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  1. Roon says that RoonOS running on a ROCK is optimised specifically for Roon and so gives a better user experience - the cynic in me thinks it also helps to tie you in to the Roon eco system. PLEX support for music is very basic but might be fine for your requirements - I don't know. I have never used Roon but many on here rave over the additional functionality you get (things such as album cover and sleeve notes, artist histories, links to similar artists etc). I suspect you (and I) will never fully understand the true functionality of Roon until we try it.
  2. Why? Assuming NUC is running Windows (I am not familiar with NUC's) you will have a wide variety of servers to choose from including PLEX and Minimserver to mention just two. I take a different view - I want the correct tool for the job not a 'Jack of all trades but master of none'. Maybe there is a single server for both music and video that works well but I have not found it yet so I prefer to stick to Minimserver for music and PLEX for video. The overheads of running both are minimal.
  3. So long as your TV is smart AND has network file sharing capabilities AND has the correct codec functionality then you don't need PLEX. If your TV is 4K capable then it will be quite new and almost certainly be able to stream direct. I have a 55" Panasonic OLED 2019 which has network file sharing and I have done away completely with PLEX.
  4. This is totally true if all you want to do is stream them unchanged. The problem arises if you want to transcode them on the fly which is very demanding on the CPU. If you are using PLEX on your TV it will almost certainly insist on transcoding them to the lowest common video codec denominator even if your TV can support much higher video specs. Luckily I have a new TV so can avoid Plex and just stream them native to my TV which means even my humble Qnap can cope admirably.
  5. OK - but I am afraid I must still disagree. I have run an NAS with traditional disks for 10 years and have never had a single problem I could attribute to the disks - Network problems galore on and off but disk? No. I am a great promoter of SSD's used in the correct place - my desktop PC was TOTALLY rejuvenated by adding one and my 2012 MacBook Pro is still very fast. But unless I had money to burn I would not use them in an NAS unless I had a specific need for speed.
  6. SSD's are faster and quieter and much more expensive per GB. For music streaming you do not need speed - the data flow is very low - and unless you have the NAS in your listening room being quieter is not important. Not sure what you are referring to by the term quality - if it is sound quality I remain sceptical. I am not a Roon user but you are right that Roon recommend using an SSD to host their core but the rest of the storage could be standard drives. My QNAP NAS is , apparently, just about powerful enough to run Roon and I have a USB SSD so have always planned to try it out but TBH I don't see the point of it FOR ME. If I listen to music I listen and don't want to browse covers etc. I am sure I will try it in the future and may change mind but for now I am happy to listen to my QNAP, Minimserver and Kazoo/Linn App. Minimserver is the best server I have tried. It is flexible and configurable (although not the most user friendly for advanced setup). Kazoo is basic, rigid and resource hungry.
  7. Really? I accept that most people on here are positive of Linn and may have rose tinted glasses but we are not blind to Linns deficiencies - have you read threads on the Linn app and Kazoo?
  8. And if you are desperate there is always the Linn server but that is a definite step down from even the free Minimserver...
  9. The change in structure to Minimserver was mentioned and discussed at length on here so I am surprised you weren't aware. Even though I am a tight git I am happy (well willing at least ) to pay for Minimserver. Having developed software in the past I am surprised at how many people still think that because "its only software" it should be free. Minimserver is still free with some minor restrictions, which probably wont affect you. So have a look on the Minimserver site and also join their forum - it is a very useful resource.
  10. First a gentle introduction. Enya-Watermark,.. Then on to a bit of Progressive Rock
  11. Thanks to all who answered the original question. I have passed on the information to my friend as a starting point. We were both very surprised at the information in @sunbeamgls post - it seems the mid does a lot of work on the Keltiks! We will see how these values work out in practice. Thanks again.
  12. Hi to the Collective, Bit of an obscure question. Does anyone know what the crossover frequencies or response curves are for Keltiks. A friend has just bought a pair and wants to experiment with a variable external crossover. So looking for a good starting point. Disclaimer - I know nothing of electronic design but he does.... Thanks
  13. Some recent listening... Inspired by a BBC4 documentary - brilliant tunes. Taylor Swift - Folklore surprise album of the year for me. Beck - Sea Change
  14. Akurate amps seem to have this problem. Both my Akurate 4200's went the same way but mine deteriorated rather than just failing. Application of heat (hairdryer) to the PSU would always kick them back into life.