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  1. Jeremy Clarkson wrote in the Sunday Times a few weeks back that all the best music was written and recorded from the early 70’s to the start of punk and everything else is rubbish. While I don’t entirely agree with him, nearly all my favourite albums are from that period. I have on my NAS every album from that period that I bought and now have those I wanted but couldn’t afford at the time. This is my ‘collection’ and although it all on FLAC files, I treasure the disk that holds them. While I like listening to new music, if could only listen to music from one period it would be the 70’s. Since subscribing to Tidal, then Qobuz, for the last 4 years I have never bought a single album. Mainly because I don’t need to, but for me, more importantly, there has not been anything that I feel I need to own. If I listed my top 100 albums, I don’t envisage there being anything included from this century. I am not even sure how you buy an album these days as I believe they have stopped producing CD’s. I am about to purchase a new Laptop and it won’t have a CD player so I will be unable to rip anything in the future. I realise turntable owners purchase vinyl albums for a different reason, but for me, my music buying days are over. RIP hard media.
  2. No Google Paul? I didn't realise there was anything else out there that was any good. 'Dad, whats the capital of Iceland?' 'Just Bing it son'. Said no one ever
  3. Hi Guys. It has been a while since I started this thread. At the end of last week I finally got around to replacing the 2 4TB HDD's in my NAS with an SSD. I have started with just a single 2TB SSD as I had around 1.78TB of files in my Multimedia folder. The rest of what I had, was just business backups which I now have elswhere (on an old HP Microserver to be precise). I ended up resetting the QNAP back to new and installed the SSD. I was a bit dissapointed to find that once it was formatted and the QNAP OS was all installed I only had 1.54TB left. Using Sync software, I have copied over albums, videos and photos. I have left off some stuff I will probably never listen to and I still have about 4 GB of free space left. I intend to add a further SSD (maybe just 1TB) just to have extra space and this will be added without RAID so that I have 3TB of space (minus the space the fairies need). This should be more than enough as I am not adding very much these days with me being a Qobuz subscriber. I have to say that I am happy with the speed everything loads up now. Album art displays instantly when scrolling using ROON or the Linn app. I won't say it sounds better because I have not listened enough but fisrt impressions are good.
  4. Damn, you are both correct, Suzi Quattro was the first act. I do remember my ticket had me in row D and when I turned up at the Edinburgh Empire Theatre I discovered there was no rows A and B, so ended up second row from the front. Don Powell broke a drum stick and through it in the crowd, it bounced off my shoulder and someone behind me grabbed it. Happy days.
  5. Yes, great song. Slade we’re also the first band I went to see live. Although, technically, Thin Lizzy were the first band I saw live as they were the support band.
  6. I sold all my LP’s back in the late 80’s so that I could buy CD’s (often buying the same album again). I ripped all my CD’s to FLAC about 10 years ago. About 5 years ago I had a clear out of stuff we no longer used and took it to the charity shop. This included all my CD’s and DVD’s. Up in my attic there is about 20 LP’s that my wife wouldn’t part with, a bunch of 7” and 12” singles that may or may not be collectible’s and a few ‘special edition CD’s’. They will probably be thrown out if and when we downsize. I chose the streaming route when a friend gave me a loan of a SneakyDS he was selling as he had just upgraded to a MajikDS. This was about 10 years ago, maybe a bit more. It took me about 5 minutes of listening to decide that CD’s were finished for me. I do have Qobuz and Roon and a lot more free space in my house.
  7. My first LP was Slade Alive! I bought this after spending a week of my school holidays picking peas in 1972. I continued to buy LP’s right up to 1986 until I purchased my first CD player and a couple of CD’s. During this period of buying LP’s, I never once called them ‘vinyl’. It was always LP’s, albums or records, never vinyl. I no longer own any records, but if I ever did, I don’t think I would call them ‘vinyl’.
  8. If your NAS is goosed and you don’t have a backup, here’s a tip for you. Buy a new NAS with same drives or larger than you already had (hopefully paid for by the insurance). When the lightening hit, the disk heads will have stopped dead on the disks. Smack one of the drives hard on a flat surface and put in new NAS, it should start the NAS. It will show disk errors and you maybe lost a track or two. Should be good enough to allow you to add a new disk in RAID and build the new NAS. This is what I did. Rather than go through every track to find the damaged data, I restored from my backup and all worked fine. Good luck.
  9. When I got hit back in 2018, it took out every piece of equipment connect to my network, ADSM, TV’s, NAS, switch, Sky box and blew the router apart. What was strange is that it also blew up my 2250 amp which was only connected to the ADSM by the input cables. My insurance told me to take my Linn gear to my dealer for evaluation. The dealer the contacted a Linn who informed them that any equipment damaged by lightening would not be repaired and only replaced. My insurers paid up no problem and I ended up with the latest gear. Fortunately I had a backup of my music as my NAS was fried.
  10. Does anyone know why there is only 6 pins? Potentially there could be 10 if every number was used.
  11. Good to know Akamatsu for my next car. My current model (a 2019 Merc) doesn't have it for some reason, yet my sons 2017 Audi does.
  12. This should be a concern for the HiFi industry. When my son moved into his new flat, I offered him my Linn Classik/Kans combo but he said he would prefer a Naim Muso. I then offered to buy him a new Selekt plus speakers and again he turned me down. I ended up buying him the muso. Saved myself some cash and he loves it. A loss for traditional HiFi though. Every ‘Young’ person I know has Spotify. When I say young, I mean under 50. A lot of them use it with Apple CarPlay which I don’t think supports Qobuz or Tidal. I also work in a lot of private homes and if there is music playing, it is nearly always being played through a TV or an Alexa device. I think we Audiophiles are a dying breed.
  13. Apart from @JRS answer to Q1, I pretty much echo all he says. The biggest bugbear for me has always been the fact that my wife does not find it easy to play her own music. The only way I can set it up for her is to use Pins. This gives her a choice of 6 albums which I have to change for her every so often. The high end car is a good analogy, I have a Merc and my wife can drive it without a second thought. My answer to Q1 is in my WAM profile.
  14. My Old Linn Classik has an alarm function. Funny how modern stuff is not always as good as old stuff at some things.
  15. Play ‘Rites of Passage’ from the album ‘Rain Gods with Zippos’ for starters.
  16. Watched this the other night on the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000qptf He talks about Blackbird in the programme and mentions a concert in the US that they refused to go on stage until they allowed the blacks to mix with the whites. Not sure if it’s available out with the UK, but I am sure there are ways around that.
  17. I think Misplaced Childhood must be my most listened to album of all time, probably overtaking DSOTM a few years back. Qobuz has also opened up a lot of Fish’s solo stuff to me and I have been listening/discovering a lot of his stuff I had never heard before. I only recently discovered his track ‘Rites of Passage’ a fortnight ago and it is now one of all time favourite songs.
  18. I have been reading this thread with interest and trying to figure out what possible benefit I could get by purchasing a Melco S100 (or any other expensive switch). I have a fairly standard network with a BT Router and 8 port switch. I have no issues (that I can hear) with noise being transfered from my Router/Switch to my ADSM/3K. As I type this, I am looking out my rear window at a BT telegraph pole at the bottom of my garden some 50 yards from my house. From this pole, copper cable is strung across my garden to the eaves of my house. It hen travels 20 feet to my cellar, a further 40 feet under my floorboard to the front of the house and up to my BT wall socket. From the wall socket is the thinnest (and probably cheapest) length of 2 core cable that goes to my router. I am at a loss as to how anything I put after this cable, can improve what comes down the cable. I can listen to a track on Qobuz (down the rubbish copper cable) or a rip of the same track from my NAS and not hear any difference. No timing issues, no interference, no line noise, nothing. I have tried cat 5, cat 6 and cat 8 lan cables, and again, nothing. Cheap lan cables and expensive ones. Nothing. If Qobuz can send me a perfect stream of my favourite track, from wherever in the world it is based, through various countries broadband infrastrures, along the cheapest of copper wire into my house, how can spending £2k on a fancy network switch improve this stream?
  19. I don't want to stray off topic, but I think donating CD's and DVD's to charity shops is a good thing. It helps to introduce new customers to artists they may not have heared before. It also put's money in the charity's pocket which I am sure many artists won't have an issue with this. When I was handing the CD's in to the carity shop, I would often browse what they had and buy a few, take them home, rip them to the NAS, then hand them back next time I was passing. To me this is a win, win situation for the charity and often I ended up buying more new stuff from the artist. Not doing this so much now as I have hardly any CD's left and I have Qobuz so no need to purchase music now. I still browse if I am dropping off other items to the charity shop in case there anything rare pops up. The only music I have bought lately has been via Bandcamp and it is usually (new) artists that are not on Qobuz, but have been recommended to me. Back on topic, I think I have watched the Blues Brothers at least 30 times and it never fails to entertain. I tend to watch it at least once a year, usually around the date John Bellushi passed. I would love to see it again in a cinema, but have to make do with my TV.
  20. Another Friday Qobuz junkie here (Sorry Mike, I’m not allowed to stay up late on a school night). Once I have rejected the re-issues and weekly David Bowie ‘New release’, I usually find one or two gems that go on my playlist for the coming week. Like a lot of you, I have many albums on my NAS, but rarely listen to them, preferring Qobuz. More often than not, even when I do play one of my old favourites, is usually the Qobuz stream instead of my ripped copy. On the subject of keeping CD’s, I have a handful of CD’s up my loft, but the rest went to the charity shop. I still have the rips of course and don’t feel bad about it. Not sure what action could be taken against me and not even sure there is anyone policing this. What is the worse that can happen. Like I say, I hardly play them anyway. I do like a good movie or Netflix series now and then, but like others here, I could live without my TV if I had to. Problem is, I would end up in the pub if the football was on.
  21. 14c in Scotland is shorts and Tee shirt weather. Inside or out. My main point is the humidity levels and the temperature fluctuate so often, adjusting SO would be a daily chore for me.
  22. I have to admit, that when I read posts like this, I am so glad my system sounds better without SO. I live in Scotland. It was 22c yesterday and 14c today. God knows what tomorrow. On some days, I would need to adjust SO 3 or 4 times if it really did make such a difference. Would be more trouble than it’s worth for me.
  23. I think you are right, pause did use to work. I just hit the off button (which doesn’t always work first time) and start from Roon when I come back. Not ideal I know. It’s a shame Linn and Roon can’t sort this out between them.
  24. Sorry if I was not clear. I do not intend to add a NUC to my existing setup (I do not see the point) but merely wishing to know if the best option is upgrading my existing NAS with an SSD or ditching it for a NUC running perhaps Windows or some other OS that can run Roon and Plex. Or to put it another way, is it worth investing in my existing QNAP by replacing the existing HDD’s with SSD’s? The QNAP runs Roon and Plex perfectly well, but will I get any benefit from changing the NAS to a NUC? And if so, what benefits. If I went for a NUC I would put the OS (windows 10?) on a 128Gb SSD and my music on a separate 2Tb SSD all in the NUC case. Roon and Plex would run on the OS. Cost of the NUC is not an issue but I see no point in it being over speced. The general consensus from the replies above (thanks guys) seems to be that I stay with the NAS. I can buy a single 2TB SSD and ditch the HHD’s. I understand RAID but have no real need for it. If my single drive failed, I would just buy another and restore from my backup. I will be using WD Red drives and I have never had one fail on me yet (my last NAS was struck by lightening and the drives survived sufficiently to enable me to retrieve all my data).
  25. I have a pair of Kans Mk2’s that get little use in my study but sound great when I do turn them on. I am not sure how old they are or how many owners they have had, but the build quality gives me confidence they will see me out.
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