad in magazine A, B, G, a web ad; or if it was a recommendation from a friend or internet forum, clever product placement, or... Some people take time to fill in questionnaires, but to be honest, how many even then know exactly what actually triggered the purchase and what had more or less no impact even if they might have seen a particular ad etc..
  9. I think there is some truth in the saying ”I know that half of my marketing budget is wasted. I just don’t know which half.”
  10. Sorry but would Linn marketing/communication ever admit if there were a slight difference thereby saying to those buying their flagship streamer with hdmi that they just bought the 2nd best. Haven’t compared so just commenting from a marketing perspective.
  11. I have the chakra cards and adapters but but still use the old mono cards in my tunebox. Acc to Peter in the reply above max bass is at 7. (Should be heard when adjusted?)
  12. My experience is that we all as consumers pay MUCH more today for shipping our own boxes when selling etc so that the shipping companies can compete for the business with amazon and all other web stores. Not promoting used gear, housekeeping of resources a bit though. The environmental impact of all ”free” shipping, free returns etc is really big.
  13. I read an article that companies are paying HUGE money for the rights to the old retiring ”giants” as it’s on those songs they make money. Low or even medium ”selling” artists are not profitable and it’s much too expensive to bring new bands from debute to really big as the percentage is slim, at best. (Heard that one already during the vinyl days though...) But, if ”record” labels are not making money (except on the really popular artists), and giants like Spotify has not ever, who is? Everything looks like streaming company shareholders betting on possibilities for subscriptions price increases (or that just one or two will survive..?) Thereby touring, as written already has become the way for many artists to make a living. A bit hard with the pandemic though.. As for buying directly from the artist websites, anyone knows how much more they make per album? Probably differs a lot between artists though.
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