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  1. Thanks for the links, interesting Stuff. I wonder if any have auditioned those and could share their experience ?
  2. I have seen a pair of Linn 328A monitors for sale. I have never read or heard about this model before. Can anyone provide info on these speakers and their sound? how do they compare with other Linn speakers?
  3. Did you consider the Linn 530 speakers? these are a big step forward from the M140 but at less than half the price of the Akubariks. And the 530 speakers deigned with Exakt.
  4. so a new 530 system with new ADSM hub will give the thrill you refer to? To your ears the 530 with new hub performed better than akudoriks you listed?
  5. Can you elaborate on you experience with the 530? What is it that you like (Sound wise) comparred to previous systems? I Aldi wonder if i should go for akudoriks indtraf of 530. Ups would be 3k and katalyst , Down would probably be less bottom.
  6. Any mention on speaker upgrades to organik? or upgrades of exaktbox-i was It only klimax updates?
  7. interesting. So what is it majik does so well and what does the higher ranges offer that you think you do not need?
  8. True, just wonder if im the only one rating the 530 High, did I audition them wrong? I heard 140 140 exakted at this session. I have 140 analogue at Home
  9. Yes I did, thanks for the link. Interesting reading. I am still a little surprised that the exakted 140 was rated better than the 530. The comparison I had around 3years ago left me overwhelmed by how much better the 530 was than the 140. Though a quite fast comparison , my impression from back then was: bigger Sound stage , much more details, clear Sound , punchy bottom. On which terms do you think that the exakted 140 compares with/beat the 530 (beyound katalyst)?
  10. Thanks. Was it the missing katalyst that made you upgrade to ‘bariks? when you say 530 was brilliant, how do you find that?
  11. Was your experience that the exakted 140 performs better than the 530? My first comparison was a lot bigger soundstage and more clear Sound w 530 . Please let me know of your experience !
  12. I have the 140 passive driven by an MDSI and is considering either go for an exaktbox-i solution or perhaps to go with the 530. Do you really think the exakted (and now with katalyst) 140 is better than the 530?
  13. I have heard the 530 a couple of times at the dealer and I'm impressed by the performance of these speakers. But I'm missing some review or user feedback of these speakers - only very little is written about the 530. Can anyone give some descriptive feedback on the 530? How do they compare with the Akudorik exact/katalyst? I know 530 doesn't come with katalyst - yet.
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