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  1. I’m not choosing sides, but there is debate about this, that either is correct. https://ontheaside.com/music/plural-vinyl-vinyls/ https://thevinylfactory.com/news/petition-the-plural-of-vinyl-to-vinyls/
  2. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences with the new Ekstatik and Radikal installed It should be a massive improvement from your already excellent Klimax LP12.
  3. After adjusting the torque settings for my Akudoriks to 0.85 Nm for the 3K array and 1.0 Nm for the bass driver, that it has provided some improvements in sound quality. There is more detail and the sound is more refined. I had adjusted the 3K arrays in the past but had not done the bass driver. Yesterday, I realized I have never adjusted the torque settings for my Akurate 225 center channel speaker since new. I plan to do that today. I am planning to adjust the 3K array to 0.85 Nm and the bass drivers both to 1.0 Nm and see how that sounds
  4. Thank you Jens It is my great hope to revisit Hamburg, and meet up again with all the Linn guys I met there before, as well as yourself. Hamburg is a very interesting and beautiful city
  5. I have just completed adjusting the torque values on my Akudoriks. This is a far easier process to access the bass drivers on the Akudoriks than on the Akubariks, as the rubber ring covering the bass driver is far easier to remove and replace. I have adjusted the Akudorik bass drivers to 1.0Nm and the 3K arrays to 0.85 Nm and will let it settle in until this evening, before I do any listening tests.
  6. I use a Sealey STS103 torque driver which has a range of 0.05-5 Nm, with a stated variance of +/-1%, available on Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00NQCA1EE?pldnSite=1&th=1 Here is a link to the company’s website https://www.sealey.co.uk/product/5637202049/14hex-drive-digital-torque-screwdriver-005-5nm I have found it to be quite reliable
  7. Yes, I fully agree. If available, I would recommend the 2018 variant of the Klimax Hub, or if you can afford it, the NGKSH
  8. I had an extended listening session with many reference tracks yesterday. ‘I wanted to let the bolts holding the speaker drivers settle in after adjusting the torque settings on my Akubariks. My 3K arrays are now torqued at 0.85 Nm, the bass driver at 1.0 Nm, and the Isobarik bass drivers at 2.0 Nm. ‘I can now confirm that the sound quality is substantially enhanced with deeper more tuneful bass, improvements to the midrange and highs. A couple of hours well spent.
  9. I was able to confirm with Tendaberry today, that the bass drivers on the Akubariks are best torqued at 1.0 or 1.1 Nm He also stated that the Isobarik bass drivers on the Akubariks are best torqued to 2.0 or 2.6 Nm, depending on your preference ‘I just finished adjusting my Akubarik’s torque for bass drivers to 1.0, and the Isobarik bass drivers to 2.0 Nm, and listening to music now. ‘The bass driver sound quality seems to be better, with a bonus of improved midrange detail, but I will let the new torque settings settle in for a few hours, before making any conclusions. ‘The Isobarik bass drivers seem improved as well, with much more detail in the lower frequencies.
  10. I can confirm that the Isobarik bass drivers are bolted together using single bolts that secure both bass drivers together, facing each other. Removing all these bolts that secure the two Isobarik bass drivers together to the cabinet, gives access to the inside of the speaker cabinet.
  11. Congratulations on your new Komris, with many years of listening pleasure ahead I have had the opportunity to hear 6 Komri systems in person, including Ben Webster's fantastic Komris. ‘Everyone is using Solos or Twins, but never mixed them. ‘I can confirm that Ben Webster’s system with 4 Solos was sublime, and the people using only Twins was a superb listening experience as well.
  12. I had the same message “Associated With Another Account” when I installed my new (for me) hub about 6 weeks ago. As I recall, I had to restore my Klimax Hub to the factory settings, and all was fine after that.
  13. Great to read pdcman It is surprising how much improvement the Forester F1 power supply brings to the sound quality, compared to just a single Silent Angel Bonn N8 switch with it’s standard medical grade SMPS power supply Have you had a chance to try a second Silent Angel Bonn N8 switch in your network? The improvements in my system with the second switch, isolating the music streaming from the rest of the network was almost as big as adding the Forester F1 power supply
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