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  1. I like that the new improvements to the Linn website have a rolling screen that introduces you to Linn’s newest products and upgrades, and from there you can link to getting more information on those products being highlighted. Perhaps it is better to have pictures of the younger Lifestyle crowd than old guys sitting on the sofa in their underwear pretending to conduct a symphony while listening to the music, or play air guitar in front of their neighbours with the curtains open? I have mixed thoughts on whether Linn should list their prices on the website, given the difference in pricing around the world. Prices of Linn products here are set by some dealers, by whatever the currency fluctuations are of the day. That makes it more difficult to determine whether to buy new Linn on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.
  2. Good points David, AFAIK, the speakers are still producing the mids and highs continuously, while producing the low frequencies. With proper speaker and subwoofer placement, Space Optimisation set up properly, and dialling in a subwoofer, it mitigates the low frequency boominess, which was masking the mids and highs. With the room modes tamed, then everything else comes into focus. I have found that another way to get perceived louder and improved bass, is to install bass traps. I would have thought that bass traps would reduce bass, but in fact it helps prevent low frequencies being cancelled out by the room shape, therefore improves the quality and depth of the bass
  3. That is very observant of you Clavius. You are a master of observation. I also noticed that it is okay to mix IKEA style kindergarten furniture with your Akubariks, but Akudorik’s require traditional leather furniture and wainscoting, and must be listened to on the sofa while laying on your back. I notice in another picture that the best way to listen to the music is by escaping up the staircase and wine is best drank while sitting on the arm of a chair? Obviously, all the speakers are wireless and powered by Tesla coils, and their positioning is not important because of Space Optimisation? I can also assume that fresh cut watermelon on the countertops helps improve sound quality?
  4. I am really impressed with Linn’s new website. It looks polished, inviting and informative, and a far bit better than the past. I recently had concerns about Linn’s old website, and found it difficult to navigate and get information on different products. However, now I would think that someone visiting the new website would see that Linn is a first rate HiFi manufacturer that produces world class speakers, electronics, turntables and streamers. For a new comer to Linn, it appears to cover all their products, upgrades and accessories, but would require a bit of study to understand the complexities of the Linn world. Well done Linn!!!
  5. There is a way to optimize the music in your Linn system, to tailor it to your specific hearing strengths and deficiencies. One potential solution is to use Space Optimisation v1 and utilize the custom filters. That way you can tune the music to your requirements.
  6. Mid 60’s-mid 70’s Classic Rock, plus garage bands and one hit wonders from that era. Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock Jazz Rock, Yacht Rock, Hard Rock, Folk Rock, Alternative Rock.
  7. The newest Red Hot Chilli Peppers Album was supposed to have been released by now, but I have not been able to find a release date, or any recent information on this. There is sketchy information from back in February, that the release will happen this year, but I know that it was delayed for various reasons a number of times now Does anybody have any updates?
  8. I saw The Musical Box last year in Vancouver, and they were superb, and highly entertaining. They played Genesis, note for note. At one point, while The Musical Box were playing live, I forgot the name of the song they were playing, and decided to use Sound Hound, and app on my phone to identify music. Sound Hound had no problem identifying the name of the song and band
  9. I recently found out that Certicable can now supply Cat8 connectors for their Cat8 at additional cost. I have not tried them yet, so can’t comment, but am seriously considering purchasing a couple of Cat8’s just for that purpose, just to see if they make a difference. A number of years ago, Gary, from Better Music, a Linn dealer near Niagara Falls, tried a number of manufacturers Cat6 cable with a variety of manufacturers connectors, and found a combination that his ABX testing found sounded better than others. I did purchase a set from him. I agree. Why go part way, when we can go for 100 pages plus. 🤪 Any suggestions on how to do this Tendaberry? I could post a few comments that are sure to get the naysayers riled up again. How about: ‘Okay people, you have had a lot of time to look into the possibilities of using Cat8 or other higher quality Ethernet cables for streaming audio, and many of you are finding improvements in sound quality. Since this thread was first posted , many manufacturers have come out with new audio grade Ethernet products, including better sounding Ethernet cables and audiophile switches, and the results are undeniably better in many cases. Some examples are Shunyata Sigma Ethernet cables, EtherRegen switches, Bonn N8 switches, Melco switches and so on. I think it is getting more difficult for people who don’t believe that these can make a difference, to say that once they audition them in their streaming system. 🥳🎵🎶
  10. Hi Wes, ‘Here is a link to the Certicable website: They do sell certain lengths of Ethernet Cat8 cable through Amazon, etc, but I prefer to phone the company directly, and speak with Barbara.
  11. Yeah, sorry about that thread. 😂 I’m still on team Paulssurround, with a bit of bias. Blue Jeans are good value, reasonably priced and available in Canada, but you may also consider Audioquest Cinnamons as an entry level “audio quality “ Cat6 Ethernet cable. If you don’t mind spending a lot more money on some excellent sounding Cat6, then Shunyata Sigma Ethernet cables will do the trick. I still like my Certicable Cat8, which are made in New York State, and now available with newer Cat8 connectors. They cost about $45 USD for 10 feet with the standard connectors, and an extra $30 for the new connectors included.
  12. When Linn introduced Space Optimisation several years ago, it was ground breaking. I was able to find much better sound quality with SOv1 applied,, and as newer versions were refined and released, even better results were obtained. The original Space Optimisation v1 introduced the concept of room dimensions as an important factor in determining room modes that could interfere with the music, and introduced us to the idea of custom filters that could be applied like a parametric equalizer, as used in a recording studio. This allowed an ability to tune the music using filters to compensate for room anomaly’s. This was a revolution in my world, but I could see that it was difficult for many to master and get the results they were seeking. This ushered in the newer Space Optimisation v2, that introduced the importance of more accurate room dimensions, using more sophisticated algorithms that better modelled the shape of the room and how sound travelled around the room using the principles of physics and engineering. It has introduced the concept of the effects of building materials, humidity, temperature, room features, speaker rotational angle, height of the listening position and the height of the speakers SOv2 also needs you to define which brand and model of speakers you are using, to further customize your settings for the algorithm calculations. I think most of us can safely conclude that SOv2 is a significant improvement in sound quality. But what about the evolution of SO into the future? Currently, SOv2 does all of its calculations based on an empty room with defined speakers positioned in the room , where you define the building materials of all room surfaces, wall features such as windows and doors, temperature and humidity. It focuses on sound frequencies at 80 Hz and below. ‘However, I know from my own experiences that many things effect the sound quality in a room above 80 Hz, including furniture, carpets, window coverings, room acoustic treatment. Placing a coffee table between the speakers and the listener can effect sound quality, as can having all your electronics in-between the speakers of placed on the send of the room. All of these factors can effect the mids and high frequencies. Will Linn of the future allow an ability to further refine the sound quality of our rooms in SOv3, allowing us to fine tune the room, based on the type of furniture, carpets, window coverings and acoustic treatment such as bass traps, diffusers, and absorption panels. For example, will we have the ability to input that you have a leather couch or a Fabric covered couch, 2 couches or no couch. Will we be able to input thick wool carpets, area rugs, stereo racks or stereo cabinets, between the speakers or off to the side, or the presence of a coffee table? Even more important to me is an ability to use more advanced custom filters to address these and other room issues and room features, from 15 Hz- 8000 Hz. Will Linn develop a laser device that swivels on a tripod in the middle of the room, that your Linn dealer brings to your home, and measures to the mm the exact map of room dimensions of the listening room and adjoining spaces. Will this device focus a pulsating laser on each room building surface to precisely measure the building materials absorption characteristics of each room surface and its effects on sound quality, and enter them into SOv3. I would be happy to pay my dealer to bring over such a device that more precisely measures my room parameters. Your thoughts please.......