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  1. Thanks Neil. I'm pleased you're happy with your new equipment. I think you've done a grand job describing what you hear. Can you remind me what source and amp you had before the recent upgrade? Mike.
  2. It would certainly be worth investigating Bill. Would your dealer loan you a sub for a few days? That would probably help with your decision making. Mike.
  3. You need to have a holiday to the UK Max! Interestingly there's a pair of Akudoriks on eBay in the UK for £2700 just now. Your ASH/AEB-I combo is one I'm hoping to audition shortly. Once Linn can supply the gear to the dealers to demo!
  4. No Max, I've driven them. Your highways are far better surfaced than the ones in the UK! In fact, most of Europe has better roads than we have in the UK.
  5. I know Bill is having thoughts of a sub to add to his Akudoriks. To be honest I'm listening to Katans without any desire to add any more bass. Obviously every room is different. Did I not read some thread about 6-9 months ago when you were going to audition some Akudoriks? Maybe that all fell through with Covid?
  6. What? You're not into driving an open top Miata or an Alfa Spider down I-5? If that's the case you are obviously happily married!
  7. I know what an espresso geek you are. My eyes are still watering at the price you paid for two of those machines. I just hope you don't feel the need to keep guns in the house.
  8. Aye, you say that now! Can we revisit in say 5 years?!
  9. I love looking at small shiny things and big circular things with a plastic wrap on them. My favourite though are those small but very colourful wires to the extreme right on the second photo. Do those flat things come in any other colour than green?
  10. I suppose it depends on how much of a bass head you are. I've heard Billz previous Keilidhs and they certainly produced lots of good bass. Maybe Bill, as you had the Keilidhs for many years you still need to get your head around the Akudorik style of presentation? Certainly a sub will give you that extra bass if you feel that's what's lacking. Do you have space to the left of the left hand speaker, behind your TV? That might keep Sheila happy? Is there any chance you could get Tony, your dealer to visit and get his opinion? He may be able to tweak your SO to help? I've been listening to my Katans in my 4x5 meter room and have loved them and not felt that I need more bass. Obviously every room is different. Mike.
  11. Newly released Kazoo update from App Store for MacBook is now working well with Qobuz. Mike.
  12. What? Cats are now chasing woofers? Surely shome mishtake, Mish Moneypenny?
  13. That is interesting. BTW, I was keen to hear his recent Arctic Riff album!
  14. True, but you'll still get 44.1/16 until Linn and Qobuz speak to one another.