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  1. 'troll, I too have a Basik turntable. I use mine with the lid on, but in the raised open position. Is there any benefit in using it with the lid either closed or actually removed altogether? I haven't thought to do any experimentation in that regard but remember someone saying they preferred their LP12 with no lid at all.
  2. Thanks Michael, I didn't know that the 530's utilised the isobarik bass principle too. It looks as though that was also downward firing. The same as your Akubariks.
  3. I'm thoroughly enjoying the isobarik design of my Keltiks. The depth of bass makes me smile out loud. What I'm trying to find out is why the design of Linn's original Isobarik speakers from the 70's and 80's and the Keltiks from the 1990's differ from the downward firing isobarik design of the Miso's and the current Akubarik loudspeakers. I understand the isobarik principle, being that two bass units are mounted in a sealed container and driven in parallel so as to effectively double the speaker enclosure volume and extend its bass frequency response beyond what would be possible for otherwise identical speakers. The two bass units in my Keltiks are separated by about 8 inches and create the required enclosure but still both face forward. However, reading about the Akubariks, they have two bass drive units positioned face to face in the base of the cabinet. So the bass drivers in the original Isobarik's and Keltiks face the same way whilst the bass drivers in the Akubariks (and presumably the Miso's) face one another. Why is this the case? Also, what initiated the change for Linn to decide to have the bass units firing forward into the room (Isobariks and Keltiks) but then change to a downward firing design as found in the Miso's and Akubariks? Mike.
  4. @Scootersee my post above. It appears you need to join the Beta testing programme and install Davaar 4.87.427 or similar to receive RP in Flac using airable.
  5. OK, I think I've fixed this. I've joined the Beta testing program and updated my conservatory Sneaky with version 4.87.427 and I'm now getting RP using airable Radio in full Flac 44.1/16. 1.4 Mbps. Now I just need to be brave enough to join the beta testing with my day to day DSM. Mike.
  6. Thanks Nige, yes I've checked and mine's the same version of the Linn App. BUT, I notice my System Hub is on Davaar 86 Build 421 (4.86.421). Within Konfig It all says it's up to date. Are you and @mnky running Beta versions that havent been released as yet? I see @mnkyis on 4.87.423 which isn't available to me. If so, that may explain things? Mike.
  7. Thanks for the confirmation Louis. That's all weird. I've checked again this evening and there's no Flac available for me of RP using airable. I'm in the UK with up to date firmware. I guess I'll just stick with the Flac stream URL playlist on my NAS.
  8. As suggested by my dealer I put both my boxes into standby when not in use. They get turned off completely if I go away for a few days. That hasn't happened for a couple of years! I would never consider leaving my turntable spinning if it wasn't being used. In the same way I wouldn't leave my car running overnight in the garage.
  9. I seem to be getting the same as you @Scooter. Using airable on Linn App, Radio Paradise Mellow is showing as VORBIS 44.1 kHZ 96 kbps. Main is AAC 44.1 kHZ 96 kbps and World/Etc is Vorbis 44.1 kHZ 96 kbps. So how do folk get Radio Paradise in Flac with airable? I can however, receive RP in Flac 44.1 kHz/16 bit 1.4 Mbps but only by using a custom URL playlist on my NAS. Mike.
  10. I stumbled upon this excellent 30 minute programme about musical compression on BBC Radio 4 last night. It was being rebroadcast from 6 years ago but I think many of you will find it interesting. It starts by describing the use of musical compression within a professional recording studio before talking about compression of the digital file itself. It then goes on to explain compression being used in a positive way. One of the guests believing the best recorded music comes from the 1980's. Mike. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/b06tvgp1
  11. Congratulations on your new findings Zee! I know you've generally been anti-SO in the past. I too have always had the most success with SO using the 3rd option "My speakers are in their practical locations but I am unable to determine their ideal locations". It's always been my preferred method. I seem to remember Nigel Moore having the same thoughts. I'd suggest that method comes from me trusting the Linn digital engineers more than my own ears! I currently have my SO set at the default 80-20. I have other settings saved and I do occasionally change it depending on the music being played. I find acoustic Joni Mitchell and Neil Young type music (not his Crazy Horse stuff though!) can benefit from a slide toward 70-30 but sometimes for my electronic Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack a slide even to 90-10 sounds best. I've yet to experiment with the absorption settings. Are you still with zero toe-in? Please post a recent photo Zee. (Edit: sorry I didn't see the pics initially) Mike.
  12. Zee, so I take it you're enjoying your Akubariks? And so you should. When can we expect the 6,000 word thesis? Because that's what I need to understand your preference for the Akubariks. This is possibly my next upgrade from active Keltiks, if indeed it is an upgrade. Mike.
  13. Nice. Will be interesting to see how the ADSM/3 compares to the Klimax EDSM. How long have you got the Klimax for?
  14. So, what's next Zee? Tune-dem of these beauties to find their optimum position? Followed by Space Optimisation I guess? I really hope you've found where you want to be in your Linn evolution. Excited to read your 6,000 word thesis on the matter. Mike.
  15. Those look amazing Zee! I look forward to hearing your thoughts once you've got them settled in. Yes, I agree, the console is too close in colour to the speakers. I think you'd be better with a contrast in tone. What about keeping the unit but staining or painting the wood?
  16. Is there a need to restart a NAS on a frequent basis? I haven't done that and I don't seem to be having any issues so far. If I add new music I simply do a rescan which takes a few minutes to complete. I wonder if there's any benefit from restarting the NAS daily?
  17. Blimey, thanks @Rudi64 that's worked a treat. How do you know all this sh*t?
  18. Yes, slowly getting there @Gussy. Perhaps you can help with my next issue...I see you'd asked on the MS forum about whether the maximum number of files could be increased for the 'RecentlyAdded' feature. By default this is set at 300 files but can be increased to 1000. Despite me reading Simon's notes, I can't figure how to set it from 300 to 1000 files. Simon says: The number of recently added files (audio files and playlists) saved by MinimServer is set to 300 by default. You can change this value by setting the recentAdded option of the serverOptions property. The maximum value is 1000. Could you please explain? Cheers, Mike.
  19. Fantastic! Thanks Peter, much appreciated. I've been hunting for a couple of hours on the MinimServer user guide for that info! All working well now.
  20. Thanks Peter. My problem is not knowing where to find the IndexTags in the MS directory to add those commands.
  21. @Gussyand @entdgc hoping you can help...I've just posted this on the MinimServer forum and I see you're both present there too. I've just updated my MinimServer version to 2.1 on my Synology NAS. I want to be able to see 'recently added' and 'recently played' albums when using Kazoo. I've looked through the online MS user guides but I'm having trouble finding what I'm looking for. I don't know where to input those indexes so that recently added albums show up in searches. I'm new to configuring MinimServer and have only been using it in its most basic form. I also use MinimWatch 2. Thanks for any assistance, Mike.
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