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  1. Those Kudos certainly look fantastic! As does the rest of your set-up. Is that the walnut finish? You certainly managed to eke out everything in performance from your Kabers too over the years. Very interesting. Thanks stupra. It sounds like you have a very similar listening experience with the Kudos to ae111sr. That cherry does look great too.
  2. That's all very interesting. Yes, this coronavirus has certainly put a stop to lots of us spending much money this year. Unfortunately I've not been earning any either! I look forward to hearing your thoughts once your new system arrives. Enjoy! Funnily stupra, if I go the same route as you with ASH/AEB-I, I'll have Keilidh's on the end too. I can also try my Katan's on there for a comparison. I hope you like the Kudos' as a Keilidh replacement once you implement that. ae111sr, how would you describe the sound signature of the Kudos'? What did you have previously?
  3. Exciting! How much auditioning did you do neilj? If you did, what else did you listen to? Of course, I'd be interested to know how you like them once they arrive. Mike.
  4. Thanks, I shall certainly be auditioning the ASH/AEB-I combo. Also the ADSM/4200 too. To be honest unless I'm disappointed by the sound of the ASH/AEB-I, that certainly seems like the most attractive option financially. It will be interesting to see how the Keilidh's perform then. Thanks neilj for the reminder. Yes, I'd be using the ASH together with a AEB or the ADSM with AV5125/4200 or similar. Yes, I've already applied the first 3 points you make regarding Keilidh tweaks. My speakers are currently about 18 inches from the front wall, so similar.
  5. Thanks Little_Wong, I intend to do some dealership listening post lockdown. To be honest, I've been with the same system since the 90's and really enjoyed it. Therefore once this upgrade is complete I think I would happily settle on that for many more years of music. Very interesting path Jail. Yes, I've been very pleasantly surprised by how good the small Katan's are! An ADSM or ASH with Katalyst is my priority. I feel a MDSM perhaps isn't enough of an upgrade on my Sneaky. What were your main reasons for choosing Exakt over anything else? And, how are you enjoying your new 212's? Hi HIGHWAY61, yes, I remember your thread well. You've done fantastically well to get such a system for very little financial outlay. Some people spend more than your total spend on one cable! Interesting that you didn't like the Sneaky and now have a Majik DS. What appeals most about your Majik DS over the Sneaky? This is interesting 9designs. I've hardly ever heard anything bad said about the Keilidh's. I'm certainly really enjoying the Katan's that I've recently been listening to. I shall be as a priority, upgrading the Sneaky DS to ADSM/ASH.
  6. Many thanks David, that all sounds like the way forward then. Mike.
  7. So Linn Akurate DSM plus something like a 4200 amp is £12,770 whereas a Linn ASH and EBI comes to £7,640. Am I missing something or does it make most sense to go with the latter? Mike.
  8. Good that you get on so well with your neighbour! I'm fortunate that there's a whole empty room between my listening room and any neighbour so all is good and I don't need to use headphones. Mike.
  9. Thank you Bill, all well here despite the lack of any income! Yes, I think I'll be keeping the Keilidh's for now so may well look at that tweeter upgrade once I've upgraded to the ADSM or AEB/EBI. Hope your wife has fully recovered. Mike.
  10. Thanks TooManyCatweazles, I just had to get away from internet crap for a while! Mike.
  11. So David, am I right in thinking that the EBI comes complete with Katalyst DAC and integrated amplification? So all I would need is AEB and EBI and no further amplification unless I wanted to add something as an upgrade in the future? Mike.
  12. Interesting, thanks David. I see that the combination of ASH and EBI is not that much more expensive than the ADSM. What would I lose, if anything by omitting the ADSM? I assume that my Basik TT and TV would still take advantage of the SO inside the ASH? Mike.
  13. Thanks Paul. I do have the later 3 bar tweeters on the Keilidh's. Is that the upgrade you're taking about or is the 0/38 something else entirely? Mike.
  14. Very interesting David. My Keilidh's are currently bi-amp aktiv. So you suggest Akurate System Hub and an Akurate Exaktbox-I rather than ADSM and 4200/5125 or the like with the Keilidh's? This is something I haven't thought about. I was going to go straight to a ADSM with a power amp. I may upgrade to 242's or Akubarik in the future but I certainly wouldn't sell the Keilidh's. I don't see any upgrades beyond Akurate amplification. Would you advocate the Akurate System Hub and an Akurate Exaktbox-I being your preference? I will be able to audition prior to purchase anyway. Mike.
  15. Thanks Paul. I shall endeavour on my path towards ADSM and look forward to having a beer and a dram with you and Briain in Edinburgh soonest. Mike.