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  1. It Don't Bother Me - Bert Jansch. Vinyl. Outstanding guitar playing, but (despite all the Bert I own) I've never really come to grips with his voice!
  2. Night of the Wolverine - Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes. FLAC. So cool. So excellent.
  3. And in celebration of yesterday's wonderful win...
  4. The Longest River - Olivia Chaney. FLAC. So wonderful.
  5. Triple J Hottest 100 - Vol 15 (2008). ALAC. Not a bad year.
  6. Stationary Traveller - Camel. Vinyl. My only Camel record and, I must admit, it leaves me cold. I must try some earlier stuff given there are fair few fans of it on here...
  7. The Lexicon of Love - ABC. AAC. Stands the test of time.
  8. If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules - Budgie. Vinyl. I never understand why the reviews of this are so lukewarm. I've always really enjoyed it.
  9. Western Stars - Bruce Springsteen. Vinyl. A typically excellent set of songs from Bruce.
  10. A Farewell to Kings - Rush. Vinyl. I will never grow tired of this gem.
  11. The Horizon Just Laughed - Damien Jurado. FLAC. The wonderful, wonderful Damien Jurado.
  12. Slowly but Surely - Holly Golightly. FLAC. Perfect Sunday listening.
  13. Re.ac.tor - Neil Young With Crazy Horse. Vinyl. I know this is not meant to be one of their best, but I still think it is mighty fine.
  14. Employment - Kaiser Chiefs. FLAC. Rollicking good fun.
  15. Rolly Nice - The Finks. FLAC. Lovely gentle observational lo-fi from a Courtney Barnett stablemate (available from Bandcamp).
  16. True For You - Paul Brady. Vinyl. I put this on with some trepidation thinking I didn't really like it. I was quite wrong and my memory had let me down in the 15 or so years since the last listen. Really strong songwriting. Even the 80s elements are good.
  17. The Red Shoes - Kate Bush. Vinyl. Not my favourite KB, but, of course, good nonetheless.
  18. The Bodast Tapes Featuring Steve Howe - Bodast. Vinyl. Pre Yes Steve Howe in full flight (on 8 excellent short songs).
  19. The Cars - The Cars. FLAC. Bit of late '70s pop goodness.
  20. A lovely article. Thanks. So true; music appears in so many memories of my life too. Its ability to make you feel whatever you were thinking and feeling then is so much a part of its magic.
  21. Led Zeppelin 4 / untitled / 4 symbols (whatever you want to call it) - Led Zeppelin. Vinyl. Another that just is never anything less than brilliant no matter how many hundreds of times you have listened to it.
  22. Years to Burn - Calexico and Iron & Wine. Vinyl. Lovely.
  23. Fireball - Deep Purple. Vinyl. I've been listening to this most of my life and still love it. The sound of the airconditioner starting up and Ian Paice's drumming on the title track remain, to me, the most thrilling start to an album I know.Will get a run at my funeral I reckon!
  24. Sideways To New Italy - Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. FLAC. Lovely indie pop / rock from Australia.
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