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  1. You are not alone. I spent more than a new NGKDSM in Linn products over the years. After swithcing to Qobuz from Tidal, I noticed that, with both the Kazoo and Linn (iOS) apps, I cannot organize my favorite Qobuz albums for artists (they are shown only for the latest additions). This is quite annoying. In addition, the search functionality of the apps not only searches in my favorite albums, but in the entire Qobuz catalog. This is almost useless. I asked Linn many times during the last year to solve this Qobuz issues and their answer was always the same: "I can advise
  2. It seems to be a long-time error with Linn streamers M.
  3. Your 6100 seems also having smaller upper grills than most recent version of M6100:
  4. Uhm Have you tried to swap the MDSM with the 6100 in the racks? In my system, I noticed that, while the A2200 is always cold, the ADSM/3 runs very hot. Maybe, in your case, the warm of the MDSM could affect the 6100 from below. M.
  5. Hi Great system and superb view! Have you finally solved the fans issue? M.
  6. Yes, the ADSM Kat is a great piece of kit! Enjoy it! And please, do a favor to yourself ... try it with SO off! M.
  7. You are lucky: 1 dealer for 5 million people! We have 6 dealers for 60 million ...
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