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  1. I'm very happy with my (externally active) Akubariks anyway, don't think I'll be replacing them anytime soon
  2. You could try Martin Tingvall's album The Rocket, I enjoy it immensely. Or maybe Bill Evans' Conversations With Myself.
  3. After comparing my AP "Time Out" (Brubeck) to an early 6-eye US Columbia pressing, my Mobile Fidelity "Getz & Gilberto" to an original US Verve, my AP "We Get Requests" (Oscar Peterson Trio) to a US Verve original, I sold all my "audiophile" pressings and kept the originals. They didn't sound any better and the timing and flow of the music was seriously screwed up. The only case where I preferred a reissue was the Steven Wilson "remix" of Jethro Tull's Aqualung to the US original.
  4. I agree with Akamatsu, get the NGK-Hub now and save up for Organik for the Akubariks later.
  5. I agree with Dasher on most points, this would be my shopping list: Akurate Hub Akurate Exakt-Box-I Radikal (Akurate) Kore Adikt Karousel plus speakers like second-hand/ex-demo Linn Akudorik, or Kudos Super 20 A (new), or Kudos T606 (second-hand/ex-demo)
  6. As far as I know, the difference isn't that big between them. I used to have a Kudos and was quite happy with it, until I found an Akurate tuner, which is a BIG step up. Then of course, there's the legendary Kremlin, which is probably still the one to beat.
  7. You can expect a bit more clarity and detail from the K200, but I prefer the grooviness of the K400. Still the K200 would be my second choice, if I had to give up my K400 and K600. There's always the K40 if you want a neat solution, but you will be loosing out on sound quality compared to K200 or K400. I would recommend going with the Linn Knekt plugs.
  8. A Majik 6100 would also be a good one-box solution and you could use the newer, better cards. The 5105's are getting very long in the tooth now...
  9. I'm sure that could be heard. I remember comparing the Urika 1 and 2 on songcorded files, the difference could easily be perceived.
  10. As usual, Amir didn't listen and compare the 16 bit files against the 24 bit files. Measuring is so much more fun! I remember Ivor demonstrating the difference between MP3, 16 bit and 24 bit at Speakers Corner in Kiel a few years back with solo piano music and the differences in quality very VERY clear. Forget the measurements and just listen...
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