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  1. Sorry, should read loading…not coding. I had a couple of issues with the record slipping off the guide and rotating at an angle, leading to some damage. This was luckily not on any valuable vinyl, but still a factor that would lead me to my conclusion
  2. You post an interesting topic. I too will be interested in the replies to this thread. Albeit, I'm not sure it is in the right area of the forum?? I recently demoed a Ultra Sonic Kirmuss RCM. Very interesting results vs. my old VPI 16.5 ( vacuum machine). The Kirmuss was definitely better in getting the LP cleaner ( and therefore quieter), although I did NOT use the 'Kirmuss' method. ( a long winded and time consuming process). US cleaning is IMO definitely superior to vacuuming, only problem is the cost of the available machines. The Kirmuss was ultimately discounted, as it does have an issue with slot coding of the records, potentially leading to vinyl damage! The VC-S2 is certainly way more pocket book friendly.
  3. Interesting that Linn didn't also opt to utilize for the Radikal ps the new casing, that was debuted earlier this year on several other pieces. Maybe they will be doing that on a near future upgrade. Would make sense to me.....
  4. Linn were thinking, let's use a sub par solution and correct it with an upgrade... There is a train of thought that it is pretty much impossible to better something if you do it 100% correct from the gitgo... ( unless circumstances change and the technology advances...which doesn't really apply to the plastic thread factor). Not saying that Linn have had this plan, but there you have it.
  5. How interesting. I never mentioned the darn LED issue before, figuring it was probably just my circumstance and that everyone else was more than likely ok with the issue. Seems like it may have been an issue for others. Certainly when i had the Radikal at the floor level, the problem was a non issue...only having to move it up on my rack to be close to my table did it become so. Now looking straight on, it's almost blinding!
  6. WOW!! I did NOT know that. For me, that is a huge benefit! My Radikal is mounted at about eye level, and the front panel LED just drills into your eye and is very unpleasant. I have to get a cloth and cover it when in use, it's that bad. I wonder why Linn did that, but big kudos to them for doing it.
  7. +1 I understand that Linn cannot be everywhere. However, IMHO, shipping the table all over the place is not an ideal situation, given the set up requirements. I don't even relish driving the table hundreds of miles for the same reason.
  8. There are a number of Linn dealers in the US, BUT most of them are not able to sell or service the turntable, as described above. My local fettler just retired, he wasn't even a certified Linn turntable seller, but he did have the right to do repairs, just not to sell Linn parts or upgrades..for the table or otherwise!! I had contacted the factory about this issue, but they were unwilling to certify him for the sales aspect....I understood their position, because maybe if you are in Scotland it makes sense. BUT when you are 6000 miles away and the number of folks who actually work on the turntable and have enough knowledge with the LP12 ( in my fettler's case garnered over three decades, which the factory very well knew) is limited to two guys ( one in his eighties), and the distance between these fettlers is hundreds of miles....it make no sense to me-- whatsoever. Now, I am left with the older gent about two plus hours north of me...OR I can ship the table to one of the other choices mentioned ( NOT my idea of fun,). Nor my idea of great support!!!
  9. I wish I had a dealer like you closer to me. The nearest is many miles away and charges a significant amount to do any update. Linn seems to not control this aspect..
  10. There is a lot of chatter (pun) on the various forums about the impact of exact speed in the analog reproduction realm. Mikey Fremer is being questioned about how he goes about speed checks. The new OMA K3 turntable that he just raved about ( makes the Linn LP12 Klimax table look like a pauper's piece in regards to price!! The OMA at a heart stopping $360K!!) is supposedly the best that he has ever measured. Prior to that, the Technics 1000R was the ticket, with its direct drive motor. IF the new Radikal truly does bring the Linn closer to 33.3 RPM than any other table, including the new OMA, Linn would do themselves a favour by submitting a sample to Mikey Fremer for review..IMHO. That's a very big claim..and one that should give them accolades if true.
  11. I'm curious how the Radikal upgrade is superior over the current Radikal...IF one isn't going to be using an Urika. The release seems to indicate it is most beneficial with the Urika, which I do not use. I will be interested in impressions once the upgrade is released.
  12. I thought I would ask this forum who is out there for B&o repairs in the Malvern area. My 90+ year old cousin owns an older set with the LP player integrated. He has given up on repairs and yet truly misses the music. Thanks for the suggestions.
  13. I think if one is careful with handling and lets the set up procedure be taken care of by a pro, it isn't going to be an issue. I have had many high end cartridges and never had a problem...
  14. The lack of stylus guard on numerous high end cartridges is a surprising factor!! I wouldn't be so sure that the new Ekstatik will have one...hopefully so. Funny that you mention that you trashed your Goldfinger, I know of a local a'phile who did exactly the same thing...on his Goldfinger Statement; this after just a few months of ownership and when it was priced at $15K. Not a happy camper as they say...
  15. The Ekstatik looks like a good deal with trade in. With no trade in, the price is bringing it into Koetsu, My Sonic, Air Tight, top flite Ortofon and a number of other superb cartridge maker territory. Pretty stiff competition!
  16. Nice idea. Last time I did this, not only was I ridiculed by those who absolutely know that there is no possible way to improve the old war horse, but plenty of flames were thrown…not my idea of fun. Those that believe the arm is totally perfect will not waiver, and those that do not…they already know what needs to be addressed. Thanks anyway.
  17. Deborah, your post sounds like its a little defensive... I dont rant against the Ekos SE-1, I'm just hoping that the arm gets its long overdue upgrade. I know you love your Ekos and want to defend it, but does that also make you a prejudiced bigot?
  18. Perhaps you misread my point about dealers not disclosing the upcoming Radikal revision. I was NOT suggesting that all dealers are trying to rip-off their customers (far from it), what I was pointing out is that there may be some dealers who think they can take advantage of the situation and ask for some additional monies from unsuspecting folks who are now left with the older model ( but one that they just acquired). These dealers are the ones that I would stay away from. My post did mention that if the difference in pricing is the same as the difference between the new version and the old version to upgrade, and that is what is now being asked, then no harm/ no foul. Unfortunately, the situation that you describe with the communications between dealers/reps and the factory clearly could lead to the consumer being at a disadvantage. ( if for no other reason than having to bring the table back for an additional fitting...which has not even been mentioned).
  19. Don't worry so much, you can always upgrade your Ekos SE when it gets replaced... Sorry if my posts about the arm have hit a nerve.
  20. You are mistaking what is made publicly available and what is made available to reps and dealers, two very different things. Look, I get it, you are a good Linn dealer, which is great.
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