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  1. Soon to be at least 21, dealer told me on Wednesday that mine has been shipped and is enroute to them.
  2. If you can't figure it out through device settings, then I'd post a question on the support page on the Roon forum, they are very good at responding.
  3. I have a N10 and a S100 switch. The S100 made a bigger impact than the N10. In fact, Melco recommends going from the switch to the streamer instead of from the N10 (or other Melco servers) to the streamer. Chris
  4. I wonder the same - my order for a black KDSM A/V went in on 4/20 and on the Linn FB page, a guy in the UK placed his order 2 days after my order went in and received his black KDSM music variant on 5/20. When I asked my dealer about the wait time prior to learning about this, Linn told my dealer that it would take 8-12 weeks, but this guy got his in 4 weeks and our orders were essentially placed at the same time. Assuming that Linn has the appropriate casework for both models in house, I certainly would have thought mine would have shown up around the same time. I don't know
  5. I happened to look into doing something about this earlier this year now that we are in our new house. In our case, it was more about keeping sound in the house b/c our living room has the HT and a lot of windows and, well, it gets loud at times and we want to be good neighbors. Ultimately, we decided not to anything, at least not now. I "may" do something in my 2-channel room, but not the living room and would probably do the inserts that are linked to below, it is much cheaper than replacement windows. But I did learn a thing or two about this - While I don't know about elsewhere,
  6. I have a Melco S100 and have this on order https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/products/opticalmodule?variant=16612633837602 and will be inserting it between my router and the S100 and will then use copper to either my KDSM/2 or NGKDSM if I get it in the next couple of weeks (I can't find it now, but this is how Melco recommends using optical - fiber to the switch, copper from the 100M outputs to the streamer). I'll provide some feedback once it is all set up.
  7. Assuming you have the Melco S100, have you tried running optical to the switch and then copper to the KDSM?
  8. The reason they offer both is because audiophiles in Asian countries won't buy audio products with HDMI capability. That's why Linn brought back the KDS.
  9. Has your website been updated? I get an error that the content from your link doesn't exist.
  10. Me too - chose the bitchin black version. Side note - my dealer ordered two in silver as demos based upon what people ordered with the previous version. In hindsight, they're questioning this because more customers want the black version. Chris
  11. As Linn owners, I assume that most (if not all) of us don't listen to MQA files...at least not knowingly. The reason I say "knowingly" is if you subscribe to Tidal, they are replacing more and more hi-res and Redbook content with MQA encoded files - and it appears that the "Redbook MQA" files are not labeled as MQA, so they are forcing MQA on users when they expect PCM. In addition to this, the primary issues most people have with MQA is that it is lossy, it changes the sound of the originally released files & it is not the same as the master it was created from, it increases costs fo
  12. Based upon used prices of audio equipment, it is definitely not an investment which is why I usually try to buy the current versions of products on the used market or a demo if I can fine one. I try to buy products that can be upgraded to the latest models, like the Linn DS and Solos that I used to own and the KDSM/2 that I currently own.
  13. Damn, bad lighting and I don't speak/read German! Sorry, they looked black on my phone. Quick look at hifishark.com shows a few black KDSMs though...
  14. My KDSM/2 is black (bought used) and Solos and Twins are also available in black. Just have to be patient if you're in the market for used equipment. EDIT: or maybe you don't need to be patient - someone is selling their black KDSM and Solos on eBay right now https://www.ebay.com/itm/Linn-Klimax-DSM-2-1-Paar-Linn-Klimax-500-Solo-mit-Dynamik-/224431075865?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  15. I've been able to work this strategy with my audio equipment. New bikes, not so much!
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