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  1. While I have never tried the Bonn N8, I do own a Melco S100 switch and it made an improvement in SQ versus the Cisco switch it replaced (I don't remember which one I had in the system). And when I replaced the stock power supply with a Farad Super3, it really improved the dynamics of my system and I believe the noise floor was reduced because I was hearing details in familiar music that I hadn't heard before. I liked the impact of the Super3 so much, that I replaced all of the SMPS in my system with these and, while not as big of an improvement as the switch and power supply made, it improved things further. And, while I thought I probably went a bit over the top after that and had Pink Faun do their clock modification on it which involved replacing the standard clock with their Ultra OCXO clock (which has it's own dedicated Super3), replacing all internal wiring, removing all internal connectors and soldering everything. However, when I got it back, the difference was quite big, think of air, staging, much more depth, and inky black background. Granted, I didn't have a stock S100 around to compare to, but I'm very happy I had it upgraded. The S100 does have two optical LAN connections on it and I have connected my NGKDSM to it using fiber. To be honest, the difference wasn't night & day - it might be because I was using a Shunyata Sigma ethernet cable previously. I'm going to switch back to the Shunyata cable in the coming days to see if there is a difference. Chris
  2. As Nestor pointed out above, PS Audio's DirectStream DAC uses a FPGA instead of an off-the-shelf DAC and they have apparently solved the "noisiness" issue without using expensive machining - there is nothing special about its casework and it only weighs about 22 pounds. FWIW, they send out firmware updates about every 6 months that are focused on improving the sound. This DAC has been around for about 5 years and, due to the software updates, still competes very well with newer designs. It will be interesting to see how Linn approaches the firmware updates going forward because Linn has typically stated that Davaar updates don't impact sound at all, yet I can remember the debates on the old Linn Forum about which Davaar version sounded best which had a lot of people rolling back to earlier versions because it sounded better, despite Linn saying there was no impact on SQ.
  3. Well, we don't exaktly know how this blind test was conducted, so there's that. That said, even if it was conducted perfectly, if the AV variant sounds so less organik than the music variant, I find it hard to believe that Linn would release it into the wild.
  4. FWIW, when I ordered my NGKDSM A/V, I asked about the music only variant. The dealer said that the only reason Linn is making this version is for the Japan, Asia region since they won't buy something with HDMI. This is also why the KDS was reintroduced after being "retired" and only the KDSM being offered. My dealer said that, according to Linn, there is no SQ difference between the two. But, he did say that the forums would say there is!
  5. Back in 2010 when I was looking for speakers, I auditioned Wilson Sabrina IIIs in my room. While I don't remember what I had for electronics at the time, I know that I didn't have tubes anywhere in the chain (in most reviews I've seen of Wilsons since, they tend to be reviewed with tubes somewhere in the system). The dealer brought them over and set them up and, despite numerous attempts, I could not get them to sound good in my room. I had a couple of experienced audiophile friends over to listen to them too and we all agreed that they sounded terrible. Maybe if I'd had plants in my room, instead of professionally installed sound treatment, they would have sounded great
  6. FWIW, when I ordered my black NGKDSM A/V on April 13th, Linn was saying it would take 10-12 weeks. I received it on June 18th, so just under 10 weeks. It was worth the wait!
  7. While it's true that the KDSM/2 and KDS/3's outputs (balanced & unbalanced) went through the Lundahl transformer (which is why you couldn't use both outputs at the same time), when developing the NGKDSM, they found that there was lower distortion on the balanced outputs not using a transformer, so there's no transformer on the balanced outputs and only the RCA outputs have an optional transformer in the signal path.
  8. I posted this in another thread - here's Benchmark's take on the balanced vs unbalanced cable debate (TL;DR - Balanced is better) https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/application_notes/balanced-vs-unbalanced-analog-interfaces ChrisG
  9. I sent a note to Linn support and was told that the XLR outputs are direct connected, only the RCA outputs run through the transformers (with the option to turn this on/off).
  10. This is a good article on balanced vs unbalanced connections https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/application_notes/balanced-vs-unbalanced-analog-interfaces
  11. Per the comments from Linn support, it is apparently breaking the ground connection between the DAC/preamp and the amp(s) to eliminate ground noise. While not said, if it also increases the unbalanced output signal to match the balanced output, I would like to think that Linn support would have mentioned that. As I said above, I already have passive transformers for both my L&R and subs b/c I was having problems with a ground loop in my old house (see #7 on the linked page). I use these http://www.empiricalaudio.com/products/final-drive and they can also convert the unbalanced signal to a balanced signal as well as increase the signal by 6db. Consequently, I won't be turning the transformer on in the KDSM. ChrisG
  12. Below is what I heard from my dealer this morning. Since I already have some pretty expensive transformers in line for this very purpose, I probably won't need it turned on. Here is Linn’s explanation on the RCA Output Transformer option: The audio transformer is there to electrically isolate the Klimax DSM from the connected amplifier. The transformer can help to eliminate ground noise in some situations. Some people prefer the sound with this transformer enabled, some with it disabled, so we have provided the option. We have no opinion on which sounds better as it will vary from one system to another, and from one listener to another.
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