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  1. I’m not a huge fan of the Keel; for me it sounds a bit metallic
  2. Yes Finally they solved the favourites sorting problem with Qobuz and Tidal.
  3. Despite the negative comments on the old Linn forum, I listened to the 212s with the bass aktiv … superb the amp was a 4200 I’m not a fan of the subs though. M.
  4. I wrote about this issue several times on this forum (see for example: Linn became a joke. M.
  5. I really do not know I still have to update davaar and do some tests
  6. If I understood correctly, with Airable you can use Qobuz on a Linn DSM, bypassing the nightmare Linn app. I wonder if this alternative way is more musical than the standard one. M.
  7. From my personal experience, M109 are a superb speakers with an astonishing Vfm, even better with the modified woofers. I prefer them aktiv with M6100 than passive with A2200 though. M.
  8. I don't know if this can help. With my ADSM/3 - M6100 - M109 Aktiv, I found that the optimal volume range is 48-54 (it depends on the record). 42-46 is ok but less musical. M.
  9. While still waiting for Spotify Hi-Fi, I wonder if anyone has recently compared Qobuz vs. Deezer on a Kat DSM? M.
  10. Will they finally have solved the infamous Radikal / Trampolin problem? M.
  11. I also received an e-mail from Qobuz last Saturday. The reduction in Italy will be from 179.99 € to 149.99 € (12.49 € month) for an annual pre-paid subscription. Is Spotify Hi-Fi finally arriving? M.
  12. What speakers cable do you use? I do not find the ADSM Kat bright (Silvers/K400). Maybe some burn-in time could help. M.
  13. You forgot to mention (in the hierarchy) the vinyl in the first positions: bad record = bad sound, apart from the rest
  14. Luckily I listen 90% ore more to the LP12, so the Qobuz issue affects me not that much. Linn’s behavior is quite disturbing though. M.
  15. You are not alone. I spent more than a new NGKDSM in Linn products over the years. After swithcing to Qobuz from Tidal, I noticed that, with both the Kazoo and Linn (iOS) apps, I cannot organize my favorite Qobuz albums for artists (they are shown only for the latest additions). This is quite annoying. In addition, the search functionality of the apps not only searches in my favorite albums, but in the entire Qobuz catalog. This is almost useless. I asked Linn many times during the last year to solve this Qobuz issues and their answer was always the same: "I can advise that there has not been any progress on these issues as yet. As advised previously, these are classed as low priority". Frankly, I find that insulting.
  16. It seems to be a long-time error with Linn streamers M.
  17. Your 6100 seems also having smaller upper grills than most recent version of M6100:
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