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  1. It's Yorksire Day today so to help celebrate, I'm having a drop or two (or three) of a Yorkshire whisky, Filey Bay Special Release for Yorkshire Day 2021. Jolly nice and quite firey as it's 55% proof slips down my throat
  2. A strange and interesting read this thread. For what it's worth, if the subject has resumed his activities despite the issues they cause being explained to him, it sounds like he does have a mental health issue as clearly he is not benefitting materially. A search with Dr Google brought up oniomania or compulsive buying disorder which was first identified in the 1890s. If that or some other personality disorder is the cause then the subject certainly needs help.
  3. With the exception of my integrated (now a pre) amp and turntable, I added two power amps upgraded to active with speakers, speaker cable, stands and a cd player, all Linn for around £1500. I know it's not a patch on the kit a lot of you all have but it sounds great and looks classy (imho). Now I think that was a bargain.
  4. On the BBC iPlayer - BBC One Sessions Amy Winehouse. A 2007 recording, what a truly gifted artist.
  5. I'm very slow at reading a book for certain reasons but tend to stick with one until it's finished. My real problem though is I keep buying them....
  6. You can get pork puffs, not as good but taste similar and very tooth friendly!
  7. Just shared a bottle of Chiltern Brewery Battle of Britain Old Ale with my OH which we had with some cheese and chutney. Now we are having a couple of glasses of René Jolly champagne and with our roast dinner, a bottle of Bordeaux, a Rothschild Pauillac. Life can be really hard .
  8. Hi there, what is the condition of this turntable please? Full working order? Any servicing history? Cheers
  9. Congratulations! Roll on the next 250k
  10. You need to be careful, you'll wear it out! My OH has had a 2003 VW Lupo from new and it is on 52k miles!
  11. Been watching various acts from the Glastonbury archives on the BBC iPlayer. I'm recording the 1997 Radiohead set to enjoy another day whilst watching Queens of the Stoneage.
  12. This site looks good for a plinth and upgrades: https://www.inspirehifi.co.uk/thorens-upgrades
  13. The only reason why the Delta variant has taken off is due to the self centred attitude of people. Those coming back into the country were supposed to isolate and had they done so, it wouldn't have spread. Through my work I have some experience of those returning to the UK and people will do and say anything to avoid their responsibilities. It's easy to blame Government decisions and yes, personally I agree that India should've been on the RED list earlier however Government indecision doesn't spread disease, it is ignorant selfish people that do.
  14. We are here, moreso my OH who is very anxious. I'm off this morning to see my Dad for the first time since September/October and I'm feeling a bit odd about it, pleased to go though of course. We were at a museum last weekend and at the front of the queue for the cafe when the bloke with his family behind us kept getting closer and closer before finally practically leaning over me to get to the track and trace details. He was rather pissed off when I told him to back off. What a twat.
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