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  1. Carrington

    Great Covers

    The Spaghetti Western Orchestra - we went to see them at Richmond Theatre and they were amazing!
  2. Thanks for the explanation, very helpful
  3. Evening all . I wasn't paying enough attention earlier while shopping and bought the OH some whole coffee beans by mistake. So, I need to get a grinder or bin them. I don't like waste so I'd like an inexpensive (read cheap) grinder. I can see the posters on here are pretty serious about their coffee judging by some of the incredible looking machines they have, we either use a plunger or a stove top percolator. I really like coffee, unfortunately coffee doesn't like me so we are never going to join the pro-league! Any recommendations? Cheers!
  4. With thanks to whoever posted earlier listening to this, reminded me it's been too long since I last played it. Great album .
  5. Just picked up this year's offering, pretty good so far! Having it with a few slices of prosciutto. A rather pleasant start to a rare weekend off Apparently Waitrose are now doing 'English Nouveau' but there were none in stock. Hopefully I'll get some next time.
  6. Moloko - Do You Like My Tight Sweater? CD.
  7. Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced.
  8. The LP12 mentioned is a Klimax spec pre-Karousel ex-display model. Now at £14999 which given the price of a new one doesn't sound bad value. With the difference you could buy a brand new Majik LP12 and have a nice cottage for a week in Yorkshire!
  9. Melody Gardot - My One and Only Thrill.
  10. I'd generally agree that insurers always win but I must say that I did have a pretty good result with Direct Line this year. It started out in 2017 when I was approaching a roundabout in the middle lane when the artic next to me decided to turn left he needed to swing out first. He didn't see me and clipped my door mirror. Not a huge amount of damage, door mirror was smashed and some paint damage to the door. The insurers classed it as a 50/50 until it had been argued out with the other insurer so I had to cough up my £300 excess. Unfortunately the lorry was Dutch registered, insured in Bulgaria and driven by a Spaniard . Sorting out a claim that involves a foreign insurer is apparently a right pita. After chasing it a few times over the following couple of years I gave up. My premium went up (and they told me that other than the accident it wouldn't) so I got fed up and after a couple of renewals moved on. Then early this year, three years after the accident, I got a letter saying the other insurer had admitted liability and attached was a cheque for my £300 excess. But what about my increased premiums based on a 50/50 claim which was now a no fault? So I called and put it to them, five minutes later they agreed to refund me the difference and a couple of days later I recieved two cheques in the post refunding me the excess premiums for two renewals totalling around £210! Having said all that, when I first insured my car with them in 2015 it was around £300, now nearer £600.... Bastards .
  11. Black theme no.4 - Amy Winehouse, Back to Black.
  12. No. 2 in the 'black' theme, Black Sabbath Vol 4.
  13. I'm going to have a black theme today, no particular reason. First up, AC/DC Back in Black.