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  1. It would take a lot of balls to invent something like that. ‘I think if I tried it, I would lose my marbles. 🤪
  2. As I mentioned above, movies without a centre channel can be a hit and miss, as most of the dialogue will be in the centre channel, and it did not down-mix to the front left and right speakers, for many of my movies. ‘I had a Exakt system, and it was not always that pleasing, especially with 5.1 music. It just seems to be missing a lot of information, and the down-mix was not ideal. ‘Perhaps with updates to Davaar over time this improved, but when I had a 4 channel surround, it was not ideal.
  3. Well said Frans. ‘Newton-John has a collection of 5.1 music, so to get the best from that, Ninkas will not be a good match with the Komris. ‘My preference would be a pair of passive Akudoriks or Akurate 212’s with an Akurate Exaktbox I, as that combination would be closer to voice matched for the Komris. The neater solution would be integrated Katalyst Akudoriks. 520’s or 530’s would work well, but will not give you the full potential of listening to 5.1 music as well as the Akudoriks, IMHO. ‘The centre channel is really important for 5.1 music, but I have heard systems that don’t have a centre channel, and with careful setup, it was possible to get the right imaging to fill in the centre with the right toe-in of the front speakers. That said, many movies need a centre channel, as the dialogue is often sent to the centre channel, and it doesn’t always down-mix to the front left and right speakers. ‘For myself, my journey to my ultimate 5 channel Surround system was fully realized with 3K array speakers all around, driven all Katalyst. That is a sound quality that engages the listener well, and wants me to play music every night. It has been a splendid journey indeed
  4. Thanks Woody, I’ll help arrange the 3K arrays for you, from my Linn sales guy. Cheers Paul
  5. Good advice on Majik 4100’s and Aktiv cards to drive the Majik 140’s. ‘Next step up would be a Majik Exaktbox I, with a Majik DSM to drive the 140’s Exakt. However, you could no longer use the Pathos integrated ‘Alternatively, an Akurate 2200 amp, or Klimax Twin driving the 140’s passive is an alternative that is sure to please. ‘Importing Linn from Europe is easy, and shipping costs from Europe to North America are usually quite reasonable. ‘You may check out eBay UK, Lejonklou Forum and other sites for Linn products, as well as Canuck AudioMart from Canada
  6. I have always wondered if Linn could build an Akurate 5200 amplifier, to power speakers such as passive 242’s, 225’s, Akubariks, and so on An ability to purchase a set of optional new columns for the bottom of the Akubariks, near the Isobarik drivers, in black, ‘Optional Linn mains leads, such as what Naim offers, that are better than the basic supplied mains leads. Optional Linn Blacks and Linn Silvers Ethernet cables, for purchase, or perhaps Linn branded Exaktlink cables ‘Trampoline-like platforms for placing under Linn electronics, to mitigate vibrations, much like the Trampoline does for the LP-12 ‘A published list of Linn recommendations for torque values on the speaker drivers for different Linn speakers. Linn videos available on-line that show you how to do Space Optimisation from start to finish, speaker levelling and speaker positioning, setting up a network and NAS, connecting an Exakt system properly, Tune-Dem, Setting up an Akurate Exaktbox I showing how to do proper connections with the speaker wires, a list of recommended reference music for setting up the system, explaining what the Linn owner should listen for when making adjustments. ‘Space Optimisation version 3, with available custom filters. ‘Bring back the analog Klimax Kontrol and Akurate Kontrol, as they still compete with some of the best available for sound quality. I believe it could attract Linn buyers that don’t want to go the Exakt route. What do you think would be a great addition to Linn’s lineup?
  7. Thanks, I’ll have to check it out. I generally take the pictures with my iPhone. Then I email the picture to myself. It will ask what size of image I want, and I usually send it at the second smallest resolution. ‘Then I open the image in the email on my iPad and save it to my photo library on my iPad. ‘Then when I want to post a picture on the Wam, it will be the correct size and not rejected because the file size was too big.
  8. Yes, they are self swappable, and you should do a matched pair. Just undo the bolts of the old 3K’s, and slide the array towards you, horizontally straight back. They plug in, just like an electric outlet. ‘Do the reverse for the new pair, and slide them back onto the same electronics connectors, and tighten the bolts by hand. If you have a torque wrench, many people tighten the bolts to 0.8-1.0 nM Alternatively, the old 3K arrays may be repairable, by a qualified Linn dealer who has the expertise and parts
  9. I went to the Music Matters event at Definitive Audio last year with Akamatsu and a Linn buddy of mine in Seattle. Gilad was there as well, showing off the new Selekt DSM. ‘Sadly, we did not get to see the cable elevator demonstration, as I am sure it was guaranteed to be uplifting. 😂
  10. There is no question that there are many products out there that are complete crap, with ridiculous advertising and claims. ‘However, HiFi dealers such as Definitive Audio and my own Linn dealers are selling components that are based on good science and are effective in improving sound quality. ‘I have purchased many items that have provided stellar improvements in sound quality for my system. ‘For example, a recent discussion regarding Isoacoustic Gaia vibration control devices for speakers and electronic components are extremely effective in improving sound quality. These devices were developed at Canada’s National Research Council Lab in Ottawa, and have been evaluated using good science and engineering. The NRC lab has a world class anechoic chamber used by many speaker manufacturers for developing their speakers.
  11. I have been to Definitive Audio’s dealerships many times and have met with Paul on a number occasions. They are definitely a first class HiFi destination and Paul is a great guy to deal with. They are certainly a premium Linn dealer. ‘One of things I love about Definitive Audio is that they have many demo systems available to listen to, as well as many upgrades to improve the sound quality of your system. ‘They are always happy to demo and sell high end mains leads, Ethernet cables, power conditioners, vibration control devices, high end racks that mitigate vibration and room acoustic treatment. This is also true of most high end audio dealers in North America. I guess they do that because it works? I wish I had your golden ears when it comes to HiFi, it would have saved me a lot of money. ‘I am very impressed that you can tell that something will sound better, worse or make no difference, without listening to it. 😊👍🏻
  12. I have one Linn Katalyst Surround system that plays stereo, 5.0 surround and my TV. Thanks for the encouragement. I will set about lowering my speakers, when I have a chance $1000 is cheap. ‘I know some people using Chord Music cables which are many times more than that, and they are quite happy with them. The ones I ordered appear to be black, but is the MC series Looking forward to hearing your report
  13. The Exaktlink closest to the mains lead is from the Akurate Hub. The Exaktlink closest to you is the Ethernet cable daisy chained to my Akurate Exaktbox 6, which feeds my Akurate 225 centre channel speaker Good idea on lowering the spikes on the Akubariks. The Akubariks sit on top of an Aurelex SudDude HT, and have been leveled with a level, so the Akubariks are horizontal Yes, I believe the power plug is made of metal. They are Shunyata Alpha Digital mains leads.
  14. Here is a picture of my current setup, for the curious. I am not sure if the Ethercon connectors will fit there?