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  1. I wrote this in May 2020, when I was again angry about LINN's habitude to cancel features or blogs, I loved. Now, when IFTTT Support ended at May 1st (2020), there was still no official way to switch on my favourite radio channel each workday morning. Alexa is no way for me, because it is only available in UK. So I tried other possibilities and two things came on my mind: LINN API and LPEC. As I am working as an IT Business Consultant, I am familiar with REST API Interfaces. It is quiet good explained in Linn Docs. But there was an easier way for me to go. Look here: https://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Developer:LPEC and https://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/images/6/64/LPEC_V1-E.pdf I already had experimented with LPEC on my MacBook one or two years ago. With knowing the IP Adress of your Linn DS/DSM, you can send LPEC commands to your streamer with a command line interface (e.g. Terminal on mac). This works for a couple of features like selecting a Pin to start a playlist or radio channel, toggle mute or standby or select a volume level. But how to manage a „cron job“? A timer or event driven way to invoke this little script? I found, that there is an option on my iPhone/iPad called "Shortcuts". You can create an individual shortcut by script. Within this function there is a feature to send a ssh script to a ssh server. This sounds more technical as it is. Beside my Mac, I also use a raspberry Pi in my network as well as a NAS. Both can be acting as a SSH server. And now it is this simple: just send the script via the iPhone shortcut to the ssh server (IP address, user and password are parameters and then the script. Now you can give the shortcut a name and it can be executed via Voice (Siri), NFC Tag or just by pressing the widget or - what I was looking for - via automation by timer or event!!! .... But does it work, while I am not at home, without my iPhone using the same LAN? Yes, with Apple Home any AppleTV or Homepod can perform these shortcuts as well. If anyone want more details or examples, just ask. I'm really happy with this solution but maybe try the REST API way as well to have a cloud based solution. Now this solution works stable for more than a year now! This is the script to turn on my AEDSM and activate the PIN with my favorite radio channel for an raspberry PI: LinnIP= echo "Action Ds/Pins 1 InvokeId "\""3"\""" | nc $LinnIP 23 You have to change the IP Adress to the one your system has, of course. If anyone needs advice in setting up this shortcut, feel free to contact me. BR Frank
  2. I was one of the lucky-ones, who took profit of Paul's generosity. I have my equipment from 3 different dealers and my EXAKT System was of course "optimized" by the dealer. Even twice, because I was more than disappointed after the first Installation. A EUR30K-Invest which ought to take me to musical heaven and made me sick and tired to listen to. Paul did a wonderful job with SO1 and I did not change anything for more than 18 months. When I upgraded to Katalyst some changes were necessary and with SO2 some more were to come. In the end I am currently switched off SO2 because I cannot understand, why I have to do some vague settings instead of exact optimizations, I had with SO1. All my results are ending in a lack of bass. Maybe it's time for Paul to continue his traveling for making some guys happy here in good old Europe
  3. In digital systems the clock is absolutely crucial. LINN was one of the first with the NUMERIK as an external clock for the KARIK CD Player. I still use the KARIK with a MUTEC MC3+ USB which works here as a reclocking system. The sound improvement is remarkable. MUTEC has launched the Ref 10 - a 10 MHz Clock for about 3.5K€ with excellent recommendations. So I wonder how the signal from the URIKA 2 could take profit from the NGKSH Clock. Maybe there's a difference whether you connect it into the NGKSH first, instead of setting it into the EXAKT Chain via the Speaker-Inputs?
  4. I use the Mutec MC3+ USB as a Reclocker for my KARIK (digital out) and it is a huge progress in CD Listening! Though a ripped CD via my AEDSM gives a slight better quality. The only reason for the Karik is the family, which still uses CDs sometimes. Therefore the reclocker is a bit snobistic. But the MC3+ USB is also capable to get the digital output from the LP Source (via AEDSM) and send it with low jitter and reclocked to an PC/MAC via USB. The DAC is in my Akubariks Katalyst .
  5. Hi all, out of an internal mistake by Linn I found an information in a Linn document, that they are planning to discard the services for IFTTT (a cloud IOT service to manage smart home functions). Therefor I asked Linn in the developer forum, wether that's true, and they confirmed this service will end in the beginning of next year. I use IFTTT to switch on my Radio each workday morning and really like this feature. Also it automatically switch off the radio at a specific time. If there's anybody else in this forum using IFTTT, please help me to convince Linn to maintain this service. Thanks and BR Frank
  6. Hi OldLinn, I had the same Issues, but I never reinstalled the App. I found out, that when I left my Kazoo App open (either MacBook, iPad, iPhone) and changed the network (e.g. taking the devices to the office), Kazoo is constantly searching the device (AEDSM). One can find the networks by going to Setting/App Settings, in the fifth box from above. If you have problems, there ought to be a different network address from the one, in which your streamer is in. Click in the box and choose the correct one, and it is fine again. Hope that works for you. BR
  7. I also had my first tests on SO+V2 this morning. Beta is really stable, calculation takes much longer than "on premise". My Impressions: I like the better definition of stage (deeper), the mids and heighs seem more defined. BUT - the bass is really missing in comparison to my SO+V1 optimized by PaulSurround. I am not the bass freak, but I got used to it the last months, so I'd like to have it back
  8. Just an update, Linn (Colin) replied: The (Independent Highest frequency modelling) filters (version 5.0) are available for Akubarik Exakt speakers. These were superseded by (Extended drive unit modelling) filters (version 6.0) in August 2017. The 2.0 (Extended drive unit modelling) for the Akubarik Exakt are the latest available filters for the Exakt Akubariks. As the Exakt Akubariks have been around since 2014, there are more versions of filters. The Katalyst version of Akubariks have been available since 2017. This is why there are not as many filters. But as you can see. Version 6.0 on your speakers prior to the upgrade, use the same filters as version 2.0 on the Katalyst Akubariks.
  9. Thanks Paul: Mine are exa(k)ctly the same. But before I had: Akubarik Exakt Firmware (19.0) Exakt fallback firmware (3.0) Exakt Compiler (21.0) Akubarik Dimensions (2.0) Akubarik Exakt Filter by Linn (5.0 (Independent highest frequency modelling) It is the last filter version I am wondering about. Probably makes no sense with Katalyst? I started a request to Linn. I'll keep you informed.
  10. One Question - after getting back my katalysed Akubariks, I have seen, that my EXAKT Filters are just only V2.0 (Extended Drive Unit Modeling). Before I had V5.0 (Independent highest frequency modeling). I remember these filters as the "Christmas Enhancements" discussed in the old from quiet intensly. Can anyone of you with Akubariks Exakt Katalyst verify, which Version of Filters you have? Paul? Thanks and cheers, Frank
  11. Congrats Timster, here's a picture of my first Impressions after I got back my katalysed Akubariks. Enjoy!
  12. Have you ever tried? It makes a difference, easy to listen. And it is no snake oil. btw: Pricing is a matter of supply and demand. Call me an idiot, I don't care and enjoy my music
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