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  1. I had this issue with Qobuz through Roon. In my case it was the NAS sleeping it’s drives after an extended Qobuz streaming session that was causing a Qobuz dropout. The solution was to simply increase the time before the NAS deprives went to sleep.
  2. Sensible reckoning. However, the new Majik box lacks any Exakt ports. So, I would assume some kind of system hub would be required for Exakt. Can Selekt be bought without DAC’S, amps or analogue outs? If so, this could replace the ASH as a Selekt System Hub (SSH). But, then, for passive speakers we still need a price appropriate Exakt box… I hope there is life in the Akurate Exakt range… Exakt Box Organic future for at least the 6 and 10 versions please Linn…
  3. I think we are saying the same thing… The link you posts also says most recent version of macOS… But, either way I only have an AEDSM so cannot use usb input natively. Though, I have seen USB to Coaxial boxes… However, for now my Apple TV through HDMI does for the music I cannot find on Qobuz. Native Apple Music on Linn or direct (not Airplay) access to Linn through the Apple Music app would be the goal. Or, even Apple Music in Roon would do…
  4. Interesting, I thought Mac based Apple Music Lossless 24bit high bandwidth Audio streaming was limited to the most recent macOS (Big Sur) So, as my ageing 2012 Mac Mini cannot run this operating system, I was under the impression that I could not use this as a 24/192 streaming source… I know my Mac can certainly play local files at 24/96 over usb. I did this in my pre-Linn life to an Arcam rDAC. But, then all content was sent at the set output, upscaled or downgraded to fit… Now, my Apple TV tops out at 24/48 but can at least also send 16/44 over HDMI to suit source material.
  5. I would agree with these findings for Chord Co cables. My M140’s were initially MDSM driven single wire with Chord Co Odyssey 2. I had been using this previously with warm sounding Arcam & Marantz electronics and the detail of the Chord Co cable was beneficial. I was also using Chord Co Signature jumpers then with MA RS6 speakers. When the MDSM replaced the Arcam & Marantz electronics I found the MA RS6’s very fatiguing. But, M140’s we’re already on order. With SO1 done I found the MA RS6’s to very fatiguing. When the M140’s came and we’re also tuned in with SO1. However, I still found my M140’s a little fatiguing over an extended listen. My dealer was making me up sone K400 but took their sweet time… When this arrived the much of the fatigue was lost. Though, I personally found it took a long path to get the right bass out of my M140’s. SO2 was a major free bass improvement. With eBay and time I am fully K400 now on all my systems. Really great cable for Linn systems. I bought some huge plugs to Quad-wire my Conservatory Komponent 110’s from the single binding posts on my MDSM. They share the 2K array with the M140’s and responded very well to this bodge. Amazon “Audiocrast 8 Pcs Gold Plated Banana Plugs For Speakers Screw Locking Audio Jack Connectors For Speaker Wire“ These plugs just took 4 strands of K400 at the amplifier end. So, no jumpers at all at the speaker end. I did this around June this year. Maybe not the best plugs ever, but effective and sound good for the outlay. M140’s respond excellently to upstream upgrades. You have a great speaker, enjoy.
  6. I really get the use of voice control, I use it with Apple Music in the car and through both a big and small Apple HomePod. However, Siri just doesn’t always understand what I ask for, especially if it is not main stream… As suggested earlier, Roon is my family friendly integration. Qobuz and my library doing the fetching. With Linn being Scottish, Glaswegian even, I doubt they have much interest in voice control in house… Even if they did, you would have to learn to speak Glaswegian!...
  7. No, the secondary system becomes part of the upgrade… With my last attack of upgraditis, I upgraded from my MDSM/2 to AEDSM/1 in my main system, part of the upgrade logic was the 2nd system went from Sneaky DSM to Majik DSM… Sneaky traded in… There is no cure once infected…
  8. My secondary system is probably the most used… Linn Majik DSM/2 into Komponent 110’s. But, probably 90% TV, 10% music. This lives in our conservatory. We use this as a day/family/play room. The Peppa Pig theme sounds excellent… :-/ As do movies from an Apple TV. Without the reference point of my main system, this is a truly excellent simple system. The MDSM/2 K110 combination delivers well as a Stereo AV Receiver and puts out enjoyable music when required. My 3rd system is much less used. Only by me when going to bed off night shift like now… Apple HomePods serve for the Office and Kitchen. All 5 music sources sound different… But, good music is still worth while on any system Please see my signature for the Lynn system details.
  9. Hi @LinnPoverished I also have a Linn to non-SO measured speakers in my bedroom system. SO2 through the web app is far superior in this scenario to my ears https://www.linn.co.uk/account/music-systems See this link and set up your toys. Personally I would not model a speaker like a ‘similar’ speaker, I would use the add un-listed speaker option. I bunged up my rear bass ports. SO2 then treats the speaker as a point source by asking for the centre of the driver. This worked for me. My dealer did my main system in 2015 in SO1 with a Tunedem. My others systems are DIY without the ideal position found. By only entering a practical location SO2 still works wonders in my other systems. Enjoy you Linn!
  10. I don’t know. But, guess you would hit the same limitations as the Apple TV. HiRes but limited to 24/48. It all depends on the Lightning to HDMI implementation I guess. My MDSM and AEDSM both seem to top out at 24/48 over HDMI for all sources. HDMI 1.3 and 2.0 boards respectively. I was considering a USB-CoAxial until I realised my 2012 MacMini is too old. I wonder if such a thing as Lighting to CoAxial exists?…
  11. 70’s Rock does play nice. I love early Neil Young and have enjoyed this greatly. Listening volume 30-40 is my normal. So, not as loud as you went. I doubt even Exakted the K110’s would deliver like M140’s. But, it would be an interesting comparison. The 2k is the only common factor, but even here the implementation is very different physically between the speakers. If I ever get the time it would be worth an experiment…
  12. It works at 24/48 from my Apple TV 4K over HDMI. The Apple catalogue is excellent. However, even at like quality it doesn’t sound as good as Qobuz or my own local music. Apple<Qobuz<Local Files Apple will feature in my setup as it is much better in the car and has some stuff I can’t find on Qobuz. But, Qobuz sounds better and is much better integrated.
  13. Well, it is all set up in both rooms and sounds great. The AEDSM/0 was upgraded to full AEDSM/1 with Linn Stickers and everything. For a digital only box I didn’t expect much. But, it just adds more to everything I had already got from the Exaktbox 10/1. I am amazed at just how the M140’s have evolved from my beginnings using my MDSM/2 as in integrated 1 box solution with SO1. Now, with these Akurate boxes I have all the detail, and more, and get a lovely tonal balance with the type of bass I always thought the M140’s should deliver. After reading @Jail4CEOs2 post about his swap from MDSM/2 to AEDSM as an Exakt source giving a fatiguing sound I am very relieved with the rich more relaxing sound I have achieved. @Jail4CEOs2, maybe review your physical setup and SO settings. My 2k array is meant to be more fatiguing than your 3k array. Following on from my recollections of my MDSM/2 driving my M140’s I was a bit concerned about using it to replace the Sneaky DSM - LK85 combination in my conservatory. However, this not an issue. The SO2 equalised tone here with the 2k Array equipped Komponent 110’s is better than I recall from the SO1 equalised M140’s. I’m not sure if this is mostly SO2 or the smaller drivers of the Komponent 110’s being easier to drive. All in all, a really good upgrade to both systems.
  14. Possibly a fortunate mistake! Try and get a listen to the Katalyst DAC in the Akurate Exakt box-I, AEB 6/1 or 10/1. The original Majik Exaktbox-I was upgraded to Akurate level when the Katalyst DAC was added. I and my wife (who honestly doesn’t care) we’re both amazed at the difference the Exaktbox 10/1 brought in our room. Exakt and SO really play very nice together. It’s certainly worth the time to set up.
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