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  1. Interesting comments, thank you. Even with ExaKt and SO optimised, my system sounds fuller when not sitting in a central listening position?
  2. What are the benefits of adding a sub to a music only system? Apart from the obvious bass weight. In my case, an ExaKt set up. Thank you all. Stu.
  3. So you think integrated speaker technology will only improve and that Linn are wedded to ExaKt?
  4. So are we saying that a newly manufactured Klimax System Hub will sound better than my older Klimax EDSM?
  5. With the news of the removal of passive speakers from the range, lack of news about the future of integrated products and Exakt, are Linn struggling to map out a future path? Is it just consumers that feel in the dark or are dealers in the same boat?
  6. I’m just wondering whether aftermarket mains cables will squeeze anything extra out of my set up. I only need 3 cables so could be a relatively inexpensive next step.
  7. Invested considerable time today with SO v2 and pleased to report that my Exakt set up is now singing like never before. Everything dialled in and measured, as best as I can get it. A few adjustments with practical and ideal speaker positioning and lift off. No more tweaking .... just listen! Stu.
  8. ... ever consider bolstering/upgrading the amplification in their integrated Exakt speaker range? What, if anything, is prohibitive to making this happen? Asking for a friend :0) Stu.
  9. I take it all back. Really tried my best to dial in the layout. It’s taken me a couple of days but we are getting there. Optimised (ideal position only); sliders reversed and boy does it sound good. Super imaging and sparkle. Bass notes defined and VERY easy to follow. Micro dynamics are scary good. I will listen again tomorrow.
  10. Def does not have enough bass using calculated SO v1 or v2. Car stereo sounds better.