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  1. Forget the iPad, get a PC, or Mac, or chromebook. Maybe on loan for a couple of days. Use a mouse and a laser for the measurements and set up V2. Happy times
  2. Well it’s my humble opinion that the Linn designteam should be rewarded the Nobel prize for hifi and world peace with their SO, being it V1 or V2, rather then sacking them. You need to couple your streamer with a Linn account, this Linn account is accessible via any browser and any platform, in the Linn account you then make the complete set for SOv2. U use: Konfig in a PC or Mac for software updates in the hardware such as: streamers, exaktbox, and Kazoo updates for an optional NAS and SOv1 Linn app as controlpoint for you streamer, selecting source, music etc. Linn Account for settings on the streamer and configuring SOv2 Linn Kazoo for your NAS, if you are using it. In essence you only need 2, Konfig to keep updated an the control point. The rest is optional. I would check out the Linn account and Manual first.
  3. Sounds a little bit as an antiklimax TBTH. One could say that you need more time to adjust to Katalyst and really appreciatie, burn in etc. I can’t say what my point on this would be though. You had a lot of shifts and changes in the system over the time. Maybe hard to see the forrest through the trees at this point. Although it’s nice to gain the experience with the gear.
  4. My best guess would be, admittedly without reading the article, that 10-20 years from now is a pretty long horizon in the digital age an IoT. I’m not a big fan of streaming services, there is a always a gap or something in each or the others library. I like my cheapish Spotify for checking out new music and for on the go. Somehow I listened to -Nils Lofgren- “Keith don’t go” during a demo in shop and for the sake of reference I played it at home. I Always disrespectfully disregards the track because it’s beaten to death in the audiophile world, yes call me crazy. Anyhow just as I started to like it, the album is no longer available on Spotify. In had the same thing whit some Grace Jones some time ago. So as these first world problems still make me grind my teeth, I’m more than happy to buy the CD or LP just for owning a copy which is mine and I can play it directly or rip it as much as I want and it has the booklet. Also, I’m not really sure if these services, especially the hifi ones are really profitable (read there to stay) in the long run.
  5. @zee9 maybe a switch to Lejonklou amps if you decide on staying passive? I’ve never heard them but if I’m not mistaken popular opinion is that they at least match Linn charakter and performance.
  6. Refurb? How about that? I thought yours where pretty decent.
  7. Is this exaktfilter compatible with SOv2 if not, things can have a different effect when u switch to Konfig based SOv1. Thinking u use SOv2 as we speak.
  8. Well Linn knows best so obviously the Keltik is better then the Naim. but don’t take my word for it.. More seriously, quite some exakted Keltiks around here including my own, but in total honesty never compared. However with my 8 channel AEBi everything sounds really solid and well together, seamless and the whole shows starts from 20Hz and up. I Love that bass.
  9. Even better views then the green which is being blocked by the tv, I’m quite curious. My view is not as green but quite good, although I have look out at a tower cranedriver for the past 2 years.
  10. @zee9 you could start a vintage Linn museum with all that kit on dem. Could you be more specific about which tweeter you like best and why?
  11. I’ve red that the spikes also have the function of forcing the load (weight) of the speakers to a really small surface (spikes) instead of spreading the weight over the complete foot. This could mean the speaker is better connected to the floor, since the force is higher in the spikes. m2c
  12. Even better, however which powercord would be best for the HAVC installation?
  13. I see a gap on Linn’s line up: Klimatebox, connected via exakt, an automated SO coupled barometer. Available als Selekt cartridge or in a Klimax casing. And after the first ones hit the homes the lot can debate which position in the room is most beneficial, which powercord is best for it or weather* it would benefit from Ikea hacks.
  14. They have, but try to melt, form and mill it. It takes quite some energy and expertise on a larger scale to be economical.
  15. Well it’s almost their complete list of songs sinds they made only 6 studio albums. Did you ever listen to “an American prayer” album? After Morrisons death the remaining band made music on Jim’s spoken words. Especially Ghost Song at the end is great.
  16. IMHO a pair of speakers should take no more then a couple of Saturday mornings to set up, getting them 80% of optimum. SO should take the same amount of time. But you really should have a half decent result. If this does not seem to be, then the speakers either don’t fit the room or don’t fit the listeners taste. For the last 20% I would agree that this proces could take months. YMMV
  17. Socks, used them quite some time in my M140’s pre-SO. Mind you they where military grade..
  18. I never heard the difference, however popular opinion is that when running things Exakt the difference between x100 vs x200 is less obvious. That being said from swapping amps on Keilidhs and M140’s for the sake of experiment: x100/D vs AV5125/D = more detail vs more oomph AV5125/D vs Klout = cleaner vs slightly warmer I would not swap Klouts for x100/D in a traditional passive or analog Aktiv system unless it’s for convenience and less box count, especially since there recapped. To add to the confusion please know that I run Keltiks with AEBi, which in essence are 8 x100/D amps in on box, with great satisfaction. It maybe worthwhile in your case to research Exakt (Katalyst) options before swapping your recapped Klouts. A 4-Klout stack or row in between Keltiks is something to admire IMHO. As always don’t take my word for it.
  19. If one pair of solos won’t give satisfactory results you can always ad the other 4 pair with the klimax exaktboxes
  20. At the moment I’m using the Keltiks for 2.0 duties. Admittedly more then the cost of a pair of silvers.
  21. The thing is, which is already been pointed out, at least sort of. I’m not looking for the full on/all out exakt solutions, best way forward in that case would be exaktbox-I for the rears in exakt, or as surround amp for any additional speakers and forgetting about exakt. For now I just want the 2 rears and maybe a matching center if it will fit my new cabinet. For the rears I’m looking for early Kan’s or tuKan’s because they match the Keltiks visually and most likely from a sound perspective with the matching tweeters without breaking the bank immediately. I’m not sure if I need a Sub at the moment. My thought would be to use an older Yamaha receiver for the surround computing, feeding the rears and controlling the Keltiks via the ASH and AEBi.
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