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  1. I also wonder which are the Exakt's advantages with SO turned-off? M.
  2. I know a couple of guys that still prefer Valhalla and Hercules to any Lingo M.
  3. I meant that Lingo 3 had a better VfM then the Radikal (I never heard the Lingo 4) IMHO (and now even more, if you can find one s/h for 800 €). This is especially true for a Majik LP12 owner with a narrow budget. M.
  4. I spent a lot of money in (esoteric) headphones and amp (especially tubes) and currently own a lot of (budget) closed headphones. Casually (I needed isolation for environmental reasons), some years ago I found that I love this kind of cans ... cheap and fun. My suggestions are to try (if you can): - AKG K52/K72/K92/K550 - Audio Technica M50X - Shure SRH840 - BeyerDynamic DT 770 PRO (80 ohm) IMHO the AK/1’s headphones out with an AKG K92 (45 €) is enough for 90% of people. M.
  5. Never heard the Lingo 4, but as an Akurate Radikal owner coming from the Lingo 3, IMHO the latter had a better VfM. M.
  6. My target is to improve SQ reducing box count ... Exakt has 2 cons: no headphones and 3 pairs of speakers cables ... M.
  7. Thanks Øyvind I I have an open mind but I must admit being a bit sceptical regarding the LP12 analogue-digital-analogue conversion. I'm also not a huge fan of SO (having owned a KRDS/0 a few years ago, I widely preferred SO turned-off). M.
  8. Same thoughts for me. Fortunately or not, the Karousel is not available at the moment here in Italy. M.
  9. Thanks Solanum I forgot to mention that LP12 in my main source and I'm interested to know if the LP12 is better via the AK/1 vs. ADSM/3. As you said, the problem is also if the power amp of the AE-i is better or worse than the A2200. I suspect that very few people did these comparisons. M.
  10. Hi I’m going to have a demo in June of the ADSM/3 vs. my AK/1 as a pre with the A2200. I can have it new for a good price, including the trade-in of my current pre (and also hoping for the Karousel promotion to came to Italy soon). During this infamous lockdown I read a lot of comment on the DVC of the DSM, but I never found a comparison of the ADSM/3 pre vs. AK/1. in January I had a demo of Exakt (new series 3 vs. 520) but wasn’t impressed (both do not have Katalyst though). I wonder which is the difference between a passive system with a DVC (ADSM/3 - A2200 - M109) and a fully exakt system (ASH - AExaktbox-i - M109), apart that the second is less expensive. M.
  11. Do not remember where, but I read that a refresh of the Majik range is expected for 2021. M.
  12. 1 year of Qobuz is 199.99 € 4 years of Qobuz are 800 € Krystal is 1,600 €
  13. Never heard the Entity, can’t speak for it. BTW, a year ago, when I was waiting for the 6 to 7 upgrade of my Slipsik, I used the AK/1 MM board for a while and it is really good. M.