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  1. Very sad news. Bunny Wailer has passed. An amazing Reggae musician.
  2. Hi I have been a Qobuz subscriber for a few years. The other day i noticed they had MJs Thriller Hi--Res 24bit 192kHz so I purchased it. When I played it it was showing as 24bit 176kHz (I believe this is the source that was used for the DSD files - SACD). So I emailed Qobuz support about the fact that the album was wrongly advertised as being 24/192. Here is the response I got from Qobuz. "Dear customer, Files are stated to be "up to 192Khz", these files have to be above 96khz to belong to this quality since there is no physical way to produce and keep the exact frequency of 192kHz whatsoever. Kind regards, Qobuz Customer Service" Although I like to consider myself somewhat knowledgeable in digital I do not have a PHD in digital audio. But "there is no physical way to produce and keep the exact frequency of 192kHz whatsoever" sounds like BS to me. There are only 6 standard Hi-res file resolutions (up to 24/192): 24/44.1, 24/48, 24/88.2, 24/96, 24/176 and 24/192. Qobuz would only seam to list 5. How ridiculous. I am going to email them back because as far as I am concerned I think they are clutching at straws by saying "Files are stated to be "up to 192Khz"". To me it is wrong to advertise the files as 24/192 when they are not. But, just in case, I would like your thoughts? Any experience of this? Was thriller ever released in hi-res 24/192?
  3. Am I missing something? Does have a link to If not, why? does have a LINKS section (bottom of the page) with a link to Linn Products but not vice versa, as far as I can see. Surely Linn Products should be trying to promote Linn Records? Why not a link in the Sources section? Lets face it the Linn mantra is Source First and the source is music. Perhaps someone can explain or correct me and point me at the elusive link. Seasonal Greeting to all.
  4. Hi, I was with Chris recently when he upgraded my LP12 with a Karousel. Get well soon Chris. Seasonal Greeting Stay Safe. Scott
  5. I have a set of Katans which are bi-wired, matched with a Sizmik 10.25, and connected to a Sneeky DSM using the internal amp. WOW! What a sound.
  6. Hi How do I turn off this <fill in your own expletive> annoying Tidal reminder that keeps appearing on Linn Kazoo? Every time I go onto Qobuz via Kazoo this reminder keeps popping up. Why do Linn not have a "Never remind me" option as well as the "Remind me later" option. And because of this very annoying interruption I WILL NEVER REGISTER FOR THIS LINN!!!!!! If there is one thing that drives me mad it is this sort of application harassment. I would have thought this was the sort of thing that Linn would be above.
  7. Since upgrading my Klimax DS to Katalyst I am now able to play DSD files. I noticed when I play a DSD file that Linn Kazoo displays the file as 24bit 176Khz. Is it therefor safe to assume that the KDS is not doing direct DSD -> Analogue but DSD -> PCM -> Analogue?
  8. Are you thinking secondhand? I would think it is better to just go to a Linn dealer and buy a new pair of hinges. I replaced mine recently. I think it was around £20 for the pair from Hidden Systems.
  9. Linn streamers support Qobuz accounts so why do they not make their recording available on Qobuz?
  10. Well I took the Linn Summer Offer plunge and upgraded my KDS to the latest Katalyst board and earned myself a free Karousel. So went down to Hidden Systems on Tuesday to pick up my KDS and get my Karousel fitted. It was just me Chris so we had a bit of a before-and-after chill session with Miles Davis' and 'Kind Of Blue' as our reference vinyl. After Chris did his majiK I was very surprised by the upgrade. Before, well it sounded excellent anyway but after it was an even cleaner sound and better soundstage. Lovely. I'm now a kid-in-a-sweet-shop looking forward to the weekend when I can sit back with my LP12 and KDS.... where to start? Why not with MFSLs release of 'Kind Of Blue' Thanks Chris.
  11. Guess who's back So my starter for 10 is: Apart from a Klimax 345, do you have any recommendations for compatible Sub to go with Klimax 350a's?