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  1. Hi Jon, all well? Did you get your LK140s sorted? You might also benefit from a read of this thread in the headphones section -
  2. Carrington

    Ooh, no

    I've read the piece via the link and have just one simple fundamental problem with it. I don't know what it is or what it does ...
  3. Thanks for taking the time to post that. Food for thought, I will run with what I have for a while and see how I get on. I don't want to buy extra boxes if they become redundant once I get the house back to myself during the day!
  4. Hi there, what headphone amp do you use? I have HD650s and connect them to an older Linn system, would a seperate headphone amp make a big difference? Thanks
  5. Thanks for asking . I'm still getting used to headphones rather than speakers but settling in nicely. They do seem to show up poor recordings more readily than my speakers but do have more detail. Good response throughout the range but as I said above, I have no frame of reference. Mind you now I'm wondering if I should go down the route of a dedicated headphone amp rather than using the Linn headphone socket? But hopefully using these regularly won't be necessary long term so I'll probably just enjoy as is.
  6. You might want to have a bid -
  7. Beatles - Sgt. Peppers. My OH bought this for me years ago, 10 at least, and I have to admit that this is my first listen .
  8. Received my 5m cable today so finally I can recline on my sofa and listen to music . Getting used to the Sennheisers, I don't have a frame of reference but I'm finding my feet tapping along to the music so that must be a good sign. Only tricky bit so far is getting settled back on the sofa before the first track is nearly half way through! The new cable looks great too, hand made in red and black, good quality plugs, not sure if it makes any difference to sound quality but it definitely isn't any worse.. So very happy, money well spent!
  9. Now Melody Gardot - My One and Only Thrill. Just arrived in the post, sounds good!
  10. Bjork - Enjoy/Possibly Maybe 12" single, limited edition. My OH had this tucked away somewhere since new, never been played before!
  11. Hurrah, been missing all the jokes! Well, some of them . How does Moses make his tea? Hebrews it...