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  1. Just read an article in the UK Sunday Times about the new Apple Spatial Audio. Apparently it is the biggest thing in audio since Stereo replaced Mono (according to the article). Has anyone heard this yet through a Linn system? Here is the link to the article, but you have to subscribe to the Times to see the whole thing: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/apple-spatial-audio-is-the-biggest-thing-since-stereo-ds9llq0bt I could photograph the article but not sure if that would be breaching copyright. Edit: I have just found the What HiFi article and it’s for headphones only. Hardl
  2. Sound advice. I was an avid reader of HiFi Answers in the 70’s. It was the best HiFi magazine at the time. Their advice was once you had decided what system you were having, stop buying magazines and just listen to music. Maybe that’s why they are no longer around. I always remembered that advice and pretty much follow it for lots of things. I have not bought a HiFi magazine for many years. When changing cars, I will buy a few car mags, mainly to make sure the model I fancy gets reasonable reviews and is not due for a model replacement in the coming months (dealers don’t tell you these things)
  3. I have on Flac, a copy of Buddy Holly, From the Original Master Tapes. If you turn the volume up and play the last track, True Love Ways, it is so hard to believe this was recorded more than 65 years ago.
  4. Hi Guys. I was listening to a track called ‘Tumbledown’ by Fish which starts with a beautiful piano ballad. Has anybody got any recommendations of similar type of piano music. I am not a big classical fan, but if there is anything like this, either modern or classical, I would like to check them out.
  5. Hi - just enquiring tentatively about the Obelisks - could you possibly give me some info on age, ownership, etc. And are they Mark 2s?  Photos would be great too.  (I’m based in Liverpool, but mother-in-law in Dundee so we come up via Perth quite regularly, so collection might be possible if I were to purchase.)

    Many thanks,


  6. My dealer offered me a choice of the 1000 or the 3000. He reckoned the 3000 would be a better match to the Akudoriks. He also sold Rel but said the SVS matched Linn better. In the end I auditioned the 3000 and never tried 1000 because the 3000 sounded so good. I don’t know about the Rel but the SVS is controlled by an app which makes it easy to adjust while listening and allows you to store presets. I use 2, one for music and one for movies.
  7. Is there anybody in this world, who has been clever enough in life to earn enough money to buy top-end HiFi, stupid enough to purchase this product at that price? If so, I am going to start selling my neighbours cats urine* in tiny bottles and make as many ludicrous claims as that article. If there is a market for this crap, I need to try and tap into it. Maybe that yacht in the south of France is not that far off. * my neighbours cat’s piss can kill off nearly everything in my garden it touches, so I am confident it would kill any contamination on your cable connectors. Send me a p
  8. Yes, I have tried SO right from version 1. I had Keilidhs then and SO just sucked the life out of them in my room. With the Keilidhs I had the choice of a boomy but pleasant bass or no bass at all. When I got my Akudoriks, I got the amazing detail they produce but missed the Keilidhs bass. That was why I introduced a sub. I now have a nicely balanced system that I enjoy listening to and no nasty boominess thanks to Gaia’s. I don’t have a way of testing, but I reckon I am going from 30 to 30khz. Not that I can hear much above 10khz at my age. I agree that the end result is the most important th
  9. All my walls are plastered brick. My ceiling is plasterboard (Sheetrock). My floor is wooden suspended. Large double glazed windows each side of the speaker wall. Lots of soft furnishings in the room. My problem was always the floor which created a boominess. Once I removed the spikes and fitted the Gaia’s, problem solved. I have played about with absorbing on settings but never got it to work.
  10. Thanks guys for all the help and concern. First thing I should say, is my system sounds amazing with no SO whatsoever. I have tried SO many times over the years and it ALWAYS sounded better without it (in my room). The SO I have at the moment as I said in my original post, is one I set up for the Obelisks I was auditioning and by chance tried it with my Akudoriks. It works well and I will leave it in for a while. I only use 2 channels of my 4200 and have the Akudoriks full passive. I have tried the Kans and they are amazing for their size, but not up to the task of filling my room
  11. I have found that if I use SOv2 with the slider all the way to the right, it sounds exactly the same as with SO turned off. Almost like this was the only setting that actually did anything.
  12. Yes, I had the sub added to my Akudorik SO settings. One thing I did do to the Akudoriks was to bung the rear ports as this helped integrate the sub into the system. There was no way of telling SO that I had done this which may be why I could never get SO to sound better than it did when it was turned off.
  13. I have an SVS 3000 sub partnered up with my Akudoriks and it works wonderfully. It goes as low as snakes belly.
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