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  1. Yes, It's always nice to have some great sounding albums which allow the system to show off a bit ... But the real proof of a system is how enjoyable it manages to make the less good recordings in our collection. The best systems excel at this ...allowing us to focus on the music and not the sound .
  2. I suspect that in those circumstances I'd enjoy the digital playback as much as the vinyl . The digital file would be of the best possible quality and there could only be further information losses in its transfer to record and playback of the same. I do still wonder though, and despite all it's additive distortions, whether the best wholly analogue recording and playback captures something of music that digital cannot resolve .
  3. Trouble is there's no unit of "musical engagement " ...we can't measure it , so many will tell us it doesn't exist. Old analogue Luddites like me are always being told that what we like is the euphonic distortion ...but I've never believed its quite that simple .
  4. Me too. It remains a weird thing...but as sonically faultless as some digital recording and playback appears to be ...It's never done it for me at an emotional level. Records do ...but less so modern ones from digital masters or transfers. [ I still usually find these Digitally mastered and often over compressed LPs more rewarding than the equivalent CD's, digital streams or downloads ....maybe because the digital resolution of those masters is better than that of the digital files available to stream or download ? ] It's always hard to put this stuff into words... but there's a lot more going on than just the "pleasant vinyl colourations" that some folks lazily point to when debating the pros and cons of LP. There is maybe still more musical information in the bottom of a record groove than even the best digital recording technology can yet capture.
  5. Tend to agree with Kelly .The sonic differences between the cables themselves are probably more significant in our typical context.
  6. LP12 upgrades ? There are always dedicated engineers at Linn looking to find genuine sonic and functional improvements to the old LP12 . this day the LP12 remains a steady and reliable gravy train for the Headquarters accountants. [One thing I have sometimes pondered down the years is whether brains at Linn have ever come up with something that departs from the essential LP12 design so as to make it unfeasible as a retrofit upgrade to the existing product....thereby raising the unthinkable and subsequently rejected prospect of a completely different design ! In the mean time the LP12 has remained a classic example of engineering evolution... just as the Porsche 911 came a long way from the VW Beetle ]
  7. Nah, It's just old and tired. Probably not much thinking of any kind involved in it's history . Fact is, there have been a lot of LP12s built, over about 45 years now ! ...and the condition of the older surviving examples is not going to improve with bed rest .
  8. True in many a context, ... but with regard to hierarchy, its still sometimes difficult to convince folks that the bits you can't see are the most important bits .
  9. In my experience normal domestic furnishings and clutter have always been able to do a good job with the fine tuning of listening rooms. Recent trends towards minimalistic furnishing haven't always been helpful. A good load of randomly distributed clutter in a room can work wonders for the acoustics... ....and some of the worst listening rooms I've ever heard have resulted from half baked attempts at acoustic engineering !