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  1. I also want to add that bass is not always in the music as one likes to perceive it.. Play the following tracks for simple test IMHO: Daft Punk - Get Lucky and/or Eagles - Hotel California live. I can “feel” the kicks in my living room with the Keltiks. SO is dialled in at the moment.
  2. Buy Keltiks if you want bass. Use SO to keep them under control. It’s also physics, you need a large powerful woofer to move that air.
  3. I would buy an LK85 of LK140 or even better an AV5125/D the LK are “cheapish” and reconversion of Keilidh’s a hassle plus it includes soldering..
  4. Well, Ieave my kit on standby, I would not keep it on permanently on matters of principle regarding environment and energy cost. If there would be any SQ benefit, I will neglect it because of the above.
  5. Just to be sure, LK140 take stereo Aktiv cars, not the chakra (monocards) or your LK140 have an adaptor board to house the chakt (chakra monocards). So if you have the stereocards, you can upgrade your amps to AV5125(D) or AV2250(D). If you have the chakt cards you can upgrade to the latest generation amps x100 and x200. That is what I would do if I was committed to upgrade the amps for your Ninkas. I would leave the LK280 be, and as already pointed out, they don’t take any active cards. However as common around here, what about an source/pre-amp upgrade first?
  6. Are you using the OW2s with an standard exakt filter in SOv2? That third amp is not only bi-amp, in 3 channel exakt the time of flight is corrected between the upper en lower driver. FWIW in my personal comparison between Klout and AV5125/D I felt that the AV had the better sound(signature) less warm and somewhat more precise, in that regard I would consider the AV2250/D a better amp then the Klout which makes makes me wonder why you miss the Klout?
  7. Opinions seem to differ in Klout vs LK140. The latter being faster en slightly more detailed. Me thinks, from hearsay that in an Aktiv system the LK140 could be somewhat better performer from a HiFi perspective. I tend to think that the bass (power) advantage of the Klout over the LK140 will be somewhat levelled in an SO and/or exakt system. All that extra bass oomph the more powerful amps put out means also more powerful room modes if I’m not mistaken. The chakt cards are only usable in the amps with the latest form. From AVxxxx (with adaptors+mods) and up to Mxxx. Klout uses first gen mono cards. The LK140 and LK85 uses stereo cards which are also accepted in the AVxxxx models. After writing this I’m quit curious how LK’s will sound in an exakt system. my2cents
  8. Put the cards in a 4100 and use the amp as pass through to the solo’s
  9. I made the jump to vinyl last year after several attempts and got a Technics SL1200G, it is has an Adikt and Linn Silver interlink, it is at least on the same level as my streamer 80% of the time. I still suffer from a love-hate relationship with the medium itself, pops and crackles the most. OTOH there is the ritual and having something in your hands. The streamer gets the most air time but I can’t part with the TT (yet). As already said: the master says most. Blasphemy warning*** I decided on the techie for several reasons, (listening was on of them) really good and raving review, easy to set up yourself and the speed control of a direct drive. In all my www-scrutiny I came to the conclusion that speed control is key. Even in the house of Linn a Radikal on a Majik LP12 is a logical upgrade event though the upgrade hierarchy seems to suggest otherwise.
  10. Source first yes/no maybe.. lots of money in the context of the system and keeping the M109, I can only relate to M140 which is a fine speaker but not the end of.. AEBi and ASH combo can handle “better” speakers IMHO. The budget for NGKSH screams for real research in the context of the OP’s system, for the budget a pair of new Solos are within reach and one could swap the AEBi+ASH for Selekt or ADSM.. just to give you another “extreme” option in relation to the M109’s. If we were talking about an existing system with Akubariks and same level amps it would be something else. But NGKSH/DSM or not, the question was about speakers.. I have somewhat of the same set up coming from M140s and These speakers would be in my shortlist: Kudos super 10/20, Titan 505 and 606, Linn 212, Akudorik, Keltik and (maybe M140), maybe PMC twenty26. Moving from standmount-sub combo to fully integrated full range speakers could be something to at least check out.
  11. Are you taking NGKDSM? With al respect, is this really as good as an upgrade as the price suggests on relation to the rest of the set up? I would look at upgrading the speakers first, AEBi gives you a fair amount of Linn and other options. Especially for NGKDSM money, this buys you Kudos Titans 707 with cash to spare for a s/h 4200.
  12. IIRC exaktlink is present from MDSM/2 and up. I would make my decision based on the wish to go exakt or not. An MEBi or AEBi with Katalyst is a pretty nice step and allows for more outs on speakers. Yes the MDSM/2 would maybe not be ideal, but it’s no slouch either and at least a (maybe perfect) stepping stone. And even though the “worm” never sleeps, I consider my ASH and AEBi as one of my best audio buys, I love them to bits, zero regrets.
  13. All tough questions for your average Linnonite.. The habitat of checking out the newest 2hand stuff is also really recognisable… actually it’s more a daily ritual I never heard the old KDSM but I’m pretty confident that one would here the difference between the KDSM and MDSM. However, looking at potential upgrade paths, if you buy an exaktbox later, the DAC in the KDSM becomes redundant. Also know that an KSH is a fair bit cheaper than an KDSM, but then you need a exaktbox in the chain. It would make more sense to buy an exaktbox now and use the exaktlink from your MDSM, enjoy your upgrade for a while and swap the MDSM for an ASH or KSH later. Which begs for the question would a KSH be an “substantial” upgrade over an ASH or MDSM in a later stadium? Especially seeing the drop in prices on the 2hand market lately.
  14. The horror of this suspense Well looking at the amount of shelves in your “to buy” cabinet it doesn’t leave room for a lot of boxes.. so you most likely pulled the trigger on aktiv/exakted Akubariks
  15. The most interesting question remains unanswered, which speaker are you expecting @zee9 ?
  16. I’ve got a bit of a taste of the Beolab 50’s earlier this year. Run in to a B&O store and after some friendly conversation with the dealer he offered a demo. I could not do an A/B with my own system but nonetheless in isolation the 50’s are proper hifi system with at least more punch and slam than my yesteryear Keltiks, which I could not emulate (with SO) at home anymore, furthermore; soundstage, depth, details, emotion, fun, it’s all there.. The don’t only look high tech, they are high tech with the 7 active DSP speakers including the acoustic lens tweeter, which really works by the way. Pricewise they sit between Akubariks and Akudoriks. If the design is something your after, I think one should at least put them on your short list. I counted my penny’s (well euros actually) after the demo..
  17. No, at the time of purchase, I was and still are firmly Locked-INN with zero regrets. Curiosity is a different thing though. ATC actives ment at least a 10k Akurate DSM to fulfil DS and pre-amp duty’s on an analog system. As a side note, I’m really keen on Space Optimisation, so a Linn front-end it will be. Adding a AEBi to my existing Linn system seemed more logical and better integrated. Prior experience with the dealer and particular the brand regarding the free software upgrades was and is a big plus in my eyes. And all sounded like I liked it to be. The EABi also ment more outs in the digital active world, Akudoriks, Keltiks (current), PMC, Kudos. So here you have it, I fell for the sound, hardware, software, looks, brand filosofie.
  18. Well if I’m not mistaken Organik vs Katalyst upgrade on the 350’s adds another 1/3 price increase, so I expect the Organik upgrades to be 1/3 up on the Katalyst, keeping fingers crossed that Organik reaches the older Akurate boxes. Adding to the topic, when I jumped on the EABi last year with M140, I was really over the moon with my purchase telling myself that I could live with this set up forever, which I can actually. So I did think again about the itching and scratching, it occurred to me whilst I’m totally happy with what I have now, ASH, AEBi and Keltik. The ‘worm’ is doing it’s thing now, asking me how much better it would be if I added 4200’s to the set up? asking me if an AEB/10 would be an upgrade over the AEBi? would it be better to swap the ASH for on older KSH? OMG it never ends, you better just accept it and/or find a wife that either supports your hobby and/or puts the brake on before bankruptcy.. but if you can afford it, who cares.. others are smoking an AEBi worth every year…
  19. Harman Kardon HK 990, IIRC the first stereo integrated with digital DSP and DAC, what a nice piece of kit, in the same period sold my Dynaudio Audience 52 STP. I used this as a combo with a Sqeeuzebox touch. The Dyns started with Linn Genki, Majik-I and LK85. A friend had a Klout which we tested on the Dyn’s, this ment the end of the LK85 era.. came across the HK990 for some reason an bought it, the thing really kept the 52’s under control and gave it some real punch. Sold it because of “domestic constraints” I still have a sweetspot for Dynaudio standmounts..
  20. You can be pretty sure that Organik isn’t the “end all” and the NGKSM neither, so after this scratch a new itch comes for sure. In my case, I’m pretty happy with what I currently have, still some itch came up lately but with other future more real-life events on the horizon I will ignore the itch, simple as that. However if money isn’t problem and it’s laying around collecting dust and/or depreciating, I will scratch that itch for sure..
  21. Whiteout hijacking his thread, could you try to shed a light on the active vs passive variant @Nopiano?
  22. All true about source first, except that the bigger amp brings other things to the table that a source upgrade won’t give, like drive, oomph and control. I have my I eye on these ATC’s for a while now and they seem pretty powerhungry to me and (from paper), it’s a least a worthwhile demo to put a 4200 in. The active version seem very worthwhile. Have you considered tri-amping @SteveY ? The MDSM/3 on the tweeters and the 4100 on the other channels? Giving you more power, and a shorter signal path to the tweeters. Freeing up power on the 4100. I’m also curious on what interlinks you use between them?
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