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  1. I think, for many, cable management is very difficult. In my own setup, I only have 3 boxes in my rack. My ADSM, 4200 and SkyQ box. My rack is a heaven self built oak cabinet. It is not possible to move the rack once in position. In order to connect all my equipment, I need enough length on each cable to be able to connect to the rear of each box. This is approximately 60cm of each cable (K400, LAN cables, power cables and interconnects). Once connected, I then push the units back in the cabinet and hope for the best. The thickness of some of the cables doesn’t help. It is practically impossib
  2. Roon was slow and clunky when I first tried it with 4GB RAM on board. I had spare RAM lying about from an old Laptop (2 x 4GB) and installed it in my TS251+. Roon performs fine with 8GB on board. If @dikki can add more RAM then he should be good to go with Roon.
  3. I run Roon on a QNAP TS251+ with no problem and no lagging or drop outs. Scrolling through my own music and Qobuz is fast with no issues. Only thing I did, was upgrade the onboard RAM to 8GB.
  4. I am due to renew Roon in a few weeks after my first year using it. I do like several of the features and would miss them if I leave. Things like Roon radio, which has introduced me to music I would not normally listen to. However, the big turn off for me is the new version, 1.8, I believe. The previous was so intuitive. This version has me searching all over to do simple tasks. I was just looking through my Artist list, and before I could select a letter such as ‘S’ and it would jump yo all artists starting with the letter S. I can no longer see how to do this. They also reduced the size of t
  5. I will have to take your word for it Paul. I have not listened to Vinyl since 1986 when I bought my first CD player and sold my Thorens TD160 record deck. What I do appreciate about digital, is the convenience. I can sit on my sofa for hours on end, without having to get up and touch anything apart from my iPad. I remember, and not fondly, having to clean and de-static my records, clean my stylus, getting up half way through to flip the record and glad I no longer have to partake in such time consuming activities. With my eyesight and less than steady hand, I would hate to have to try and lowe
  6. I’m afraid I have no answer to your question as I have no experience with optical Ethernet. What confuses me, is that I have my TV connected to my ADSM via optical connection as opposed to HDMI. I have been told by others on another forum, that HDMI is far superior to Toslink. I am happy to stay the way I have it and it suits my set up, but I then question as to why optical network cable will be better than copper as to me it it is the reverse to what I am told about HDMI v optical. My broadband comes into my house down copper and the cable into my BT router is probably the cheapest
  7. I have read the review of the UpTone EtherRegen and find the final summary as quoted below, very interesting. Especially the last sentence. I am sure this will apply to most products in the sector. Needless to say, I absolutely cannot recommend the UpTone EtherRegen. It seems to be designed by people who a) don't understand the architecture of streaming audio and hardware and b) didn't bother make measurements of said flaws before going to fix them. A problem was imagined, and then supposedly fixed.
  8. I could also be tempted if others find any improvements. As my DS is connected to my switch with an 8 metre cable, I am sceptical about changing my switch. But if there is noise entering the DS via the CAT cable then the ENO filter makes sense. It does seem a bit pricey for what it is, but the 30 day return offer is tempting.
  9. You maybe right, but I think those that buy to show off, will probably just use Spotify and never get close to the amazing sound it could produce.
  10. Probably because here in Scotland our electricity is so pure (like the water that makes our Whisky) that a 10 pence cable would be good enough. I just use two strands of wet string shoved in my main socket and the sound is just amazing.
  11. A bit late to the party, but I had a look at the new Klimax, and on looks alone my earlier comment about an Anti-Klimax was not far off the mark. Why the dial? I have had an ADSM for about 5 years and don’t think I have ever touched the front panel buttons once. Getting up off my backside to change something on the HiFi is a thing of the past for me. I can just about remember when I used to have to get up and turn over those black vinyl things way back in the 70’s. God I’m glad those days are over. I am not, and never have been, in the market for Klimax gear as I could never justify the cos
  12. I have tried to search in app but I just get artists and albums. I can’t see how to search for playlists.
  13. Hi Zee, thanks for sharing the playlist. I have Qobuz but not sure how to save your playlist to my account. I have the app on my iPad but could also fire up my windows laptop if needed. cheers, Bill.
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