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  1. Have you tried using a WiFi-repeater with a LAN-connection (i.e. Fritz!Repeater 2400 or 3000) instead?
  2. Have you tried power-cycling your ADSM (with the switch)?
  3. Well, Tidal is already integrated into the Linn or Kazoo app, so you don't need Airplay there. Neither do you need it for radio, because TuneIn is also in those apps. That leaves YouTube; from the YouTube app you can select AirPlay devices to send the sound to. If you want the picture too, you could get an Apple TV.
  4. Mike, please note that the Gaias have a performance curve that drops towards both ends of the recommended weight. "The GAIA model should be selected based on the weight that they are supporting. The weight limits we set are based on the performance curve. The GAIAs perform well up to the specified weight limits, but once you are within 10% of the weight limit, we recommend using the next size up for best results. We do not recommend exceeding the weight limits of the GAIA’s or GAIA-TITAN’s." So Mike, I'm afraid the Gaia I's may be the best ones for you. Using the Product Selector on the home page also resulted in the Gaia 1.
  5. I was also daunted by the price, but on recommendation from Paulssurround I bought them from Parts Connexion in Canada and got a VERY good price. In my previous apartment with laminate flooring on top of concrete, they were better than the standard Akubarik spikes. But after I moved house, where I have rather unstable flooring with suspended wooden boards, they made a much bigger impact.
  6. I'm not quite sure, but I think the first I bought with my own savings was one of these two: I did, however, start playing my father's Beatles and Elvis singles at the age of around 3.
  7. I think, that might have been me. Historically I always had my speakers with a slight toe-in, because I also found that it reduced bass boom and made the bass line easier to follow. When I recently moved to a new apartment, I placed the speakers roughly as they had been positioned in my old apartment and it sounded pretty good. Since the floor in my new apartment is rather wobbly (long wooden planks, house > 100 years old), I was hoping that the Gaias would be even more effective. I had two trusted friends with good ears over for a loudspeaker placement session and the big breakthrough came, as we reduced toe-in from 1,5 mm to 0 mm. The difference was really quite remarkable, the kind you normally pay thousands of Euros for. After moving them away from the wall in small steps, we arrived at perfect solution. My Akubariks have never sounded so good, and this is even without Space Optimization , no need for it!
  8. Unfortunately this isn't unusual these days. Many records seem to be mixed for listening to MP3 with headphones or in the car. Surprisingly they mostly sound ok that way. I have to try The Horses And The Hounds at home, too.
  9. I had the chance to attend the German premiere showing of the new Naim Solstice in Hamburg last Saturday. Naim had planned a tour through Germany, but this was thwarted due to the Solstice being stuck in German customs for two weeks :-( It was demoed on Naim amps and Focal speakers (the experts can probably identify them. It was clear from the start, that this is indeed a very good turntable. Dynamic, musical and you just wanted to hear lp after lp. No comparisons were made, but instinctively I must say, that if I didn't have an LP12, I would be very tempted. Looks are also very impressive, yet not too much bling bling. The Naim representative has an LP12 with Karousel, Radikal, Aro and Kandid at home and he felt that the Naim was clearly better. He ordered one for himself... 100 of the 500 units were sold to German dealers, but all haven't yet been sold to final customers, so there's still a chance, if you are tempted. Here are a couple of pics:
  10. Well, the new Majik DSM/4 is a nice piece of kit with plenty of useful features: WiFi connection to the network, bluetooth streaming, Spotify Connect, Airplay, HDMI Arc and 4Ksupport, USB input and it even has a very decent phono input. Btw, the Komris are still the best speakers I've heard. I have regular access to a pair with Klimax crossovers and 8 Solos
  11. Like Sunbeam said, the Lejonklou phono stages are pretty small and very, very good. I'm sure the Entity (103x59x180 mm) could be concealed somewhere. Otherwise, Radikal + Urika are pretty hard to beat.
  12. I believe HH2010 meant bi-amping with a Twin on the bass and Solos for upper bass and 3K.
  13. They aren't that easy to find anymore, but a 5105 power amp would drive them adequately. They aren't that new anymore, so check it carefully before buying. Or a pair of LK240's. Otherwise, my recommendation would be to go for a Majik DSM/1 or 2, then you get an improvement in every area.
  14. I buy a lot on Discogs also (old and new) and if you download the app, there's a link to VinylHub, where you can find out, which record stores are near you. If you like female singer/songwriters, you might want to check out Sarah Siskind's "Modern Appalachia". Excellent songs and it sounds wonderful on vinyl.
  15. Yes, but does the Karousel fit??? Even so, if money is tight, I'd go for a second-hand Kore. Don't forget that you get a new, much better armboard with the Kore, this costs extra for the Alto. So you pay GBP 532,59 for Alto armboard and subchassis. The Kore is 800,-
  16. Congrats on your very nice upgrade! But I would definitely get the Kore instead of the Stack Audio Alto!
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