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  1. You could've bigged it up a bit! I was excited when I saw you'd replied, my imagination has been running wild
  2. Great system presenting well too, excellent cable management! But what secrets are behind the door that does not open......
  3. It's not a 9kg machine but personally I'm happy to sacrifice a bit of capacity for reliability. It's also gone up £40! I must've caught it at a good moment...
  4. You might be surprised. My new one was £579 with 12 months 0%. My first one I got as a second (which they still do and you can look at their stocklist online) for £299!
  5. Well personally I admire the chap. Anyone of his age that can drive from London to Durham without a wee break is a god! I have driven that route many times having family near Stockton (not during the lockdown I hasten to add) and I can't do it anymore without at least a couple of stops. And with a 4yr old! Clearly the Cummings genes include amazing bladder control..
  6. Get a Miele. My last one went wrong twice in 23 years, it was still repairable by Miele but I decided the money was best invested in a new one. Buying direct they were able to organise 12 months interest free credit too. It would've been rude not to take it!
  7. PJ Harvey - Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea.
  8. I picked up a pair of Sennheiser HD650s to keep my wfh neighbours and OH happy. And a few records.
  9. This was my old Audi A4. Bought it new in 2003, sold it to an ex colleague in 2015 who as far as I know, still has it. This picture was taken on the morning I sold it. I loved that car, really comfortable (although admittedly the ride could be a bit jiggly over some surfaces) and a great interior with black leather. The CVT gearbox suited the car and a tyre/brake fitter who had to take it for a short test drive commented on it being like a mini RR. I'm assuming it was a compliment and that he had the experience to make such a comparison... It only ever let me down once when a driveshaft UJ gave up on the M6 Toll which was partly my fault as it was grumbling for a while beforehand and I did nothing about it. I'm currently having my midlife crisis in hot hatches but even so, I look back to the years in this car very fondly.