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  1. I bought a pair of these (just because of their name really) and use them under my pair of 226's - they make a huge difference in tightness of the very low end
  2. Always wondered what Komponents would sound like Exakted as I have 3 systems that use them :-) - what are you using to drive them?
  3. I do not think so - the 221/226 have a servo controlled driver (like 350's) and AFAIK the sizmik did not
  4. I thought some of you might be be interested in this podcast I did with Gilad Tiefenbrun. It covers the management philosophy which makes Linn such an innovative company.
  5. Not so strange - it is quite amazing what dealers have in stock :-)
  6. I have 14 years experience with 140s/242s in a number of rooms/configurations. My first Linn Speakers were passive !40s (I still have them :-). Then they became Active (huge performance jump), then they got the upgraded bases (another signifiant performance jump). Then they were exakted (another perf. jump). Then I got some exakted 242's. It was a performance improvement but not so huge - more of a change in the character of the sound. I did also feel the need to supplement my 242's with first one then 226 subs (but maybe that says more about my need for low-end than the 242s lack of bass :-) In my experience The 140's are a great speaker (and great value) and not as sensitive to room/set up as the 242's. Due to current space considerations I am currently not using the 242's but I have not sold them which says something and will eventually get hold of a twin/or some solos and run them passively. Best advice is listen and follow your preference - Good Luck
  7. The sub itself has 500W of amp mounted inside it! plus the exaktbox comes with some rubber insulation washers. . Mounted on the back it dissapeared completely :-)
  8. My Exaktbox sub is screwed to the back of one of my Akurate 226s :-)
  9. I have three Komponent systems (all with Sub) and they are superb (a very underrated Linn product I think and there are some bargains out there!)