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  1. Enjoyed that. I prefer the pared down arrangements like the final track Back To Bebbi.
  2. Remember there's a family membership option with Qobuz too. Currently £25 per month in the UK or £270 per year. Up to 6 family members although you need to live at the same address. However, I'm not sure how that works. Obviously not limited to the same IP address as presumably it will operate not only over wifi or ethernet but also on mobile devices using network data too.
  3. @macfan same with me! I actually enjoyed the weeks of going through the ripping process. Finding higher quality artwork that was often offered up automatically almost became an obsession. Having the names of band correct was of upmost importance. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers could never be left as Tom Petty & The Heart Breakers for instance. However, I now mainly stream from Qobuz and rarely listen to my ripped NAS stored music anymore. The only exception being where I'm unable to find an album on Qobuz that I know I have stored locally. That's an interesting observation what you and @Nestor Turton say about your own ripped music sounding better than the Qobuz/Tidal equivalent. Have either of you done a side by side comparison of your stored CD quality (16/44.1) files with the same album streamed at high resolution (24/96 or 24/192) from Qobuz? I guess when you start comparing like for like in such a way the possibilities of different mixes or a remastering of the same album might have an influence. Mike.
  4. Please could someone who hasn't published their list yet please do so with your top 20 Bob Dylan albums? Just to keep this real.
  5. Good for you silkie! I like it how we all read these reviews on high end equipment and then decide to give it a listen and then think, actually this isn't for me. I very much look forward to reading about your future upgrade path with Linn or whatever you choose instead. You'll have a great sounding system in the end!
  6. @Phobic Fake news! I hope you're not implementing Trump like tactics on voter rigging here just to stop Mr Zimmerman being top? Which he obviously should be . Seriously though, it's been great to see the hard work you've done in turning all the votes into graphs and charts. Top trumps to you!
  7. I'm sure Linn will be able to help you with this. Even reverting back to an earlier Davaar than your current version might allow you to jump straight to the latest.
  8. @StingRay That's a good find. I haven't found a reliable way of filtering out all albums available in 24/192 on Qobuz. However, I noticed when browsing Qobuz for 24/192 music it throws up several playlists that appear to have been compiled by general subscribers that are all full of 24/192 files: The first two playlists here each run to almost 3 consecutive days of nonstop music! Although they seem to be consecutive full albums, I'm sure applying a shuffle mode would make it a lot more random.
  9. If you like Saxophone Colossus, have you tried Art Blakey's 'Moanin'' album in 192/24 from Qobuz? Or indeed Sonny's 'Way Out west' in 192/24? Amazing!
  10. But where would this forum be without Paul's tweaks?! Tweak away Paul, I insist!
  11. Certainly a smaller proportion. However, when I'm looking at the new releases on Qobuz each Friday, the selection of high resolution streams is becoming very frequent. And welcome! With all these new releases and reissues of old material, the availability of recordings in high res is surely going to become more mainstream in the future.
  12. But with a Linn DS/M, unless you route the Tidal stream through Roon, you're still only getting CD 44.1/16 quality whether it's a high res stream or not. At least with Qobuz a 96/24 stream comes through at that resolution. Regarding Qobuz, although there are still more CD quality albums than high res, certainly high resolution output is certainly becoming more prevalent.
  13. Still strange that Germany has different levels of Qobuz subscription when compared to the UK. We don't have your 1. We have a combination of your 1. and 2. at £15 per month or as @Tendaberry has pointed out, £10 per month if paid one year in advance.