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  1. Thanks yes and I get that. I was just questioning whether the number noted was practical or ideal. Im getting closer and think I can sight the speakers in a position that is both practical and ideal. SO off.
  2. That’s pretty much how I have placed mine. I’ve turned SO off and will have a play with positioning first. Thanks for all the contributions.
  3. Impossible to position that far back due to an active radiator.
  4. So the speakers are now 43cm out from the rear wall. 43cm to the BACK of the speaker.
  5. They are only 1m out from the wall. I thought speakers were designed to work better away from rear walls? The LP12 and electronics can’t be moved anywhere else.
  6. I’ve decided. I’m just going to turn SO off. This is all to confusing. The manual makes little sense and dealers aren’t on the same page. Then you wonder why I want to move away from all this ...
  7. All this is as clear as mud. And as stated above, dealer advice is inconsistent. Very frustrating.