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  1. Well yes, if they are very loose. But a torque wrench is a very good investment for optimal, consistent results.
  2. Unfortunately you have to remove the 3K unit carefully, so it's not as easy as on the Akubariks.
  3. Yep, attractive original vinyl pressings beats investing in many pension funds at the moment... Plus you already get to enjoy them
  4. I would forget about the Mose and Tranquility and get a Karousel, it's really that good!
  5. Why didn't the dealer do this for you? The arm should be parallel to the surface of the record.
  6. I see no reason not to use the standard power cord, it's very good. I would keep the Lingo 4 powered up, just as you did with the Lingo 1.
  7. You could always transfer the Akito and Adikt to a second-hand LP12 deck, to reduce the cost of the upgrade. It would be a major improvement for not that much money.
  8. Please don't! Save your money for an Axis or a good used LP12. The only clear improvement on the MM section of the AEDSM that I know of would be the Lejonklou Slipsik 7.1
  9. It's actually 500 + 500 + 336 = 1.336,- since we were talking about a pair.
  10. Never would have guessed, that this one was hard to find. I used to have the regular UK pressing, but it was stolen from my basement a few years back. You may also want to try this version, probably better than the Mo-Fi: https://www.discogs.com/Olivia-Totally-Hot/release/6363590
  11. I've never seen any dealer demo them 25 cm from the wall. Here's a quote from the original Kan II manual: "KAN II speakers are designed to perform best when placed close to a wall. Ideally the rear of the loudspeaker should be between 5 - 10cm from the wall and at least 45cm from any corner." This is what it says about the stands: "All loudspeakers perform best when rigidly mounted. To achieve this, Linn have designed a stand for the KAN II, which includes stabilising floor and top plate, spikes. These stands give optimum sound quality and ensure that the drive units are correctly positioned for the listener."
  12. The Kans would really benefit from a pair of stands with top spikes. The need that to really perform at their best, and as close to the wall as possible.
  13. I found this: Recommended amplifier power: 25-50 watts Efficiency: 25 watts for 96dB at 2 metres (85dB/watt at 1m) Placement: Backed onto a wall Approximate maximum sound level per pair: 98dBA at 2 metres Impedance chacteristic: Minimum 7 ohms @ 4kHz and 20kHz, Maximum 18 ohms @ 78Hz Low Frequency roll-off (-6dB): 90Hz, but low frequencies start rolling off below a peak at1kHz. Cannot plot a +-3dB frequency response as response too uneven. Distortion: at 86dBSPL, around 2% up to 2kHz, then dropping to around 0.2% at 5kHz Drive Units used: Kef B110 bass/mid, Hiquphon 19mm tweeter