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  1. Yes, I still have my OPPO 105, as well as the OPPO 203. ‘I downloaded the OPPO Media Control App 10X a few years ago, and it was very poor. Not well designed at all, and I just preferred using the OPPO remote control. The newer OPPO Media Control App 20X is a completely different animal from the old app, and is well worth downloading if you have an OPPO 203 or 205 I suspect it will fulfill nrwatson’s needs?
  2. Vancouver has had several Linn dealers over the years, and all have been excellent for customer service. ‘If I bought anything Linn, the dealer would deliver and install it for me, and make sure that it was optimised for my home. They have all been very happy to do that, and there has never been any extra costs for the delivery and installation. However, since Space Optimisation as introduced, I have been doing my own installations and setup. 😊
  3. Sorry to hear you have had a difficult experience with Linn. ‘I have owned Linn products for more than 20 years, and have been well treated by the Linn Help Line, and by Linn in General. ‘If I had an issue with any of my Linn speakers or electronics, my Linn dealer has contacted Linn on my behalf and resolved the issue. When I contact Colin at the Linn Help Line, I have had a satisfactory response back from him in a reasonable time. ‘My first piece of Linn was a Movie Classik, that it turned out was not fully compatible with my Toshiba TV. Linn did not have a solution at th
  4. Excellent app. Thank you. Here are some alternative apps to Radio Garden that will access radio stations around the world https://www.producthunt.com/alternatives/radio-garden
  5. I just downloaded the OPPO Media Control App for UDP20X. ‘It works very well, using my iPad After following the instructions, which includes turning on the OPPO, opening the tray drawer, then pressing the stop button on the remote, it then connects, once you select your player. ‘Then everything attached to your network is available to control through the new OPPO Media Player App, including music, videos, and photos. ‘Thank s for starting this thread, nrwatson, as I did not know about this app.
  6. I contacted OPPO this morning and here is their reply Hello, The Remote Control App is not compatible with the UDP-203 or UDP-205. For those players, you will need to use the MediaControl App for UDP-20X. Per the provided firmware information, the player is on the latest official firmware. Best Regards, Customer Service OT Service, Inc. 162 Constitution Dr. Menlo Park, CA 94025 Service@oppodigital.com
  7. I have to do the same as you, turning on the TV, and access my 5.1 files on the NAS through the OPPO remote There is an OPPO app, on the App Store, but I have not tried it recently
  8. Thank you for the video He explains shielding and cable management well 😊
  9. If these were different times, without Covid, you could fly out to Vancouver and listen to one of our Linn dealers that will have the new Organik Klimax DSM and Organik 350’s. ‘Then if you purchased it, the provincial tax you would save from having it shipped back to Toronto would more than pay your airfare I don’t think there are any Linn restrictions on selling something to a customer if you physically pay for that item in person in Vancouver, and have it shipped back to your home? Without Covid restrictions, you could also drive the 4 hours to Ann Arbour Michigan to visit Tho
  10. Thanks for the photo of your cable spaghetti. Looks like you could benefit from a bit of cable management I always love to see copper tape for shielding. 😊👍🏻
  11. Thank you, you are very kind. 😊 ‘I get satisfaction from repurposing things, to apply them to other solutions The rack which holds the mains cables and other cables, is actually a repurposed wooden trellis. I used to use ties to attach the cables to the trellis, until one night, I came up with the idea to run metal channels down the trellis, to create a shelf for each cable, so it would not need to be tied down. The metal channels are screwed into the wooden trellis for stability. I was not able to source aluminum channels, which would have provided some EMI shielding between ch
  12. I purchased a number of these foam insulation pipes from a hardware store, and they are sold around 1 meter long each. They are designed to insulate water pipes to keep the hot water hot, or cold water cold for the length of the water pipe, and the ones I have don’t have any shielding properties. I use them strictly to physically separate the cables away from each other, by placing them around the cable I am trying to isolate from other cables In the picture, you can see that I have cut them to different lengths, and them install them wherever cables may be in close proximity to each
  13. My Linn dealer has ordered the Organik upgrade for the 350’s, which was already just upgraded to Katalyst. In addition, he has ordered the new Klimax DSM with Organik. I should have a chance to hear both when they arrive in the next weeks. The 350’s are truly excellent, and are designed for audiophiles. I had a chance to hear the dealers 350’s that were just upgraded to Katalyst a few weeks ago, and was very impressed.
  14. Excellent video. 👍🏻 I was very interested in his comments from the 7 minute mark onwards, regarding transmission of digital information over an analog signal and the introduction of noise that effects sound quality. I also took note of the steps he has taken with the devices, to mitigate the noise, and the devices that are effective. Thank you for your video. 😊 That does explain a number of potential issues that may be effecting the electrical supply in my home, or not? I don’t wrap extra shielding directly to the outside of mains cables, but have created some shi
  15. Thank you for your post. ‘I have access to an EMI measuring device, from a friend, and was able to determine a general idea of how much of an EMI field was generated along the length of a mains cable. This convinced me that I needed to take measures that were going to mitigate the interference, in adjacent cables. I also did hearing tests to determine if my efforts were effective, and it was.
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