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  1. I had missed this announcement - this missing feature was the main reason I have not been using it so I will give it a more extensive look. My App is up to date but I can't find this setting anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction please. UPDATE: Sorry there was an unflaged update available and the dark mode setting is now available. Panic over!
  2. Haven't had much time for a proper listening session of late so making up for it tonight.... Followed by Aventine by Agnes Obel. If you are in the UK and are watching the BBC drama Vigil this album provided the theme tune.
  3. Possibly true for NEW customers but how many upgrades have been sold as a direct response to forum feedback. I have made several. I have always auditioned first but the initial impetus came from knowledge and awareness gained from the old Linn forum and (much less so) from this forum.
  4. Since our houses are full of electicity I think it is a pretty fair assumption....
  5. My first vinyl was 'Band on the Run' when I was but a early teenager with a really cr*p turntable. My vinyl collection is all in the loft but I doubt I stil have it today and if I have it will be unplayably scratched.
  6. Use your impatience to order a new router from your ISP (FOC I would hope) and it should arrive in the post the next day. Replace the router and you will see immediately if the AEDSM is functional - I suspect it will be as it is looking for an IP address.
  7. Chris, Since you enjoy album details and it looks like you are going digital are you aware of ROON? It is not for me but many on here love it as (if I understand correctly) it gives you the sort of immersion you are seeking to replace your album covers. Like you I always used to listen to full albums but since streaming allows you develop your own playlist I have had a dabble and have come to enjoy the occasional playlist - I still mostly listen to full albums but would suggest you dont totally discount the idea of playlists. Dave
  8. Great write up. Your French passion is in no way hindered by your English language. I'm off to find some of the albums you mentioned...
  9. Chasing the Monsoon - No Ordinary World "Chasing The Monsoon is a collaborative music project fusing powerful rhythmic elements and ambient, experimental soundscapes with progressive rock, Celtic and world music influences." I would describe it as Prog light - and very nice it is too. Not jaw dropping but very pleasant.
  10. As @Moomintroll says the remixes are good - I dont use vinyl so cant comment on the quality of the pressing. I certainly wouldnt pay $800 for the box set!
  11. Some recent shorter listens... Beach House - Bloom Matt Berninger - Serpentine Prison Paul Weller
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