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  1. Unfortunately wouldn't help me as I suffer the perils of a joint bank account....
  2. Just to confuse things even more there was a similar process when the Klimax DS was upgraded even further so you can get a Renew with the DS/1 board in it - which I have. I seem to remember the upgrade to /1 was related to laying out the MoBo differently to keep both channels physically separated (or was that the KK/1???). If you are getting into the Klimax range of DS's then the Renew DS/1 is the best bang for buck - but remember you cannot upgrade a Renew.
  3. I think you mean 'OFF' - now that really drives me nuts! I will let you off for not spelling centre the 'correct' way. I'll get my coat.... PS I agree with you about the TV - would drive me nuts too!
  4. Making use of the new Recently Played option in Minimserver to post to this forum.... Sting - The Bridge Freedom To Glide - Seed Freedom To Glide - Rain U2 - Songs of Experience Fleet Foxes - A Very Lonely Solstice Madonna - Something To Remember Elbow - Build a Rocket Boys Elbow The Seldom Seen Kid
  5. OK so lots of positive noises. So why, apart from potential positioning problems, don't more people use them?
  6. A friend has just picked up a pair of Quad Electrostatic speakers ESL 63's and he is raving about them. I asked him about bass and he said its not bad at all - I had always heard that bass was minimal. I have never heard a pair of electrostatics (and since he lives 300 miles away I won't hear his any time soon) but know they have quite a following. Anyone have any experience that they would like to comment on? If they are that good why don't you (I) hear more of them?
  7. This is completely my own thoughts and is not based on any kind of known facts. I think the individual material/construction absorption values are a way of balancing the variation of materials in the room whereas the slider affects all the absorptions equally. So if your room was all the same material/construction then adjusting that absorption and varying the slider would have the same effect. The 'trouble' with adjusting SO is there are many interacting variables. SO1's visual feedback helps understand what is going on as does the spreadsheet some of us helped developed to visualise SO2.
  8. Yes but that is only on SO1. IMHO that is a major omission from SO2 at least in terms of ease of use. I suspect Linn would argue that a similar effect can be achieved by different methods in SO2 (but I don't know how). There is something to be said for a nice easy user interface....
  9. This from a quiz on the BBC News website... More than five million vinyl records were sold in the UK for the first time since 1991, with Abba's Voyage and Adele's 30 the two biggest-selling albums. But which sold the third most? It was Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, originally pressed in 1977. It pushed Ed Sheeran's =, released in October, into fourth place. Abba's first new material in nearly 40 years helped Voyage become the fastest-selling vinyl LP this century, shipping nearly 30,000 copies, according to industry body, the BPI. It said cassettes were also enjoying a continued revival, with about 190,000 sold during a ninth consecutive year of growth in sales. Surprising on two fronts - Adele wasn't first and there is enough people out there who don't already own Rumours to get it into 3rd place!
  10. Madge at her best... Elbow at their second best (but still gets a 10 from me). PS there first IMHO is "The Seldom Seen Kid"
  11. Unfortunately I suspect in your case the problem is Katalyst (or lack of it). I am looking for a KDS but want one with Katalyst or stupidly cheap so I could afford to have it upgraded. But then again I am famously a tight a**e!
  12. Many records of that era were mixed for vinyl and as such will never sound better (not sure of the technical reasons why they can't remix to the same effect). I am envious of those who have an LP12 to hear the originals - I got rid of mine because I had hardly any original vinyl and I couldn't put up with the clicks, pops and crackles that are a part of vinyl life.
  13. I am no network expert but I suspect that even though the NAS and DS are connected to the repeater in diagram 1 the data always flows through the Router so effectively the data flow is in both directions over the wifi connection which might explain the why diagram 2 is better. Not a solution I know but may help in understanding - or then I could be completely wrong! Are there any wifi settings on the repeater?
  14. Thanks Jarvis. From reading that thread I suspect I will not get my perfect solution...but hey ho....
  15. I have my own regime for recently added (I add a date tag to all new albums) but the recently played will be useful. I would prefer if pressing this button took you straight to Show all > album page. Does anyone know if this is possible in MS? thanks
  16. Do you have Minimwatch - if you do go to Properties and IndexTags is about half way down the first page. Just add *RecentlyPlayed and/or added to this line (separated with a comma). Rescan. You should see these options on the root of your browse tree (but you have to play something first to see RecentlyPlayed. EDIT : Sorry - late to the party....
  17. I updated my QNAP manually last night after asking Simon about automatic QNAP updates. Just on another note for MAC OS users of Minimwatch I had to upgrade my version of Java for it to run correctly even though it was apparently up to date... See this section for details of how to install the correct version.
  18. Ninkas are Linns best kept secret. There has been some good advice on here which I would agree with. I have had Klouts (4xdriving Keltiks) and they were good but overall I would say their sound is a little coloured and since they seem to be so sought after their price vs performance is astonishing. They are getting long in the tooth so may well need repairs in the future. More modern amps would be a better bet in my opinion. Klimax Twin would be great or even an Akurate amp (or two). I changed my Klouts for 2xAK4200 and was well pleased with the results.
  19. I appreciate his role in promoting new music but I am not very knowledgeable about him/his shows so apologies if this is a very newbie question (actually that's what I am) but why is it called The Perfumed Garden?
  20. Yes fully aware of that. So I have been keeping an eye on prices of KDS/1 with a view to a future upgrade or a KDS/3 already with Katalyst and at the moment a KDS/3 to replace the Renew looks like the best price point.
  21. Of course any can wait! But do I want to? I am very aware that Organik is in another price bracket and us tight ass pensioners may well be priced out of the market so doubt there is any point waiting.
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