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  1. Fight For Your Mind - Ben Harper. FLAC. Wonderful.
  2. Traditional Techniques - Stephen Malkmus. FLAC.
  3. Decksanddrumsandrockandroll - Propellerheads. FLAC.
  4. Persist with the Concerto! Some lovely passages!
  5. I listened to it again through headphones and enjoyed it even more than the prior listen. Perhaps its growing on me after all these years. And perhaps it is one of those albums (rare in my view) better listened to through headphones!
  6. Pornography - The Cure. Vinyl. Always a challenge for me. I am never quite sure if Robert Smith is whingeing or whether he really does have something to say. But, having said that, I got more out of it today than usual.
  7. Agree. A very very sad day for m the day Jon Lord died.
  8. Machine Head - Deep Purple. Vinyl. I'm not sure there is much in music that I love more than than Mk II DP.
  9. Popular To Contrary Belief - Robin and Barry Dransfield. Vinyl. Makes me yearn for a pint and a fire blazing in a cosy pub.
  10. There Will Be No Intermission - Amanda Palmer. FLAC. Raw stuff. The live show of this just pre COVID was pretty extraordinary. Almost 4 hours, but not a wasted or flat moment.
  11. The Book of Traps and Lessons - Kate Tempest. Vinyl. This really taps into the soul. Brilliant.
  12. Communiqué - Dire Straits. Vinyl. Pure joy.
  13. The Surfing Magazines - The Surfing Magazines. WAV from Bandcamp. Most enjoyable (contrary to the Allmusic review).
  14. Boston, Mass - The Del Fuegos. Vinyl. A blast from the past. I thoroughly enjoy that mid 80s Mitchell Froom sound.
  15. It Don't Bother Me - Bert Jansch. Vinyl. Outstanding guitar playing, but (despite all the Bert I own) I've never really come to grips with his voice!
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