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  1. I’m very happy with my Synology DS716 running Roon. 4 years old NAS but stable and good. However, the Roon for Synology is not official from Roon. But, is recognised and directed to by them…
  2. I rip using dBPoweramp on Mac Mini to ALAC and then store on my NAS (Synology 716). I organise with iTunes and put music on our phones. So far, like for like recordings sound better as ALAC from my NAS than FLAC from Qobuz. This includes 24Bit Qobuz purchases previously downloaded. I’m presently using Roon, so my understanding is that everything comes from my NAS… Locally stored and streamed get pushed from the Roon app on my NAS… 24Bit Qobuz trumps 16 bit local in most instances. But, be very wary of versions and re-masters everywhere. The ever happy Neil Young was very angry a
  3. Just a related note. I believe un-measured 3rd party speakers should have port bungs inserted for use with SO. SO treats un-know/un-measured speakers as point sources, so you must keep it simple. The port is a second source and boundary reinforcement is particularly strong on rear ported speakers in most practical settings. My MS812’s are bunged to the rear and, as above, exceed expectations.
  4. No idea, but out of my laziness I have my conservatory and bedroom systems setup like this and they both benefitted somewhat. The old Mordaunt Short MS812’s in my bedroom sound much better than they have any right to with this option in SO! Only £60 off eBay 10 years ago! The 3rd option is the Linn Elf’s sneak in during the night and just magic it… The conservatory has measured Linn speakers so I should try… But the Komponent 110’s come with wall brackets. So, they probably need to be closer to the wall than is possible due to the conservatory’s dwarf wall…
  5. M140’s do seem to have a rather tight sweet spot. Our next sofa will be a 3 cushion 3 seater. The sweet spot in in between the cushions of our 2 cushion 3 seater. lol. Generally speaking your ears want to be level with the 2k array. SO will do something to help here if they are not. However, in Exakt M140’s seem to have a much wider sweet spot than passive or Aktiv. I suspect that is the time of flight magic from Exakt. Sitting lower you may achieve slightly better coherence with the mid-upper bass driver if not Exakt…
  6. I think I may have to geek out and order a Cat6 from these guys for pure experimentation. The custom AQ Cat6 has swept to 600Hz on the jacket so exceeds Cat6. Though, custom terminated… Good day vs bad day… No mention of testing by the vendor… I had a long custom AQ Forrest that became surplus to requirements and I cut up and DIY re-terminated that. Reasonably easy to get a working connection with the right tools. But, I now wonder as to the quality of my work. These DIY cables are in my internet chain but not my last Audio chain anywhere. I have ran my own Cat6 Ethernet and install
  7. I stopped at the AQ Cinnamon level in the last network link. You are not the first to report poorly of the next tier Vodka. I read it can be harsh sounding in Audio. Silver in the cable doesn’t seem to like Linn. Before buying my first Linn Silver I was using a Linn Black, but was missing top end. I swapped in a Chord Co Chameleon Silver Plus (silver plated wires) and got too much top end… Linn Silvers re-balanced the system. AQ Forest and Cinnamon have increasing silver plating, but the Vodka has a fair bit more.
  8. Exact is a really significant step up. You mention possibly moving to M140’s. I took my M140’s through all the stages… Stereo passive - bi-amp passive - Aktiv - Exakt (Katalyst also) They improved with every step. Exakt really changed beyond expectation. I got the home demo and my wife commented on how good it sounded before I had committed to buy… Removing the passive crossovers will make your speakers much more efficient. Though, you will drop quite some power going from a 5125 to Exaktbox-I. Are you trading in your 5125 for that price? I agree with others.
  9. Yes, my chin is well stuck out… Ready for the hits. lol Oddly, I perceived much more of a difference with AudioQuest Cat7’s in picture quality than Audio. In the Network implementation I though the AudioQuest Cat7 only brought slightly more detail and top end clarity to audio systems. In Exakt implementation using the AudioQuest Cat6 the bass seems to be favoured. Contrary to my expectations… I’m just listening to Prince - When Doves Cry and the drums and space are great. I feel that soundstage has also improved. But, I’m only about a month into Exakt and all music is
  10. Hi folks I just thought I would share some experience and welcome others to do the same about Exakt links. My Akurate Exaktbox10/1 came with a 1.5m generic Cat5e from my dealer to get me going. A few days later I dug out an old Belkin Cat6 UTP at 0.5m to better suit my setup and prevent it dropping near other unshielded cables. DSM and Exaktbox are top of the stack with amps below. I could not discern any notable difference. As a believer in AudioQuest’s digital offerings, I use their Cat7’s between my NAS to my switch, as the final from a Switch’s to music and AV sources and al
  11. I did this a about a hear ago. Send to yourself and setup as a new room. My permanently open door is only a normal door. But, adding the room beyond worked quite well. Door has to be modelled as a ceiling height gap though I didn’t hear any striking changes. But, certainly no detriment. The open door is only about 60cm from one if my speakers. So, likely interacts…
  12. I have always found speaker cable to be better than the jumper plates pictured I initially used plates with my M140’s until I bought a M4100 amp and could bi-amp and then bi-wired from bi-amps… 2x2:4 Linn K400 cables. With one set of binding posts on a MDSM it is difficult to do single amped unless you have stackable plugs. Personally, I think the jumper plates do not sound great. Recently I took my conservatory Komponent 110’s to 2x2:4 Linn K400 from an old LK85 amp with doubled outputs. Removing the jumpers to bi-bi-wire sounded surprisingly better. So, short version is I wo
  13. I ‘downgraded’ all off my systems to Linn K400 and I’m a very happy man. I was using more expensive Chord Co stuff which was great in my previous Arcam - Marantz setups. Great detail lift in warm systems... But, you just get a certain synergy with all Linn that really just works.
  14. They certainly improve with Aktiv and further improve with Exakt.
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