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  1. Jail, what is online purchasing like in Taiwan? Here in the UK anything purchased online generally comes with a period of grace to return something for a full refund. This is something like 14 days but can differ. Amazon's return policy is excellent but maybe Amazon are not yet in Taiwan? But they'll be coming to complete their world domination! Mike.
  2. Thank you @Bladvoc, very kind of you. I visit my beloved Leeds quite frequently to visit Elland Road. Not sure how easy it will be to get a ticket now they're in the PL! Maybe I could coincide a visit to your home on my next trip down to see a game? Mike.
  3. Thanks Nige, you have a great system and I'd love to have a listen. Are you in Newcastle or Northumberland or somewhere else in the NE? Mike.
  4. You'd be very welcome @Joerno. Edinburgh is a very nice city to visit at any time of year. Where in Germany are you? Mike.
  5. Is there no-one in central Scotland or even northern England who'd be happy to show off their Linn system to me? I know there's many on this forum located in that geographical area. I will bring single malt with me! Mike.
  6. Bill, in a Nils Frahm vein you might like A Winged Victory For The Sullen. Very nice ambient classical music with an emphasis on electronic keyboards and piano. This is one of my favourites: https://open.qobuz.com/album/ek5g7rkgiix8b
  7. Zee, I'm delighted that your first experience of Exakt was a positive one. Hopefully the home loan of the AEB 10 will answer many of your questions going forward. I would certainly keep the 242's for those tests. Hopefully the Exakt/Katalyst solution will take away their clinical and cold nature. Mike.
  8. I hope to meet you soon Jan. Either here in Edinburgh or in Munich!
  9. I always think it would be good to listen to the Linn systems owned by others here on this forum. Certainly all our different Linn hifi sounds very different in our different rooms. The only Linn systems I've heard other than mine are those fabulous ones belonging to @Billz and @Briain. I've asked other people before but nothing has come of it, but now that Covid is on its way out, is anyone willing to open their listening space for others to listen and learn? Surely it's listening to other Linn equipment which helps shape our own upgrade path. Anyone who is happy to travel to Edinbu
  10. I'm waiting for someone to recommend the Keltik. They are certainly the best Linn speaker I have listened to in my system. But I've only heard the Katan, Keilidh, and Ninka to compare them to.
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