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  1. Growing up, music was a huge influence in my world, and sometimes felt like the one thing that made sense to me. ‘I made friends with people that had a large collection of vinyl LP’s and was exposed to a lot of great rock music that went well beyond what I heard on AM radio, or Classic Rock FM stations. I loved the garage bands and one hit wonders, but really enjoyed the album rock played on FM radio. Instead of the usually top 40, 3-4 minute singles played on the radio, I gained a love of songs that were 10 minutes or longer, and could even take up a whole side. Albums from Yes, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Moody Blues and others, dominated my world. In hindsight however, I don’t know how I missed buying so many important albums of that era. I now have a profound appreciation of those groups, such as the Doors, Steely Dan, Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Hendrix, to name a few. ‘I feel so privileged to have lived through such an amazing time for music, and being able to have been part of that history.
  2. Typically, I play music at around 60-63, but for the quieter recordings, may go up to around 70. I don’t get any clinical edge with my Exakt system
  3. It is great to get confirmation from musicians, on how our Linn systems sound, and how well they reproduce the organic sound of live instruments ‘Linn does a fantastic job of that
  4. Great to hear that you have dialed in your new subwoofer with the Exakt Subbox, mated to your Akurate 212’s, and are enjoying your music immensely
  5. Those 2 threads had a corresponding number of posts, and were by far the most popular topics on the forum. ‘I don’t see that reflected in your statistics?
  6. I note a number of people spend a lot of time posting on the HiFi Wigwam. Could that be understood as they don’t like their existing stereo system?
  7. Thanks Ben, I would be interested in your analysis This is awesome Pete, and surprisingly, it is searchable I note over 7.4 million views related to the What Are You Listening To thread, and over 6.6 million views of the Show Me Your Linn System thread I am not sure how anybody can claim that the Linn Forum had no influence on people’s purchases for music and Hifi.
  8. Interesting, but how did you arrive at those numbers? I recall differently, that there were posts mostly of people asking for help and general discussions about HiFi and music. ‘The most popular posts on the Linn Forum, by far, were in the Show Us Your Linn System, and the What Are You Listening To thread. These two threads garnered well over one million posts and views on each of those threads.. With the tremendous pool of expertise of Linn engineers and knowledgeable Forum members, issues that people were having with their networks, streaming, LP12 setup, and Space Optimisation dominated the discussions. There were countless posts on what steps to take next from their next upgrade and what piece of Linn people should buy ‘I would say at most, less than 10% of posts on the Linn forum were about tweaks. Many people were interested in threads about tweaking, because they wanted to get more out of their Linn system and looking for steps they could take, without spending big money on speaker or electronics upgrades
  9. Thank you for describing your story with your friend and dealer, and how he became a believer in better mains cables ‘The method you describe, of testing the Naim source and amplification using better and better mains cables, and using reference music is a familiar one for me. ‘I have experienced many examples where I substituted stock mains cables for better mains cables, listening to my reference music tracks. I too have found that better mains cables make the amplification sound like it has much more power, a quieter background, improvements in detail and sound quality. ‘I do believe you will be just as surprised as your dealer by what you are hearing, as you try these options in your system. I have never tried an experiment like what you propose above. ‘I am thinking it may be difficult to differentiate sound quality differences by powering one speaker with standard power strip and mains cable, compared to the other speaker having a QB8 and Nordost cable, as there will already be differences in the music between the right and left channels. Generally, I would try the stock mains cables on each tune box first, using the standard power strip. Then I would swap out the standard power strip for the QB8 power strips and listen. After that, I would substitute the stock mains cables for each of the Nordost cables, using the QB8. This will give a better idea of what the QB8 and Nordost cables can do . ‘I would also compare the standard mains cables on the Kontrol, and also on the CD12, plugged into the standard power strip and then into the QB8 In my experience, all of my mains cables have benefited from having at least 20 hours of burn in.
  10. Nordost make some exceptional products, but too pricey for my liking Chris’s dealer, which he has known and trusted for 23 years, is right to invite him to audition the mains cables, and then Chris can decide if it is for him or not. ‘Your opinions are biased and uninformed, mostly driven by expectation bias. Given you have never tried the Nordost cables you don’t have any basis to persuade or dissuade Chris from trying things out, so he is better informed on what products are available and whether they make a difference or not.
  11. Should be a very interesting experience for you. Looking forward to your report
  12. The way that the Linn Forum was closed was not how you describe it. ‘In fact, Linn were mostly concerned about leaked information on their new product, the Selekt DSM that was about to be released. Some people leaked the information on the Linn forum prior to Linn’s worldwide rollout. The posts and threads on the Selekt DSM were deleted, but not before we found out more details about the existence of the Selekt DSM. That is when Linn “temporarily” closed the Linn Forum. ‘After more than a month of being temporarily closed, the closure became permanent. Few people bought into Linn’s explanation of why Linn had closed the Forum, and many of them never signed up for the Wam. It was a tremendous loss of 10 plus years of information and history on the forum and many knowledgeable people no longer contributing. In hind sight, Linn would have probably benefited from allowing the leak of information for the Selekt DSM, and may have generated even more interest and sales. Yes, moderating a forum is work, but given that more than 30,000 Linn enthusiasts were signed up, Linn could have hired another moderator or 2 given how many people purchased Linn products by reading about it.
  13. So you are influenced by what you read on the forum in terms of forum member’s reviews, insights and enthusiasm to purchase Linn products!!!
  14. I’m not sure why you group all of the Linn engineers, as single minded in their thinking as if they all agree with the corporate line and direction. There is great diversity in thinking at Linn headquarters. With around 170 employees at Linn, many of them are engineers. I know from conversations with Linn employees at the events after work, that they don’t all agree with the corporate direction or ideas on how things should be done. In fact, many of them disagree with the corporate direction on many different subjects. Each engineer has their own ideas but must conform with the corporate system. ‘If Linn (Gilad) was so concerned about forum members thinking they knew more than the Linn engineers, that would have been easily corrected by some comments by Linn engineers, on their forum to educate them. At the very least, you moderate their posts ‘The diversity of knowledge and expertise on the Linn forum by some forum members was immense, and there were many people that did have knowledge that would rival the Linn engineers. It made for a very interesting read and contributed to the quality of the forum.
  15. That is one dealers opinion, and I disagree with it Most people that read this forum and the Linn forum have been influenced by what they read on the forum and have made decisions and subsequent purchases motivated by reading other Linn owners posting their reviews ‘Many of my Linn purchases were strongly influenced by what I read from others on the Forum. You would probably not have purchased your new Klimax Hub without reading about others reviews on this forum. You have never heard the NGKSH, yet you purchased it unseen.
  16. Yesterday, I had a musician over to hear my Linn system. It is not his first visit to my home to hear my Linn, but he is gobsmacked by the sound quality that Linn makes He plays his 12 guitars, piano and other instruments and has a very musical family that sings and plays professionally. He has spent a lot of time in a professional recording studio and is very familiar with recording studio techniques. He mentioned that the only way to get this kind of sound quality for recorded music that Linn is producing, is to actually be in the studio with the musicians, if and only if they are having a good day performing together. He says there are many things that can go wrong in a studio, and it is not often that all the variables come to get the kind of sound quality that Linn is able to get. ‘When he was listening to the music I played, he would close his eyes and follow every note in his head, on the guitars and keyboards, imagining in his mind playing the instruments and exactly where he would by placing his fingers to play. He was totally immersed in the music. ‘I thought I would pass that on to all the Linn enthusiasts here.
  17. I followed Donuk’s advise and did the upgrade this evening, with PDW’s assistance ‘It was a notable improvement in sound quality, with more dynamics, clearer detail, more relaxed presentation and bigger soundstage. The depth is the soundstage on Lou Reed’s Walk On The Wild Side is the best I have heard Well worth the effort. ‘Thank you Donuk, PDW and MickC
  18. Yes, they absolutely did walk away from one of their most powerful assets, IMHO ‘With over 30,000 people signed up with the Linn Forum that were Linn enthusiasts and owners, I can’t understand the reasoning for shutting down the Forum either. ‘I am grateful that we have HiFi Wigwam. I did notice that Rockfather posted the other day on the Wam. To me, that means Linn has just completed another project, and probably means there will be a major announcement with a new product launch from Linn soon? ‘September is a month when Linn often announced new products, at their dealer conference every year
  19. I love that there are no pop up ads, on Duck Duck Go, or ads targeted to what I just searched for on the web
  20. Before I joined the Linn forum 10 years ago, I was happy with my Ninkas driven by a 5100 My upgaditus has got a wee bit out of hand over the years
  21. I use the search engine “Duck Duck Go” No pop up ads, and they don’t track you. Search results seem to be even better than Google. Google filters the results, so you don’t see a lot of content that may of interest to you
  22. Having been on this forum and the Linn Forum for the last 10 years, I have seen that Forums can be very influential in encouraging participants to upgrade their Linn. ‘Perhaps two good examples of this are the Karousel bearing released last year, and the NGKDSN/NGKSH released this year. Sales of both items have been exceptional, and this has been before many magazine reviews or advertising by Linn. There are a lot of people who read this Forum that rarely if ever post, but want to keep up with the latest news and real life reviews from people that post here.
  23. My whole system is Apple, and I am starting to see ads as well I don’t use Google as my search engine
  24. I agree Last fall, I sold my Majik Exaktbox I to Richard at Krescendo, to help fund my new Akurate Exaktbox I. ‘Richard was easy to work with, gave me a fair price and paid for my shipping back to the UK
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