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  1. Never tried US RCM , only conventional RCM as my VPI 17F. Still with used records looking less good they have very low noise after cleaning and clicks any pops are seldom heard. Thought US cleaners should be even better but maybe you need both
  2. Radikal since 1989? That was 20 years before I was aware of the Radikal
  3. I would not be too sure about that. Linn is not famous for servicing older units. And I was not happy to see that when a customer upgrade the excisting motor will be scrapped.
  4. No noise at all with my motor for Rad1 either. Had it for more than 10 years and no issues with it. What happens when the motor fail? Do you have to upgrade to Rad2. Would'nt be surprised if that is the case now.
  5. Be careful guys and don't give Linn ideas to empty our bank account again.
  6. There are several revisions of the Keel. I have Keel on two of my LP12s and they have not the same revision. But have never seen any info of different SQ from the different versions. If your Klimax LP12 sounds less inspiring than the cheaper deck I would start to check out if the top plate is correct mounted. Afaik it will sound boring if the bolt in the corner brace is too tight for instance.
  7. I use a cartridge weighing 10.7 gr. A Benz LP. Use the sKale cw wth 194gr weight. Works very well. Tried the heavy Linn cw but it is very thight to move. So much that I was worried to damage the bearing.
  8. Maybe because the Keel and Ekos SE will be 14% more expensive in January. The Radikal will have the same price.
  9. I have 3 smoked lids and one clear. All of them have rectangular label. On the smoked it's marked with Linn Sondek and the Linn logo. On the clear it says only Linn and no logo. Prefer those to the oval ones.
  10. How much is the trade-in for the Akurate Radikal to a Klimax Radikal/2 sponsored by Linn?
  11. I’m sure if Karmen was Linn-made it had sold much more than it has. I’m quite sure it has been on mine LP12 as well. Same with Stiletto.
  12. On the other side, Karmen is said to be better than the steel plate soundwise by people with ears I trust. So if a small 3rd part supplier can make it why not Linn?
  13. Difference is a somewhat bigger shell and some black parts is now white. The latest SE was modified to give some bigger anti scate force. Linn has never claimed an improved sound quality.
  14. Normally it is possible to exchange the brushes on a brushed motor. Never seen any info on this for Radikal motors but it could/should be an option.
  15. There was some talk earlier that Linn would offer the possibility to upgrade from ARadikal to KRadikal 2. No mention of that in the price list. Anyone knows anything more of this possibiity?
  16. Yes, for a while maybe but Linn is not known for support of outgoing products. That's why I think it's a pity that the used motors, that can work for many years, ends their lives in the trash. Everybody knows that a brushed motor will fail eventually.
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