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  1. Well I'm definitely in the camp of waiting to see what happens.
  2. Thanks for posting that, I have Third and have dismissed it for almost certainly the same reason. I'll give it another go next week .
  3. First play of Diana Krall - Live in Paris. A little bit too Jazz Club in places but an enjoyable listen so far .
  4. It did take me a moment (or two)!
  5. I still find putting a record on to be an event, the magic of a lump of plastic having a needle run through it's grooves and yet producing a beautiful sound. I'm not bothered about streaming, perhaps I am a luddite but it just doesn't hold the same appeal. Also, if the equipment goes wrong or something computery fails, I'd just lose my sh!t, can't cope with all that. If I was to damage a stylus I'd be pissed off but I know where I am with that so it's less stressy. With CDs I'm not as fussed but appreciate the performance, price and size combination. Plus again if it goes wrong I can either try and fix it or just get another, no big deal.
  6. Sprial is great, we've been watching for years and now only two episodes off from finishing the last series. Will miss it but perhaps we'll start from the beginning again, can't remember what happened in the early series anyway! It has been educational too as I have picked up a few French words though perhaps not to be used in public .
  7. I was hoping to be listening to this today as my copy arrived in the post this morning but disc two is damaged so it has to go back . Bloody records...
  8. Thanks, I'll put that one on my wishlist
  9. Following up 'Dry' with one of my favourite albums ever, PJ Harvey's To Bring You My Love.
  10. PJ Harvey: Dry - Demos. Second play of this, brilliant!
  11. Best wishes for a speedy recuperation DavidHB . Thanks for always giving such helpful and in-depth responses to the various mundane questions I've posted on here, your time and effort is always appreciated. That also goes to all those helpful and friendly people on here, you are all very positive and encouraging, so thanks very much to you all.
  12. I'm not suggesting I know the answers but I would say try and cut out the booze. If you are stressed it makes things worse as it puts your body under additional stress to process it plus it will affect the quality of your sleep. It's a vicious circle. I'm not a teetotaller so this is not preaching, there's a time for enjoying a drink but not when you are tired and stressed. Also make an effort with getting good sleep, there's plenty of excellent advice online if you need it. That's vital. Eat well too. You don't want to burn out, that'll cause all sorts of long term issues, you really don't want to go there! Finally, your immune system is hardly going to be in tip top condition in these circumstances, given what we are all faced with you definitely want that firing on all cylinders...
  13. The second of two new arrivals this morning. Been meaning to buy this and yesterday the deal was too good to ignore. Abbey Road Studios half speed master deluxe edition triple disc of The Who - Live at Leeds .
  14. One of two new LPs that arrived in the post this morning. The usual excellent service from Juno Records. PJ Harvey - Dry - Demos. Apparently this is the first time this has been released on vinyl since 1992. Sounds great so far .