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  1. A very interesting observation. It would be interesting to know if it can be made to work this way.
  2. Has anyone got any comparative conclusions on the sound benefits or differences of the 2K arrays of either the 109 or 140's in comparison to the 3K array of the 242, 212, Akudorik or Akubarik's? Is the difference between 2K and 3K significant? As a future upgrade I can't go to Akubariks but I could go to Majik 140's or Akudoriks. Mike.
  3. Please STOP with all this shit. You sound like kids in the school playground. Thanks, Mike.
  4. Excellent work Paul! I'm gobsmacked at the size of that power supply! Is it heavy too? Mike.
  5. Congratulations Zee! I take it that the upgrade to Katalyst can be done by your local dealer rather than in Scotland?
  6. @PennypackerI'm sure they'll be still some nice secondhand Akudoriks out there for you still to move in the direction you'd originally planned. Maybe your dealer will be able to offer some Akudoriks if he trades a pair in from someone? Just so we are clear, it's NOT possible to run passive Akubariks, even with two AEB-I's. The only way to power Akubariks fully Exakted would be to swap the AEB-I for an Exaktbox 10 and then get 10 channels of amplification. I think I'm going off the thought of Akubariks now! Mike.
  7. Thanks @DJK yes you are correct. Sometimes I forget that there are other manufacturers of loudspeakers that we should consider too!
  8. Maybe you're not mentioned in it. In @Johannes defence, English isn't his first language and I understand he uses a translation service. Part of the problem may be a communication issue?
  9. Thanks Paul, I can see that I'm going to have to find some speakers with the 3K array to listen to. I guess that restricts me only to Akudoriks given my AEB-I amp situation. I have listened to Akubariks once before but that was a rushed demo at a dealers with other people around. It would be nice if I could audition some in my own listening room at home. I shall ask if Loud & Clear have anything suitable for home demo or if anyone in central Scotland has some passive Akudoriks they're not currently using...I'd be happy to swap several bottles of single malt for a weekend loan? Is there significant difference between 2K and 3K arrays? Mike.
  10. I scored 81 which apparently is good but I'm not an aggressive bigmouth. Unless I've had a drink. But this is a weekday so I've not.
  11. The description of the speakers in the ad reads 'ich biete die obigen aktiven Linn-Boxen in Kombination mit dem Linn Akurate Exakt DSM an. Katalyst ist noch nicht an Bord, das müsste bei Bedarf noch nachgerüstet werden.' Which I understand to mean that there is no Katalyst in the speakers as the Exakt DSM wouldn't contain any dacs anyway.
  12. Thank you @Fallguy. That does look like an excellent bargain! Unfortunately for me it's in a different country and an upgrade to Katalyst would involve a further outlay £4,800. Yes Paul, nothing imminent! Future planning at this stage only!
  13. Thanks for the clarification Michael. I shall stop thinking about Akubariks then. Akudoriks might be an interesting listen though!