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  1. I don’t know. But, guess you would hit the same limitations as the Apple TV. HiRes but limited to 24/48. It all depends on the Lightning to HDMI implementation I guess. My MDSM and AEDSM both seem to top out at 24/48 over HDMI for all sources. HDMI 1.3 and 2.0 boards respectively. I was considering a USB-CoAxial until I realised my 2012 MacMini is too old. I wonder if such a thing as Lighting to CoAxial exists?…
  2. 70’s Rock does play nice. I love early Neil Young and have enjoyed this greatly. Listening volume 30-40 is my normal. So, not as loud as you went. I doubt even Exakted the K110’s would deliver like M140’s. But, it would be an interesting comparison. The 2k is the only common factor, but even here the implementation is very different physically between the speakers. If I ever get the time it would be worth an experiment…
  3. It works at 24/48 from my Apple TV 4K over HDMI. The Apple catalogue is excellent. However, even at like quality it doesn’t sound as good as Qobuz or my own local music. Apple<Qobuz<Local Files Apple will feature in my setup as it is much better in the car and has some stuff I can’t find on Qobuz. But, Qobuz sounds better and is much better integrated.
  4. Well, it is all set up in both rooms and sounds great. The AEDSM/0 was upgraded to full AEDSM/1 with Linn Stickers and everything. For a digital only box I didn’t expect much. But, it just adds more to everything I had already got from the Exaktbox 10/1. I am amazed at just how the M140’s have evolved from my beginnings using my MDSM/2 as in integrated 1 box solution with SO1. Now, with these Akurate boxes I have all the detail, and more, and get a lovely tonal balance with the type of bass I always thought the M140’s should deliver. After reading @Jail4CEOs2 post about his swap from MDSM/2 to AEDSM as an Exakt source giving a fatiguing sound I am very relieved with the rich more relaxing sound I have achieved. @Jail4CEOs2, maybe review your physical setup and SO settings. My 2k array is meant to be more fatiguing than your 3k array. Following on from my recollections of my MDSM/2 driving my M140’s I was a bit concerned about using it to replace the Sneaky DSM - LK85 combination in my conservatory. However, this not an issue. The SO2 equalised tone here with the 2k Array equipped Komponent 110’s is better than I recall from the SO1 equalised M140’s. I’m not sure if this is mostly SO2 or the smaller drivers of the Komponent 110’s being easier to drive. All in all, a really good upgrade to both systems.
  5. Possibly a fortunate mistake! Try and get a listen to the Katalyst DAC in the Akurate Exakt box-I, AEB 6/1 or 10/1. The original Majik Exaktbox-I was upgraded to Akurate level when the Katalyst DAC was added. I and my wife (who honestly doesn’t care) we’re both amazed at the difference the Exaktbox 10/1 brought in our room. Exakt and SO really play very nice together. It’s certainly worth the time to set up.
  6. In my case I had Aktiv M140’s on my MDSM and then added an Exaktbox10. The Exaktbox adds the speakers separately. The Aktiv M140’s were then an (analogue) artefact still in SO. I believe this is based arround surround sound. In a full DSM the analogy outputs can also still be used as part of an Exakt surround system. So, speakers can still be associated to the Stereo output of a DSM. But, not with a EDSM or System Hub.
  7. I had the same issue, the Analog speaker connection remained with my MDSM and the Exakt digital connection to the speaker was with my AEB10. I did the same, ignored for a while and then deleted.
  8. I found placing a simple switch between a complex router and my output equipment seemed to improve everything. Music and TV improved when a switch was introduced. I initially had my NAS and main DSM right into my main router and my conservatory DSM right into my conservatory access point. I ran out of Ethernet sockets on the conservatory access point (router) and put an 8 way switch in the path. Everything improved on that system. So, I tried a switch between my main router and DSM. Again, everything improved. My understanding is a simple switch re-clocks the signal and possibly reduces the noise floor vs direct connection to a complex and possibly electrically noisy router. Directly to your question as to using two, a long Ethernet run can pick up noise or lose time accuracy. So, potential to benefit at both ends of a long run. I use multiple switches in my home network. NAS and DSM directly on one. But, also with another switch before every room cluster of output devices.
  9. I will make the same front end change on Monday. Excited now! @zee9 When I took my M140’s from Aktiv to Exakt (Katalyst also) I got so much more space, detail and bass. I took my sub out for a week before to re-tune my ear remembering the apparent lack of Aktiv bass. The emotion of Exakt (Katalyst) was a huge step up in my system. My M140’s are in a different league with Exakt. Your 242’s would surely sing!
  10. Thank you all for your input. I’m picking up the HDMI2 upgraded DSM/0 from my dealer on Monday. Trading in my conservatory Sneaky DSM and LK85 and moving my MDSM/2 into the conservatory. So, double upgrade day on Monday.
  11. I would advocate the use of an Ethernet switch. Put the switch by your hifi and connect your NAS and DSM to it. A switch seemingly re-clocks and semi isolates from the rest of the network. During NAS payback the router is out of the signal path. I tried unplugging my router from the switch and playback continued. I have a Netgear GS105 (£20) switch with Audioquest Cinnamon Ethernet cables to the DSM and NAS.
  12. Hi gents. Thanks for the offers However, part of the reason for the planned upgrade is to gain HDMI 2.0 and Akurate level source. My MDSM is only HDMI 1.3 and I presently have it outside my video cabin. The HDMI 2 upgrade will allow my at access Apple Music through my Apple TV 4K. Thanks for your input.
  13. I had a similar issue on my Synology DS716. But, only when listening to Qobuz. My solution was to extend the sleep time on the HDD’s from 15 minutes inactive to a couple of hours. Now flawless uninterrupted playback across local and streamed Roon content. I also setup an automated weekly system reboot to clear any built up issues.
  14. Hi folks I’m looking to move the front end of my Exakt system from Majik to Akurate. Looking at the options there are three boxes. AEDSM/0 HDMI 1.4 (2014) AEDSM/1 HDMI 2.O (2016) ASH HDMI 2.0 (2018) I have been offered a AEDSM/0 with the HDMI 2.0 upgrade. With this upgrade in place, is this any different from the AEDSM/1 and ASH?
  15. If going non-Linn surround pay attention to the room sizes allowed. Linn room computing adds delays to the audio signal and this adds perceived distance to the speakers for the AV-Recieved setup. SO adds about 6m if you use unity gain to your Linn System. Exakt and SO is more like 16m. My modest Yamaha RX-V781 (~£500) works with Linn Exakt driving L+R speakers quite well… It thinks it is 20m to my front speakers, max allowed 24m… Power amping the centre with Majik amps was a big lift. Passive bi-amp. Modest AV-Receivers are generally lacking in the amplification & power supply departments.
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