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  1. Interesting story about the SF Strad. This does not surprise me, as it is known that when Franco was involved in the designs and at the factory, he was quite meticulous about each speaker. The craftsmen that were involved in the manufacturing of the Homage line were old world perfectionists. Therefore, something like exact torques would have been something that they would have taken note of. IMHO, the Homage line of SF's were quite extraordinary, which is why i still enjoy their GH model to this day.
  2. If it is a marketing ploy, I don't think it is a very good one. Although it would seem that folks have noticed the 'error'. Unlike Linn's use of 'K' which makes sense from a marketing perspective, this apparent spelling error...not so much, IMO.
  3. Amazingly, in the new issue of 'The Absolute Sound', the very same ad is featured on the back inner cover page....with the same spelling error! I guess the editors for both publications are on the same parole
  4. Maybe I am alone in this, BUT I dont have a problem with a turntable not looking like the 'Classical' design from yesteryear. For example, the Kronos table...which I think has a very interesting industrial design. ( and one that i think is also far more contemporary). The classic look in this regard would have to be the Oracle Delphi, which by most counts is still very fresh and looks great. Obviously I still like the LP12, as I have invested a lot in it, but I am still thinking there is room for improvement, and hopefully the lads at Linn won't rest on their laurels for too long...which it seems they are not, as the new Karousel bearing is a nice upwards step, here's hoping it continues.
  5. One of the things that might set the Naim apart is its platter. Looking at the Solstice platter and the LP12 platter in the picture above, one does have to question why Linn still uses their wimpy looking thing? It occurs to me that some of the best tables in the world are now using large ( and in some cases very large) platters, clearly there is a reason for this...inertial movement?? Anyone actually experimented with a much more substantial and larger platter on a Linn? ( i know this is probably heretical, but I thought why not ask? )
  6. There is a significant difference in output between most MM's and MC's. This needs to be taken into consideration. MC's are usually designed with lower ( and in some instances considerably lower) output voltage. As such, care needs to be taken with the match up of the cartridge and the phono stage. MC's are IME far more resolving and have greater dynamic capabilities than MM's. They are also more expensive, more prone to set up errors and are less forgiving of upstream mismatches. OTOH, if you really want to experience what your vinyl has locked in the groove, MC's are the only way to go. YMMV.
  7. IME, a superb phono stage is going to be far more important than whether the phono stage (particularly if it is marginal) is inboard mounted and the signal paths are short. Nopiano's point about decent ic' is 100% correct IMHO.
  8. Measurements don't prove anything if you are measuring the wrong thing. I tend to just trust my ears.
  9. Thomas, hearing what cables can or cannot do is highly system dependent. That much is clear from the replies here.
  10. You are not saying that the Linn stock pc's are the best for their gear?? I was under the impression that was exactly what you were saying. This is not my experience.
  11. There are so many excellent albums to pick from, here are a couple of my favorites: 1) on the Opus 3 label, 'Black is the color' Cyndee Peters 2) Shelby Lynne 'Just a little Lovin' on the AP 45 rpm reissue. 3) Satchmo Plays King Oliver 45 rpm Single. AP reissue ( if you really want to test the imaging, timbre and dynamics of your system!) 4) Doug Macleod With special guest Charlie Musselwhite 'Come to Find' on Audioquest. All of the above LP's not only have great SQ, but IMHO music as well. There are a lot of others.
  12. It is without doubt convenient and easier on the pocketbook to believe that cabling makes no difference, and that the stock power cords and interconnects that come with some gear ( including Linn) are ideal. Not my experience at all, but if you are happy with your status quo...more power to you.
  13. IME, everything matters in this hobby. Your system is only going to be as good as its weakest link. If you power cords are that component, then you will benefit by upgrading them. It is that simple.
  14. Linn has a very nice selection of colored ( coloured for all Brits) plinths available on their web page. Anyone opted for one of these? I think there are some great options amongst them..with a few that only your ----- would love. That plus you can have your initials placed on them seems pretty nice....maybe my next plinth. Pictures of your colored plinth.
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