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  1. I am trying to relate your setup to mine. What is the source for your television pictures? A digibox? TV tuner?
  2. You might look at Harbeth P3ESR XD. Overbudget, but on eBay you might get lucky. Also read around this family of speakers, they seem to have a high reputation. If you are going to be a Linnie then:
  3. Ought not matter. Either way Mark Grant as recommneded. You will then be using the DACS in your ADSM.
  4. I have a QNAP, others speak well of Synology. There is a well kown saying "If I was going there, I wouldn't be starting from here". This can be turned around, now that we are arrived here, why go back to the beginning? I not only have ripped CDs but also a lot of downloaded albums, fine I keep my server. My internet connection is fast and pretty reliable so increasingly I use Qobuz. Some of my purchased albums have a bit more meaning, orchestras or soloists that are favourites or who I have seen. Were they to be deleted from a streaming service then I've still got them. Otherwise I have almost stopped buying albums. You might seriously consider keeping and playing the CDs and spending the server money on a Qobuz subscription. Keep backups of downloaded music, don't forget if you rip your own CD you still have the CD. I also keep photographs and some videos on my QNAP, perhaps I am a bit more computer skilled. Having said that it often seems to me that QNAP have a target audience of computer professionals and not just determined amateurs.
  5. My only thoughts are that with an electrical digital signal the signal has to be processed into sound. An optical signal requires the electrical digital signal to be converted into light and then converted back again before being processed into sound. I doubt that it makes any difference, I have never heard any.
  6. Agree Paul, I have Keididhs, the close relative of the Ninka. These are tri-amped with Aktiv LK140s, Aktiv a big upgrade. The bass was noticeably thin so I got a subwoofer (Canadian, a Pardigm Servo-15) the next successful upgrade. I assume that what goes for Keilidhs in this respect goes for Ninkas. Since then I have used my upgraditis on the source and left the bits that actually make the noise well alone.
  7. Paul, It is rather like being a Gentleman. It is what other people regard you as. One might aspire to these things, but it is for others to judge.
  8. I'm not sure that I have got this right yet, early days, but am posting in the hope of useful comments appearing. I have returned from a good few weeks in Portugal. My early model Majik is doing fine in my apartment over there. With the nights drawing in and the rain drifting down I have become conscious that my favourite radio stations are not available on TuneIn. They certainly were in Lisbon. Radio Suisse Classique is the obvious one. There seems to have been an unjustifiable and not really comprehensible court judgement. I had not needed to try this earlier so this may be old news for some, comments therefore appreciated. I had a look with the iPad and couldn't get airplay to pick up the ADSM. The iPad does however see my Sky Q digibox on the network. By finding the radio station with the conventional browser on an iPad I can then send the sound to Sky Q. Sky Q has an optical connection, Toslink, as well as HDMI. Both produce the same 44Hz/24bit PCM response on the ADSM display. From the HDMI there is a simple message on the TV screen, but it seems simpler to use the Toslink. Sky Q boxes are very highly regarded in the Hi-Fi press and certainly better than my Portuguese cable TV box. This would seem to be another trick. Comments welcome.
  9. I still put a CD on from time to time. As fetishes go it as not as bonkers as vinyl. The extra frisson comes from Alia-Vox SACDs. Some of the material is a bit niche. The discs are very pretty with lovely and sometimes quite hefty, booklets.
  10. The update is fine. I have a routine. If the system is not responding I check that no HDMI cable has come loose, restart the Sky box and the ADSM. Next check if it is waiting for an update to install. Sometimes I do that first. Install the update and off we go.
  11. It would be tedious to run through my setup. Each to his own. I was listening to an SACD, thought I might record Amy Winehouse this evening, BBC4. Turned my system over for the telly etc and found that it would not go. Turned stuff on and off, no result. The the penny dropped. Is there an update? So found it and off we go. All fine again. One might ask why, and it is not the first time, an update is signalled by sudden paralysis?
  12. I keep mine in another room for that reaason. It seems up to date.
  13. Thank you Linn for the Davaar update. This has solved the problem. Now playing SACDs directly from player to ADSM.
  14. I had always understood that balanced XLRs were for long cable runs, you know the microphone lead trailing across the stage and several times round Freddy Mercury. For domestic use, unless a long cable run is needed (in which case exakt?) RCAs should be fine. It does depends on what you alrerady have.
  15. I have the original stands which were not cheap then. It was often suggested on the Old Linn Forum that it was possible to make stands from off cuts of granite. The sort used for kitchen work-tops. I'm not sure how successful this was but it does seem a reasonable suggestion.
  16. Mike, I am happy to oblige. To be clear I have an Akurate DSM/3 with RCA connections into three LK140s and also to a Paradigms Servo 15 subwoofer. The Sub has its own internal 250w amplifier. As far as Linn kit goes my speakers are a pair of Keilidhs connected to the LK140s as tri-amped. The LK140s have the appropriate active cards. I did not consider, at least not very seriously, changing my loudspeakers. When I went active there was an obvious, huge, improvement. The only problem was loss of bass. Previously when there were loud noises, rather more special effects in movies than music, I had some impressive rumbling noises. These disappeared with active speakers. I realised that what was happening was that lower frequencies were now properly controlled by the active power amplifiers. Very low frequencies were not sent on at all. What I had been hearing were the woofers on my Keilidhs flapping around trying to interpret a poor signal below the range for which they were designed. A subwoofer dealt with that once properly adjusted. As my system stands, to improve the loudspeakers would probably require Exakt speakers, now with Katalyst. The expense would be considerable. I have not looked at other amplifiers, your question is an interesting one. Over the years Linn dealerships seem to have moved further and further away. I live in West Wales. Swansea no longer has a Linn dealership nor does Cardiff. The nearest dealers are in Bristol or on the way to Gloucester. Auditioning kit in my own home in my own home would be possible, but not something to do on a whim. I did like the sneaky, that was what led me to acquire a Majik DSM. I found the interface and connections with the DSM much more convenient. The same applies to my ADSM. This does not have its own amplifier. I have had a Kairn and an Akurate Kontrol in the past with a separate ADS. I am very pleased with my current setup both in terms of the ADSM and the loudspeakers. I accept that better speakers might be available. In the past upgrades have been relatively modest stepwise improvements and tweakings. I would have thought a worthwhile change of speakers would involve much greater expense. For this reason not a step I have seriously contemplated. I hope these thoughts are helpful to you. Best wishes, Tom
  17. This is a relatively old thread and AL seems to have made his decisions. However as I own both a Majik DSM and an Akurate DSM I thought I might throw in a contribution in case it is helpful to any readers. My Majik DSM is in an apartment and also in a relatively small room. The room has few soft furnishings and, I think, very good acoustics. Although the apartment block is well built and there are not big problems from noise affecting neighbours, realistically in an apartment block there are limits to how far one may push a sound system. Before the Majik I had a Sonos and a Marantz integrated amplifier. I upgraded the Sonos to a Sneaky. The improvement was immediately obvious. I understand that the DACs in the Sneaky are pretty much the same as in a Majik but the Majik DSM is easier to use and fits in better with my setup so I replaced the Sneaky and the Marantz with a Majik DSM and am very pleased with the results. I have bookshelf speakers on wall brackets EB Acoustics, EB1s. Given the excellent acoustics of the room and the constraints of an apartment block this is a very satisfactory arrangement. My Akurate DSM is in a detached house, quite different. The room it is in is much larger has curtains and soft furnishings. I can push the Akurate and of course it outperforms the Majik which, to be fair I have never stretched anything like as much. Which one is better? That depends on what you want to do with it and where you are putting it.
  18. Thanks Reddevil, The layout on mine is not quite the same. My options are: Turn HDMI off in sleep Yes/No CEC Enabled/Disabled If CEC Enabled is selected CEC Auto Source Select Enabled/Disabled appears as an option. I have tried the various permutations of this. Any more ideas? Thanks again.
  19. Thanks CEC is turned off. My ADSM has its latest Davaar. I suppose that I just sit and wait for the update.
  20. I have had my ADSM for a few years now. Last summer I treated it to the Katalyst upgrade for which it seemed to have been very grateful. Now: I listen to music from my ripped CDs and downloads on my server, tune-in radio and most recently Qobuz, thanks to advice from Wammers. However the sound gets in to the ADSM, it comes out from the RCA connections at the back and goes into three LK140s which are Aktiv and then on to a pair of Aktiv Keilidhs. I use the ADSM's HDMI inputs for watching television ( the latest sky digital box) and connecting to my disc player. This is a Cambridge CX UHD. It plays Blu-ray DVD CDs and SACD's. I have had no issues with compatibility until very recently. At the moment for anything I want to watch with a picture I select an input on the ADSM. HDMI one for sky television HDMI two for the CX UHD with video discs of whatever kind and HDMI four should I need to connect my laptop to the television via the ADSM, for example if something worthwhile appears on YouTube. HDMI three connects to the disc player when it is in "pure audio" mode. The disc player sends out a digital audio signal but no picture and turns off its display. This is a simplified power saving mode and is how I use it to listen to SACD's and CDs. The HDMI out from the ADSM goes to a plasma television. Now the problem begins. I have been away for a little while but do not think that my son will have interfered unduly and certainly not recklessly, with any settings. When I put a CD on no sound appears. I have of course selected the correct HDMI output from the CX UHD and have actually tried both. The same problem applies. Not only is there no sound but on looking at the settings information by flicking my Linn remote around the display tells me there are 0 kHz and 0 bits. Perplexed, I tried to read what was going on by turning my television on as a display. First of all sound appeared. Secondly the display then showed, for the sake of example, 48 kHz 24 bits. I then turn the television off and the sound stopped. I have run through this with each of the HDMI input sockets. It is exactly the same the ADSM will not turn an HDMI sound input into a line level signal for my power amplifiers unless the television is turned on. This is a plasma television and for sensible reasons one would not wish to have it on with a static image of any kind, for any length of time. Even when the disc player is in pure audio mode and not sending out any picture at all I have to have the television on displaying a completely blank screen, otherwise there is no sound. I suppose there would have been a recent upgrade. My current ADSM software version is: 4.75.360. I have looked through Konfig and cannot see any setting that looks wrong. Any suggestions out there? Many thanks!
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