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  1. My vote goes to the Keilidhs, best looking of the bunch IMHO, sound is great and if you are looking to making your speakers active in the future, there is a lot of stuff available for the Keilidhs on auction sites. As already stated, look for ones with the three bar tweeter, stand upgrade (often referred as Ku-stone) and undamaged drivers.
  2. in that case, price per week goes up, different business case.. I don't smoke btw. (unless I'm really drunk)
  3. Last week I listened to a Technics SL1200G and GR with Benz Ace S cartridge on a Mark Levinson 5802 integrated amplifier together with Kef Blades speakers, including all kinds of exotic cables. A 5k record player (the G including the Benz Ace) as a front end for approximately 30k / 35k speakers and amplifier. Despite the price-technical imbalance, the whole sounded quite in order. To be fair, I have to say that the dealer stressed that the blades and the ML could do better with a higher end source, which I believe. He had deliberately chosen this setup to demonstrate the difference between the G and GR. A little later we played CD,s (same album and recording as the record) via a C.E.C. transport via the ML DAC and the difference with the Technics 1200G was certainly audible, but in my opinion not a step better or worse, just different. Pretty impressive stuff.
  4. In that case, buying a klimax LP12 with machined radikal, is only about 14,- a week over the next 30 years. Not even 2 packs of cigarettes
  5. Ok, I only knew the price approx. of the complete TT, I think this is valuable info for people scrutinizing these forum's.
  6. That is excluding arm and cart I assume, last time I checked a majik LP12 goes for around 3500,- in euros, still a hefty sum.
  7. If I misread or had another interpretation, I stand corrected. In any case one can disregard my scribbles on this subject.
  8. My point about the colour and other details in my previous post was to point out that it is not so easy for a hobbyist to recreate within spec the M140 bases in steel. Recently a couple of forummembers posted a video of the Linn factory tour, in which the Linn staff show the CNC machine and the tooling, they also mentioned the prices involved, or at least mentioned that this is of high cost. I can imagine that you need different tooling for steel than for aluminium, also the leftover from the CNC machine needs to be separated in case of steel and aluminium because of recycling matters, which poses some logistical challenges in a cramped shop. It is really simple, there is a reason for Linn to produce some parts in aluminium rather then steel, maybe sound, maybe for practical reasons, maybe for magnetic property's. In don't know, but I am pretty sure it is with some reasoning. About hobbyists making threaded holes in steel, or duplicate the M140, bases. You really need some skill to make those bases in your shed with the regular tooling people tend to have lying around the house. Every hole/and thread in that base needs to be straight an perpendicular, the slob of the base needs to be flat, the distance in between the hole that connect the base to the speaker don't allow for any off-set. If you have any misses, you end up with a wobbly base or on ripe for scrap. Over half of the people I know do not even have the skill to install an IKEA bookshelf. People often mistake how costly a part is to make, stock and handle and complain about the price. If you look at the value of the M140 base and added performance then the price is (probably) justified, regardless of factory cost. On the other hand, one is not obliged to buy the upgrade.
  9. Try knocking one out within tolerances and with threaded holes, alcoves and in colour, also take in to account stock, transport and handling cost. You need different harder tooling for working an steel. If you can find a steel plate and you need to cut it at the size of the M140 steel tends to bend on the edges if you cut it mechanically. I also think that tolerances are better to be met in aluminium in CNC then steel. I have some experience with steel, but I am no expert though. Still of it would be beneficial for Linn to use steel instead of aluminium; soundwise, efficiency, costs. They would adopt.
  10. Aluminium is softer than steel, easier to work on, try making a klimax casing out of a billet of steel, or other fine CNC work for that matter.
  11. @PhotoMax Chasing audio nirvana is building and driving the formentined car at once. I don't recall mistakes wen buying, more so of selling.. I once sold my complete stereo including a Harmen Kardon HK990 for domestic reasons and switched to a headphone set up for a while. Altough the can's gave great audio, I still regret selling my Harmen HK990 integrated, it realy made my Dynaudio's sing. For those interested, it had integrated DAC and and some Room EQ based on a Mic. Quite some time before SO and other EQ software came in vogue.
  12. I believe we are on the same wavelength. As a non English native speaker getting along with proper grammar is sometimes a bit of a challenge, Thus expressing myself sometimes leads to "misunderstanding" Back in topic, this might surprise some, but I'm quite enjoying a 30year old, middle of the road TT on my higher end Exakt stuff. Yes the same albums sound better through the DS, but the TT is far from un-listenable. But maybe this adds to the point that, Even though the TT is not an par with the DS and is on the other side of the source first spectrum, relative to the rest of the system. One can have a good result.
  13. Regardless if the over IMHO over emphasis on the phrase: garbage in garbage out. The phrase is mostly used on this and other forums to underline the source first principle (as absolute thruth. Hoping this makes sense.
  14. This is quite "something" and gives (me) some food for thought. But what is better? I still think overall, that speakers and amps serve something more than just amplification and transduction the signal of a good or better source. Moving higher up the chain speaker or other amps can give you more of the good stuff of the source, like drive, slam, clarity and grip (just to stay in audiophile terms). Source first can only get you -this- far, you can put a klimax LP12 on a M109's but you will never experience the same bass output as M140's will give you. I strongly believe in a balanced system with emphasis on the source rather then spending it al on the source. Regardless of garbage in, garbage out. Even the best signal in the world needs a proper follow up. @akamatsu just for a side-step, what would be a comparible LP deck be to your Akurate DS? A Majik, Akurate or Klimax or something in between?