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  1. While it's true that the KDSM/2 and KDS/3's outputs (balanced & unbalanced) went through the Lundahl transformer (which is why you couldn't use both outputs at the same time), when developing the NGKDSM, they found that there was lower distortion on the balanced outputs not using a transformer, so there's no transformer on the balanced outputs and only the RCA outputs have an optional transformer in the signal path.
  2. I posted this in another thread - here's Benchmark's take on the balanced vs unbalanced cable debate (TL;DR - Balanced is better) https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/application_notes/balanced-vs-unbalanced-analog-interfaces ChrisG
  3. I sent a note to Linn support and was told that the XLR outputs are direct connected, only the RCA outputs run through the transformers (with the option to turn this on/off).
  4. This is a good article on balanced vs unbalanced connections https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/application_notes/balanced-vs-unbalanced-analog-interfaces
  5. Per the comments from Linn support, it is apparently breaking the ground connection between the DAC/preamp and the amp(s) to eliminate ground noise. While not said, if it also increases the unbalanced output signal to match the balanced output, I would like to think that Linn support would have mentioned that. As I said above, I already have passive transformers for both my L&R and subs b/c I was having problems with a ground loop in my old house (see #7 on the linked page). I use these http://www.empiricalaudio.com/products/final-drive and they can also convert the unbalanced signal to a balanced signal as well as increase the signal by 6db. Consequently, I won't be turning the transformer on in the KDSM. ChrisG
  6. Below is what I heard from my dealer this morning. Since I already have some pretty expensive transformers in line for this very purpose, I probably won't need it turned on. Here is Linn’s explanation on the RCA Output Transformer option: The audio transformer is there to electrically isolate the Klimax DSM from the connected amplifier. The transformer can help to eliminate ground noise in some situations. Some people prefer the sound with this transformer enabled, some with it disabled, so we have provided the option. We have no opinion on which sounds better as it will vary from one system to another, and from one listener to another.
  7. My plan is to use both balanced and unbalanced which is why I am asking.
  8. Hooking up my new KDSM AV and want to connect my subs to the unbalanced outputs. The unbalanced outputs have a transformer and in Daavar there is an option to turn the transformer on/off. Default is "off". Am I correct that I would want to turn the transformer "on"? There's no guidance in Linn Docs. Thanks! Chris
  9. While I agree with you that you don't want a NAS in your listening room if it is fan cooled (an alternative is the Melco line of servers/NAS), there is nothing wrong with long runs of Ethernet cables to a switch in your listening room. I do recommend having a switch between your router/modem and your audio equipment (streamer, server, etc.). And, while some folks will dispute this (usually without ever trying one), there is an audible difference between some of the dedicated audio switches and those that are available on the general market. While not cheap, I can wholeheartedly recommend Melco's S100 switch as a worthwhile investment. If in doubt, see if you can test drive a switch before you buy it so you can hear for yourself. Chris
  10. Soon to be at least 21, dealer told me on Wednesday that mine has been shipped and is enroute to them.
  11. If you can't figure it out through device settings, then I'd post a question on the support page on the Roon forum, they are very good at responding.
  12. I have a N10 and a S100 switch. The S100 made a bigger impact than the N10. In fact, Melco recommends going from the switch to the streamer instead of from the N10 (or other Melco servers) to the streamer. Chris
  13. I wonder the same - my order for a black KDSM A/V went in on 4/20 and on the Linn FB page, a guy in the UK placed his order 2 days after my order went in and received his black KDSM music variant on 5/20. When I asked my dealer about the wait time prior to learning about this, Linn told my dealer that it would take 8-12 weeks, but this guy got his in 4 weeks and our orders were essentially placed at the same time. Assuming that Linn has the appropriate casework for both models in house, I certainly would have thought mine would have shown up around the same time. I don't know what the reason is, but if they are giving favored dealers priority instead of filling orders based upon when they were placed, from a customer perspective, that's not cool. Chris
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