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  1. CAT SL 1Sig 5000 series with NOS Siemens 12AU7's and '63 NOS GE 12AX7 long plates.
  2. Stan at Shelley's is the 'go to' fettler for folks in the LA area. I am further south in the San Diego area, where we are lucky to have an expert 'fettler'. If you would like a second option to Stan, PM me and I will give you his name and contact info.
  3. In the US that LP is going to cost you $750-! One side only is playable. Apparently the LP is quieter than any vinyl and is able to be played on any turntable. With the price asked, I can think of any number of other LP's that I would rather own. Still, i imagine it will be a hot seller.
  4. Thomas, have you heard any of the Basis turntables from AJ Conti? If so, what are your opinions on these? BTW, i agree with you that the VPI tables are not that impressive, I too have heard the whole line, including the HRX you mention...I wouldn't swap a Klimax LP12 for one either.
  5. You have asked this same question on numerous forums...and i think few have given you an answer. I have stated that IMHO you should try and listen to the various tables yourself and come to a conclusion, based upon your tastes and expectations. I have gone with the Linn platform, as to my ears it is very easily superior to the VPI's that i have heard...and i have heard almost all of them! The drawback, if you could call it that, is that the Linn limits you pretty severely to what arm actually works on the little fruit box.
  6. Hmm..an LP 12 on the back of a Harley for over a thousand miles...would do wonders for sorting out any LP12 suspension issues!
  7. @ThomasOK Thanks for that. I think the problem I have locally is that there are no Linn dealers that are authorized to sell the LP12. They can sell the rest of the line, just not the table. One was authorized to sell the table, but his set up skills were so lacking that even after he had the training, due to his inability, he gave up on the table...and ultimately the whole line. I do have a local tech, not authorized by Linn ( although he was in the past, and probably should be again) who is actually really good with the set up. My plan is to go to him, once I receive a Karousel, and have him fit it. Obviously, if there were instructions in the packaging, this would help him out. Luckily, I think the fitting is fairly obvious, and since he has fitted the Radikal and the Cirkus upgrades for me, I’m pretty sure he can do the new bearing( given it’s fairly simple fitment.) Too bad you are half way across the country from me, as I would be pleased to give you the business.
  8. The rabbit hole, if you don't already own a large collection of records...is the acquisition of the records. That is likely to be far far more costly in the long run than the LP12 table. If you do already have a sizable collection, then acquiring the LP12 is an easy bet, and you should, at least IMHO, go for the best model your budget allows for. Recently I was considering getting into tape ( as this is the format that really sounds better than any vinyl set up, regardless of the turntable set up, IMO). The cost of this endeavor was not something I ultimately could budget for, along with keeping/updating my extensive LP collection and LP12. A large tape collection along wth the acquisition of a Studer A820 tape machine was no inexpensive proposition! The tape idea is shelved.
  9. Here’s where the problem arises in my area...the closest Linn LP 12 dealer is about 100 miles away. When we had a local dealer, he wasn’t able to sell the table as he couldn’t grasp the set up procedures, even though he did get the training. To that, the rep was constantly changing...one day one guy, the next someone else( according to my then local dealer). Now that Linn are apparently handling the distribution themselves, I have been told that the situation, as far as the local dealer is concerned, is no better. Remember, I am NOT in the UK, and this is where the knowledge line breaks down...at least in my particular area. Not saying this is true in other areas, or in the UK!
  10. I guess that might depend on where your dealer is located. Unfortunately, not only are mine few and far between, but they are not well supported it would seem!
  11. I guess some of the ones that I have been to in the past must have lost their password to log in, lol.
  12. @macfan Need a little more info here. To add to what has already been contributed, there is a possibility that the phono stage might have an intermittent issue. If you are switching out the phono stage when playing another source and therefore the Linn is not playing, I would check the phono stage.
  13. @ThomasOK While it would seem fairly straight forward to fit the Karousel bearing ( thank you DB1328 for posting that one page instruction brief ( which IMHO should be included in every package that has the Karosuel bearing kit) ...without the necessary instructions. I have experienced the following...and on more than one occasion: Go to Linn dealer with new Linn parts ( or with upgrade request)...they have no clue how to fit due to no instructions in the packaging, they then reach out to their Linn rep..who also has no clue--so he needs to talk to HQ.( that's when the learning process begins...since there is no instructions included with the parts)Seems to me to be a little, err..'cumbersome'!!! How are you 'instructed' on this stuff?
  14. Thomas, thank you for posting that cutaway drawing, it certainly makes it a lot easier to understand the design. Do you know if the instructions you allude to are going to be included in the general packaging, or are they just for the dealers who are going to be installing the bearing. Also, do you know if the 'diamond' coating is still applicable, or has that now been debunked?
  15. Glenn, I owned a Benz Ruby 2 for years...it was an excellent cartridge and had a long life. I would suspect the same should apply to your Benz Wood. Even though cartridges don't get stylus wear if not in use, after some considerable time, the rubber suspension parts will dry out.