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  1. Absolutely!! The Klimax Radikal casework provides better EMI shielding and improved vibration control compared to the Akurate Radikal casework. The new NGKDSM takes EMI shielding and improved vibration control with it’s casework to even higher levels again, compared to the previous Klimax Hub/DSM, and weighs about twice as much. I would be very curious to listen to the inner components from an Akurate or Klimax Radikal placed inside the new NGKDSM casework.
  2. Great write up. It seems you do have a gift for describing sound quality improvements in HiFi terms, as you made the description of the changes you are hearing very real for me. ‘I am looking forward to reading about your new Klimax Hub, when it is installed
  3. I would favour the Klimax Hub, and believe that it will bring the best overall improvement to your system, as all your source components will benefit from streaming through the new Hub. It will greatly improve your Komri listening experience, improve your system if you add surround speakers in the future and improve the sound quality of an LP12 if you choose to add that at a later date Having auditioned the new Klimax DSM A/V in my system, and heard it with 350’s with the Organik DAC’s, the sound quality improvements with these new Linn components is a significant step forward. The Klimax Hub brought about a much bigger improvement in sound quality than the Organik DAC’s alone from my experience. My vote goes to the new Klimax Hub
  4. Good point Tendaberry If the right speaker is closer to the side walls than the left speaker, SO may be moderating the output to the right speaker? Depending on the shape of the room and proximity of each speaker to the walls, some toe-in may be helpful. ‘There may also be an issue with the output of the amp, where the gain is less on one channel I also think that with more burn-in of the Katalyst board, it may balance the volume output to each channel.
  5. This is a truly excellent well written article, full of history, interesting facts and stories about the LP12
  6. Welcome to Linn D88 Here goes: 1. What Linn products do you have and how long have you had them for?. ‘I currently have a Linn Katalyst Exakt Surround system with Akubariks in the front, an Akurate 225 centre channel speaker and passive Akudoriks driven by an Akurate Exaktbox I, which I have been building up over the last 7 years or so. My first Linn system goes back about 20 years 2. What made you choose Linn? The dealer was very persistent. 3. What do you like about your Linn system ? My Linn system has been a test bed for my cockamamie ideas on how to get it to sound better. Sometimes I even listen to the music. Just kidding 😂 Sound quality is sublime, and hope someday it becomes full-lime. 4. Conversely, what do you not like or feel your Linn item could be approved on. I love my Linn system, as it is, but am constantly tempting fate by bring home new HiFi components to try out in my system. Recently, I brought home the new Klimax DSM A/V, which was fantastic 5. If you could speak directly to Gilad Tiefenbrun, what new product would you like to see, or existing product improve ? I have met Gilad many times, but there is a communication gap, as I don’t speak with a fake Scottish accent very well. I have suggested that he probably would have made a lot more money if they had started a distillery and made Scotch instead of making HiFi kit. 🤪
  7. Thank you for the suggestion Frans My Bonn Forester F1 power supply is plugged into my Environmental Potentials wave form correction device The Bonn N8 switches are actually not warm at all, and seem to have adequate ventilation
  8. I don’t think that the article is suggesting that streaming will disappear, but that the whole industry is always changing what music may be available from the streaming providers. ‘Our generation’s music may not be accessible to us, in the not too distant future?
  9. This article from Atlantic magazines says it is unlikely you will have access to your favourite music through your streaming service in 10-20 years https://www.theatlantic.com/culture/archive/2021/07/spotify-streaming-music-library/619453/ Will there be a time when our favourite rock, jazz and classical is difficult or impossible to access from a streaming service? Is it time to start embracing Rap, hip hop and whatever that noise is when you go into the shopping malls? ‘At the moment, I don’t use a streaming service, having access to my favourite music in my own library on my NAS Your thoughts?
  10. I have an Apple Home Pod Mini, which cost less than $100 USD. ‘I tell Siri the night before, to turn on the alarm for 7:00 am and play a specific radio station from Tune In I can ask Siri to turn up the volume or down. Sound quality is surprisingly good for internet radio I can ask Siri for the jokes of the day and ask what the weather will be. Then at 8:00 am I can ask Siri to turn off the music and set the alarm for 7:00 am the following day The future is here now
  11. Good points, message received. I agree fully It has been a fascinating experience on every level for both you and I, with the rewards and gained knowledge well worth the journey. The sense of discovery and astonishment has been jaw dropping, opening up a new world of performance, that would not have been attainable otherwise Given that all the products were on loan for extended auditions in my system, the risk was zero Great comments This “hobby” has brought so much enjoyment and entertainment to my world, and bring me much closer to the music ‘Just when I think things could not get better, finding another level of enjoyment has been astonishing. Thanks Frans, The 2 switches are there to isolate the music streaming data as much as possible from the rest of the traffic in the network I have the first switch hooked up to my NAS, router, OPPO and TV. The second switch only handles music streaming, presumably with no other data streaming through it. The second switch is connected directly from the first switch (port 8 out)to my second switch (port 1 into switch 2 to port 8 out, directly to the Ethernet in connection on the Akurate Hub. ‘The Bonn Forester F1 power supply, powers both switches and mitigates the noise in the Ethernet cables carried along with the music streaming data. Background noise is significantly reduced and the digital edge is virtually eliminated. Sound quality is organic, realistic and sounds like analog. The Bonn Silent Angel C7 Ethernet cables are designed to be grounded internally, in a manner that further enhances the process described above. The overall combination provides the best sound quality I have ever heard in my system
  12. According to the Naim dealer, the Naim Solstice turntable has sold out all 500 units that were offered for sale
  13. I don’t have the room behind my cabinet to move them further away from each other, therefore the copper shielding cabinets stacked on top of each other. ‘My biggest concern was possible effects of the Forester F1 power supply as well as the proximity of mains leads near my other components Thunder Data also make a single unit Bonn N16 that incorporates the 2 switches and Forester F1 power supply all in one box. There have been a lot of new products on the market in the last 13 years.
  14. This is the wildest trip I have ever been on, and I have to say, I am liking it. I took the red pill 💊 I’ve been auditioning a few new additions to my system, and the results are more than intriguing. ‘I purchased a pair of Bonn N8 Silent Angel switches and a Bonn Forester F1 power supply a few months ago, with very positive results, but that was just the beginning of this journey. ✅ Silent Angel sells their C7 Ethernet cables, and so I thought I would try a complete set of them for my whole streaming network. Results are outstanding. ✅ ‘Why not use a better mains lead for the Forester F1 power supply that feeds the switches than the stock mains lead. Nice ✅ Then the Canadian distributor for Silent Angel products sent over 4 distinctly different pairs of DC mains cables to audition, that power the Forester F1 power supply. These DC power leads supplies 5V to each of the 2 switches from its linear power supply. The 4 pairs of supplied Bastei DC cables to audition, pictured below are Orange (copper positive, copper negative leads), Zebra Plaid (copper positive and silver negative leads), BlackTiramisu (silver positive and copper negative leads) and finally Snowy White (silver positive and silver negative leads) ✅ What was most surprising was the distinct differences in sound quality between the different cables. The Orange (copper/copper) was smooth and balanced but not as detailed as the others. It was also the least expensive. The Zebra Plaid was my least favourite, and just did not sound right. The Black Tiramisu had the best of the Orange (copper/copper), but with more detail and the best balance. The Snowy White (silver/silver) was the most detailed, but a slight touch of brightness, even after more than 50 hours of run-in. I purchased the Black Tiramisu DC cables, as that was the best overall sound quality for my ears. ✅ ‘But wait, those 2 switches and Forester F1 power supply need to be isolated from EMI? I designed and had built at a metal shop, a set of pure copper shielding (pictured below) that now covers both switches and the Forester F1 power supply. ✅ How deep does the rabbit hole go? 😄 Optical cables, fuses?
  15. Sounds like a fun experiment. Looking forward to reading about your experience
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