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  1. Thanks for the replies so far guys. I do have, up my loft, an old Yamaha surround processor, that I used many years ago. It allows your own system to do the front L & R while it handles the centre and rears (sides). Trouble is, it’s a massive box and the speakers are wired. I had rather hoped that in these days of WiFi and Bluetooth, there would a slimmed down modern equivalent. Seems like I am hoping in vain.
  2. Hi Guys, I have a Sony OLED that I can play through my 2 channel HiFi if I wish. The sound from the TV is pretty good for normal day to day listening. When watching movies, I would like to have rear channels. I am looking for suggestion as to how I can add this without any change to my main HiFi. If possible, wireless rear speakers would be preferable. I can see ways to add this if I get a sound bar, but I don’t need a sound bar. A simple processor to process the rear channels and a pair of speakers is all I need but I am struggling to find such a thing. I had hoped Sony would have rear speakers compatible with the TV but, again, I can’t find anything available here in the UK.
  3. Looking to buy myself a Christmas gift but not sure if what I want exists. My system of fine for music and I don’t wish to change it. I have my TV on the wall between my Akudoriks and I have a sub. What I like is to add a pair of rear speakers to give my surround sound. However they/it must be able to tick the following boxes: Wireless, able to integrate with my existing Linn system, good quality rear sound and auto shut off. Control unit not too big.
  4. Before hitting the fallback button, try unplugging your ADSM from the mains and then back on again first. This happened to me a few years back and a hard reboot worked. If it doesn’t then follow Mick’s advice.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. I have went for 1&3 for treble and 2&4 for bass. So far sounding good. Next thing is to replace the metal linking plate on the speaker inputs on the Akudoriks to proper cable links.
  6. Why do you need to daisy chain the input? Mine has this done internally so I only have one pair of interconnect leads which I would assume is a better option sonically and neater on the outside.
  7. For a good while now I have been running my Akudoriks passively from my 4200 only using 2 channels. I am going to go back to bi-amping and wonder if there are any thoughts as to which channel of the amp should go to which drive units on the Akudoriks? My initial thought is the 2 outside channels for the treble (3k array) and the two inside channels for the bass. What confuses me is that the channels are numbered 1 to 4 from one side. So I would be using 1&4 for the treble and 2&3 for the bass. Does this sound right or is there a ‘correct’ way to do it? I also have a sub and take the RCA phono plug output to the sub from the pre-amp in my ADSM/3. I haven’t noticed any delay issues, but wonder if I should be using the pre-outs from the 4200 instead of the ADSM? Thanks in advance, Bill.
  8. I did think that with the release of the new Organik there would be a chance for those, such as myself, who have ADSM’s to go to Klimax level at a reasonable price. From what I have seen on eBay, prices are still too high to tempt me. I am also not sure if a KDSM can be a straight swap for an ADSM? Looking at the rear panel of some of them, I can’t see any phono out sockets so not sure how to connect to my 4200 amp. However, the major turn off for me is the ones in silver. Such a ‘last century’ colour. Realistically, the silver boxes should be half the price of the black ones, or at least throw in a free can of black spray paint
  9. Listening to the new Lana Del Rey on Qobuz and enjoying it. Just watch your volume when it gets to the short interlude track ‘The Trio’.
  10. Once I find a UK distributor for Blue Jeans cables, I will replace the CAT cable to my ADSM. That’s it unless I find a pair of immaculate used passive Akubariks for less than £4K.
  11. I have ADSM/3k into a 4200. Previously I had Keilidhs and now I have Akudoriks. At no time have I ever thought my system was too bright. I am in my mid 60’s so probably not hearing the really high frequencies. I do prefer the Akudoriks to be driven passive using just two channels of the 4200 as opposed to bi-amped. Bill.
  12. I don’t use the Linn remote often when playing my ADSM/3K as I use Roon on the iPad. However I picked it up tonight to turn the volume down and found that I had to press the volume button repeatedly to reduce the volume one step at a time. I am positive it use to reduce the volume if you held it down. Now if you hold it down it only goes down one step. It’s the same when raising the volume. Am I imagining this or has it always worked this way? And more to the point can I change it?
  13. I don’t use the Linn remote often when playing my ADSM/3K as I use Roon on the iPad. However I picked it up tonight to turn the volume down and found that I had to press the volume button repeatedly to reduce the volume one step at a time. I am positive it use to reduce the volume if you held it down. Now if you hold it down it only goes down one step. It’s the same when raising the volume. Am I imagining this or has it always worked this way? And more to the point can I change it?
  14. For many years now I have used WD drives. I ended up getting a WD Red SSD as they are recommended for use with a NAS. I hope it lasts for many years.
  15. Jeremy Clarkson wrote in the Sunday Times a few weeks back that all the best music was written and recorded from the early 70’s to the start of punk and everything else is rubbish. While I don’t entirely agree with him, nearly all my favourite albums are from that period. I have on my NAS every album from that period that I bought and now have those I wanted but couldn’t afford at the time. This is my ‘collection’ and although it all on FLAC files, I treasure the disk that holds them. While I like listening to new music, if could only listen to music from one period it would be the 70’s. Since subscribing to Tidal, then Qobuz, for the last 4 years I have never bought a single album. Mainly because I don’t need to, but for me, more importantly, there has not been anything that I feel I need to own. If I listed my top 100 albums, I don’t envisage there being anything included from this century. I am not even sure how you buy an album these days as I believe they have stopped producing CD’s. I am about to purchase a new Laptop and it won’t have a CD player so I will be unable to rip anything in the future. I realise turntable owners purchase vinyl albums for a different reason, but for me, my music buying days are over. RIP hard media.
  16. No Google Paul? I didn't realise there was anything else out there that was any good. 'Dad, whats the capital of Iceland?' 'Just Bing it son'. Said no one ever
  17. Hi Guys. It has been a while since I started this thread. At the end of last week I finally got around to replacing the 2 4TB HDD's in my NAS with an SSD. I have started with just a single 2TB SSD as I had around 1.78TB of files in my Multimedia folder. The rest of what I had, was just business backups which I now have elswhere (on an old HP Microserver to be precise). I ended up resetting the QNAP back to new and installed the SSD. I was a bit dissapointed to find that once it was formatted and the QNAP OS was all installed I only had 1.54TB left. Using Sync software, I have copied over albums, videos and photos. I have left off some stuff I will probably never listen to and I still have about 4 GB of free space left. I intend to add a further SSD (maybe just 1TB) just to have extra space and this will be added without RAID so that I have 3TB of space (minus the space the fairies need). This should be more than enough as I am not adding very much these days with me being a Qobuz subscriber. I have to say that I am happy with the speed everything loads up now. Album art displays instantly when scrolling using ROON or the Linn app. I won't say it sounds better because I have not listened enough but fisrt impressions are good.
  18. Damn, you are both correct, Suzi Quattro was the first act. I do remember my ticket had me in row D and when I turned up at the Edinburgh Empire Theatre I discovered there was no rows A and B, so ended up second row from the front. Don Powell broke a drum stick and through it in the crowd, it bounced off my shoulder and someone behind me grabbed it. Happy days.
  19. Yes, great song. Slade we’re also the first band I went to see live. Although, technically, Thin Lizzy were the first band I saw live as they were the support band.
  20. I sold all my LP’s back in the late 80’s so that I could buy CD’s (often buying the same album again). I ripped all my CD’s to FLAC about 10 years ago. About 5 years ago I had a clear out of stuff we no longer used and took it to the charity shop. This included all my CD’s and DVD’s. Up in my attic there is about 20 LP’s that my wife wouldn’t part with, a bunch of 7” and 12” singles that may or may not be collectible’s and a few ‘special edition CD’s’. They will probably be thrown out if and when we downsize. I chose the streaming route when a friend gave me a loan of a SneakyDS he was selling as he had just upgraded to a MajikDS. This was about 10 years ago, maybe a bit more. It took me about 5 minutes of listening to decide that CD’s were finished for me. I do have Qobuz and Roon and a lot more free space in my house.
  21. My first LP was Slade Alive! I bought this after spending a week of my school holidays picking peas in 1972. I continued to buy LP’s right up to 1986 until I purchased my first CD player and a couple of CD’s. During this period of buying LP’s, I never once called them ‘vinyl’. It was always LP’s, albums or records, never vinyl. I no longer own any records, but if I ever did, I don’t think I would call them ‘vinyl’.
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