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  1. Led Zeppelin II - Led Zeppelin. Vinyl (listened to both my original and the 2014 remaster). Does music get any better?
  2. Blow Up - Isao Suzuki Trio Quartet. Vinyl. So good.
  3. A.M. - Wilco. Vinyl. Excellent first album.
  4. Phantasm - John Ward - Consort music for five and six viols. FLAC. Delightfully played.
  5. Graffiti Crimes - Mi-Sex. Vinyl. Excellent bit of Rock / New Wave from NZ back in '79.
  6. Paul Simon - Paul Simon. FLAC. I'm always floored by the brilliance of Paul Simon's songwriting.
  7. Get Yer Ya Ya's Out - The Rolling Stones. I'm not a great fan of live albums, but this is a good 'un.
  8. An album I love. Is the anniversary version worth the money?
  9. Man - Neneh Cherry. FLAC. Takes me back to good times in North London.
  10. Born In The U.S.A. - Bruce Springsteen. Vinyl. Resisted buying this for years (despite being a Springsteen fan) because I fell into the trap of thinking it was jingoistic. It's not. It's truly excellent.
  11. Pilgrimage - Wishbone Ash. Vinyl. Love this album.
  12. Sleaford Mods - Sleaford Mods. Vinyl EP. Excellent angry look at contemporary social issues.
  13. Grace - Jeff Buckley. Vinyl. An almost perfect record.
  14. Lionheart - Kate Bush. Vinyl. Not Ms Bush's best.
  15. Vibraciones del Alma - Maximiliano Martin. FLAC (download from Linn Records). Must be nice. I feel asleep!