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  1. Yes, I did, passive akudoriks have a very controlled base in comparison but do not have a chance in the middle register in terms of vocals, guitars, there is much more feeling in Harbeth 30.1 and Akudorik became a bit too analytical for me. Selekt dsm with katalyst worked superbly with the built-in output stage, but now I drive the Harbets with a Line magnetic 216a. I will try a Lavardin isx reference tomorrow Linn's katalyst dac is the best I've ever heard, and I will never buy anything els, just hope that the organic dac will come to selekt soon
  2. I am one of those that went from Aedsm+Exaktbox-I katalyst+ Akudorik and a JL110e sub to Selekt dsm Katalyst with amp cartridge and also analog outputs with katalyst and a LM216a tube amp with Harbeth 30.1, I think that my system is mutch better sounding now and have a feeling into it that nocks me down every time im listening
  3. Thanks for the answers, it works now, it took two days for Qobuz to get the licens and stuff.
  4. Qobuz has started in Sweden, however, I do not get higher quality than 44khz 16bit, at least according to the display on my Selekt dsm, I have tried to change everything that I think I can change but it will still only be cd quality through Kazoo, what am I doing wrong? Its a trial version .
  5. Yes, I only drive with the amplifier, it sounds absolutely fantastic, my toes are pounding the beat again. I think that a music system should not sound super perfect in terms of detail, it should be mixed musically and analytically, SO and Exakt together with Linn's cables and speakers have gone far too far in terms of analysis. But now Linn seems to have understood it with the new dac 😅
  6. I think Linn has the world's best streamers but I got a bit stuck in my previous setup which consisted of Aedsm, Exaktbox-I, Exaktbox sub, Akudoriks and JL audio 110e. I think and it is my opinion that Linn together with SO and exakt removes quite a lot of how it sounds for real and that the feeling in the music almost disappears. When I sold everything except my Akudoriks and bought a Selekt with katalyst, I discovered that the feeling in the sound came back and when I tried a pair of Harbeth 30.1 I came to the realization how natural and genuine it can sound with passive speakers, I do not regret my choice. Now I also have the opportunity to try a few different speakers. My next step would have been to buy a pair of Akubarik exakt katalyst and you never know but Im a happy dog right now 🙂
  7. There are a beautiful pair in Takt&ton in Luleå, Sweden for sale 8000 euros .
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