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  1. I am not familiar with Select but you normally do this through the Konfig app (available on the Linn website https://www.linn.co.uk/uk/support/software-apps) on PC or MacBook in your case.
  2. Almost certainly not. He was at pains to point out 'I know nothing'... Unless that was a double bluff.
  3. Spoke to my dealer today and he expressed his totally PERSONAL opinion (Linn dealers are not told of future plans to avoid compromising their integrity with customers) that he would be surprised if Akurate stayed around much longer. So the future would be Majik > Select > Klimax (x2?). I am not sure I agree with him. If you look at the current pricing there is a nice flow to the increasing products in the range. I can see a new Organik Akurate, probably with new casing to keep the new Linn aesthetic, replacing the Akurate and Original Klimax.
  4. As TooManyCatweazles says the space in the Klimax box might be restrictive but the Akurate should give plenty of scope so might be better keeping your ADSM but let your ears be the judge....
  5. This is a very useful feature I have been using for a while. It also adds the functionality to add pictures using the title of each browsing branch - so you can for example add an "Artist.jpg" file of your choice and get a nice home screen....see this thread.
  6. That is true and is one of the reasons I have never considered using the new Linn App.
  7. I received a firmware update last night along with updates to certain apps implicated in this so worth checking your systems for updates guys...
  8. I am not an IOS user so probably should not comment but... I think this demonstrates Linn's much reported poor support for control point software (though I have documented many times that personally I find Kazoo absolutely fine for my needs). New IOS versions are in the works for months and developers can download and test them with their software to ensure they work as expected. So unless something has changed between the 'Golden' version of this IOS release and the customer release why do Linn wait till now to look for a solution? And this is far from the first time that Linn have been
  9. Many of us use Minimserver as our server of choice. In a recent update the ability to add icons to the different navigation branches has been added. Has anyone else done this? Are you willing to share? Here is my starter for ten...
  10. If it is the same as mine then you can change the setting in Menu > Sound > SPDIF Selection. Mine is set to Dolby Audio (but I don't connect to Linn) but there is a PCM option. @zephyr worth checking this.
  11. Well this is amazing. I love this album (Hounds of Love) and have had it for years originally on vinyl and later CD. I must have listened to it 100's of times. I have only just noticed there are two dogs on the cover and they are Weimeranners which have been our family's dog of choice for years! That explains why I cant understand people raving on about Roon and the extra info you get - I just want Kazoo to play an album and listen to the music! If anyone doe not yet have these albums they should be considered essential listening. And if anyone already knows them and loves them you should
  12. I'm not going to be much help to you but wanted to congratulate you on your choice of TV. I have a 55" Pana oled and think it is brilliant. J run my sound through hdmi to a Sonos Beam (also excellent). The only Suggestion I can make is to be aware that not all hdmi ports on the Pano are the same. Only one is arc compliant which I doubt you would need in this case. So as others have suggested try a different HDMI port on the Pano.
  13. That is why I gave up on vinyl. Yes with the right record it most definitely can be done but with the other 99% you have to suffer through the pain...
  14. Doesn't the quality of the original recording and Vinyl pressing have some bearing on this? I had a brief foray into an LP12 a couple of years back and during that time came to the decision that some recordings sounded better on vinyl (mostly older originals) whereas some sound better on digital. Maybe I am not discerning enough, but to me, when you get to the level of reproduction most of our systems are capable of, the original recording is the weak point in the system....
  15. Great album. I was actually listening to the Steven Wilson remix version - original vinyl to latest remix and still sounding fantastic.
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