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  1. I use a Roku stick plugged into my TV which receives Airplay for sound and vision and is quite a bit cheaper than an Apple TV box. Around £30.
  2. Thanks Tendaberry. Linn have reported back that the Keltiks weigh 52kg including the bases. That's the good news! I could possibly consider $600 USD for the Gaia 2's but the bad news is that the Gaia 1's cost £1200 USD. Twice the price! Mike.
  3. Thanks Graham, Yes, I know what you mean. The power and depth of the bass of the Keltiks continues to surprise and impress me. It was just because I already have the hardware of an Exaktbox Sub and Subwoofer that I'm interested in what's possible. Once I find some clear time I will add those to my system and compare. I'm running Exakt with a ASH and Exaktbox-I amplification so that's where the crossovers reside. I could certainly add more bass using SO as I'm currently using Space with the Linn 'out of the box' unadjusted settings for my setup and room. Out of interest Graham is the room you're using your Keltiks carpeted? Mine is and I've been using spikes through the carpet into the wooden floorboards. I'b be interested in what isolation feet such as Gaia's can offer. How are yours attached to the ground? Mike.
  4. Thanks @Tendaberry. That Canadian company does seem to offer a good saving over the UK price for the Gaia 2's. Including shipping the price comes to about £470 instead of the UK price of £600. Do you have the Gaia 2's with your Akubariks? I see in LinnDocs the Keltiks weigh 52kg, but it's not clear if that includes the bases. Gaia states the Gaia 2's are good for speakers up to 55kg so I really need to find out if the 52kg of the Keltiks includes the bases or not. Let's hope so! Mike.
  5. Many thanks Fred, a most interesting and helpful reply. Following a recent refurbishment and paint job of the Keltiks I currently don't have them on spikes which will make it easier to move them around to assess their best position. I intend to find this using the Tune Dem method and advice from @zee9. Unfortunately my floor is suspended wooden boards and my front wall is of a partition nature. I know that this isn't ideal but without moving house it'll have to do. I also have a sloping ceiling which I don't think Linn have yet addressed within SOv2. I could switch my listening room around so that the speakers are against a brick wall but that would mean that sacrifices are taken with other things such as the view from my windows that I'm not prepared to do. I live under the flight path into Edinburgh airport and I love watching the planes approaching, especially at night when it's dark. This view would be lost if I rearranged things. I obviously don't have a room as large as yours Fred. My Keltiks are 2m apart and the closest corner is 0.7m away. A Linn dealer suggested I'd get better results from placing the Keltiks on spikes through the carpet and into the floorboards rather than sitting them on spikes on top of the granite plinths I'd been using. He hasn't actually seen my room though. I might try to see if I'd benefit from the use of something like the Gaia isolation feet onto carpet instead of the spikes but their £600 price tag is daunting if their benefit ends up being negligible. Mike.
  6. But you'll need your brolly later! Blimey, those temps are far too high for me.
  7. Just for info Bill, £15 from Amazon will buy you a Chinese made CD reader that will allow you to rip any new CD's you might get. Connected by USB.
  8. Hi John, If I were to start over again, if I could rewind 5 years, I wouldn't have spent all those hours ripping music CD's. I'm perfectly happy with streaming from Qobuz. There's not much, except a few dodgy bootlegs that I have, that I can't find on Qobuz. The problem being, folk of our generation just 'need' to own stuff. Going forward that's not going to be the case. Have faith in your boys and girl and follow their lead would be my recommendation. Mike.
  9. I'm not really sure why I'm asking this question as I have the hardware to test it for myself, but I wondered what others thought first. I have an Exakt system running Keltik loudspeakers. Now, these speakers have plenty of lovely detailed Isobarik bass which I LOVE. But, should I add a subwoofer too? I have an Exaktbox Sub and a Majik 126 subwoofer from a previous system which I could add at no extra cost. My current setup consists of a ASH/AEB-I/Keltik combination. Should I add a subwoofer to get even deeper bass (if that's possible) or is that just adding more confusion into what the Keltiks are currently producing? I really don't want to add anything that might take away from the stunning bass of the Keltiks but if adding a sub might add something then I'm all up for that. I'm a real advocate for the addition of a subwoofer into any 'normal' system to achieve a fuller sound. But one that already uses Isobarik loudspeakers? What do people think? Mike.
  10. Hi Fred, How hard up against the wall works best for you? If using SO, is the Keltiks distance to the rear wall so critical? I'm interested in your findings. Mike.
  11. They do shine Chris! I have been very impressed in the few months that I've owned the Keltiks and my Akurate Exakt system. I find them very easy to listen to and have a good weight of sound that I like. I notice there's a pair of Komris currently for sale on eBay in the UK. If I was wealthier I would be very interested in them. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174878322021?hash=item28b78f6d65:g:u-AAAOSw7mdhDm4e Mike.
  12. They do shine Chris! I have been very impressed in the few months that I've owned the Keltiks and my Akurate Exakt system. I find them very easy to listen to and have a good weight of sound that I like. I notice there's a pair of Komris currently for sale on eBay in the UK. If I was wealthier I would be very interested in them. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174878322021?hash=item28b78f6d65:g:u-AAAOSw7mdhDm4e Mike.
  13. It's a most excellent review of your impassioned listening Chris. Congratulations! Mike.
  14. @wildwildWes To me this suggests you'd be happier with larger floor standing speakers. I have no other experience other than owning Linn's Keilidh, Katan, Ninka and Keltik models. To my ears the Keltiks have far more body weight and warmth than the others. Of course that's to be expected with their isobarik bass. I would imagine your current Majik 140's to be similar in presentation to the Ninka having heard the 140's at a dealer several years ago. Of course there's many other non Linn loudspeakers out there that would perhaps fit the bill too. What's the secondhand market like in Canada? Are you prepared to do a 'Zee' and try out many different possible solutions, buying and selling until you find your sweet spot? Mike.
  15. I have successfully used Deezer in the Linn app. However, I prefer to use Kazoo and Deezer is not available on that platform. I'm currently using Deezer on a free 3 month trial. Mike.
  16. Very interesting @Carl E. I'm currently using a Chord Company Shawline streaming cable between my EE 8Switch and ASH. I wouldn't normally spend £250 on such a cable but it was offered 'free' with my ASH/AEB-I purchase last year. With my EE 8Switch (also supplied 'free' with my ASH/AEB-I combo) came a Chord Company C-Stream cable which I started to use as the Exakt link between ASH and AEB-I. With Linn always stating a CAT5 or 6 ethernet cable always works best as an Exakt link, I wondered about the suitability of the Chord cable for this task as I couldn't seem to determine the CAT rating of the Chord cable. A call to my dealer who in turn contacted Chord Company reassured me that the C-Stream would be well suited for such an application. However, a meeting with a different but well respected Linn dealer in the NW of England suggested a cheap £3 standard Cat5/6 cable from Amazon would perform better than the £40 Chord C-Stream. Perhaps the Chord cable is higher specification than the CAT5/6 Linn recommends for Exakt links? I'm pleased you have found the Chord cable to be beneficial but I'm still to do a A/B comparison. Of course your Epic is top of the Chord Company range so differences between cheap standard cable would likely be greater. Mike.
  17. Maybe we should set up a @zee9 fan club? Or maybe a Zee fun club would be even better?
  18. Yes, I have the same. Big Sur on MacBook Air. I'm afraid I don't have a solution. Thankfully I can still play Warren Zevon.
  19. @wildwildWesyou have the same source and amplification as myself. Exakt makes for a revealing listen and as Zee states above opting for a revealing speaker too may be too much. I guess it depends on what style of presentation of the music you're after. Super revealing can for some be fantastic, for others fatiguing. I'm currently thoroughly enjoying the recent addition of the legacy Keltik loudspeakers to my ASH/AEB-I system. They're certainly not fatiguing to my ears and I feel as though the balance between old Linn and new Linn is just about right. I also think they are a bargain at current secondhand prices. There are several owners of Keltiks and Akurate level Exakt on this forum that seem happy. Mike.
  20. Thanks Zee, that all makes sense. It sounds like your revealing 242's with their 3K array coupled with revealing and detailed Exakt is just too much for your ears. Personally I feel as though I'm in a happy place just now with my Exakt system but perhaps not so revealing Keltiks. It's probably a good balance and is working well for me. It's certainly not fatiguing and I'm enjoying it immensely. I've enjoyed hearing about your various upgrades and experiments with different Linn gear. Maybe at some stage you'll settle for a certain setup and be content that your work is done. Until the next upgrade! Mike.
  21. Zee, without going into a 6,000 word thesis, how would you describe the main benefits of passive over Exakt in your system? Or indeed, what is it about Exakt that's not working for you? Mike.
  22. This can't be that difficult surely. Anyone have any instructions? Cheers, Mike.
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