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  1. Mansun - Attack of the Grey Lantern 21st Anniversary remastered version, 3 CD plus a DVD with 5.1 mix for the Linn Exakt Surround Upgrade I might never own 😂.
  2. Hi @Nestor Turton, Roon tells me it was Alois Gromer aka Al Gromer Khan playing the sitar on Tanz der Lemminge And this is exaKtly (Linn dialeKt😄) what I love about Roon: Just clicking on the name of the sitar player and the bio of Alois Gromer opens (born 1946 in Bavaria, studied sitar with master Imrat Khan, explaining his name change etc...) Ofcourse all useless information but I love it ❤️ Jens
  3. @StingRay No doubt you are a very clever guy who knows how to safe money but I would not regard "ripped cds" as "free" music for obvious reasons . It's entirely upto you to decide how to spend your money. From your previous posts I do understand that you - are not a friend of Linn streamers as there "seems to be too many issues" with this brand - deem Roon's fee o 10 $/€/GBP monthly as too expensive and have no use for it - like free Radio but are listenting to albums only While it is absolutely OK to have these views I wonder why you are posting this in a "Linn Owners Club and Forum": It might turn out to be a huge challenge to convince Owners of Linn streamers that they spent their $$$ in poor hardware and that they should store their music on an USB stick
  4. OK, this might be different. However I really like the look and feel of Roon and the fantastic integration of my own music library (of about 90.000 songs) with Tidal. As @kelly200269 just said: Roon is a joy to use. And yes: It's just one google search to obtain dozens of reviews and bios of any album or artist but I simply like the fantastic integration of these features within Roon. don't think that this 10 $ monthly is a wast of money besides the fact that this is a fraction of the price we all inclusive you have spent for audio hardware.
  5. @Quasimodo Although I was never as frustrated with the Linn Apps as other users I strongly support Kelly's suggestion: Although Roon is not for free (about 10 USD/Euro monthly) and will require a pretty fast CPU (either on a PC, Notebook, Mac, NUC or NAS) to run properly it has one "killer feature" which no Linn App can and will ever have: I am talking about "context", i.e. well written (by top critics and journalists) artists bios and reviews of most of the albums I have ever heard. (please have a look at ) In addition I love the excellent Tidal integration. I am no Quboz user but understand this works excellent as well. Last but not least I have not encountered any technical problems with Roon. Jens
  6. @sunbeamgls Many thanks perhaps my post was a bit unclear. Regret but this will be another (too) long post but I just want to avoid any mistakes or misunderstandings. So I have no intention to buy 2 Exaktboxes but I am just comparing following upgrade paths: Alternative A: EXAKT AKTIVE STEREO - keep my Majik DSM/2 - buy an Akurate Exaktbox-i - swap my B&W CM7 speakers for Exakt ready speakers (like Keilidh or AV 5140) Total cost (assuming buying Exaktbox-i NEW from Linn dealer without any discountand no gain/loss from swapping speakers and excluding cables) would be the list price of Euro 6.365 for the Akurate Exaktbox-i (only) as I do understand the 20% discount will not be granted for a single Exaktbox purchase Alternative B: Majik DSM--> Akurate System (incl. Surround) Upgrade for EXAKT AKTIVE STEREO or EXAKT PASSIVE SURROUND - sell my Majik DSM/2 - buy Akurate System Hub plus - buy Surround upgrade for Akurate system Hub - buy Akurate Exaktbox-i - (again swap my speakers for Exakt ready speakers) Total cost (after 20%) discount would be EURO 8.816 for Akurate System Hub with 7.1 Surround module plus Akurate Exaktbox-i Sales proceeds generated by sale of the Majik DSM/2 would further reduce the price differential between the two alternatives. Ofcourse Alternative B would result in an Exakt "lock in" if I would sell the Majik DSM but at the same time would be an Majik --> Akkurate plus surround upgrade for a liitle more than 1000 Euro i would spent for just the Exaktbox-i which appears to be tempting unless there is a mistake in my thinking Jens
  7. Sorry for my stupidity and my lack of Exakt and surround knowledge, but I have following questions: 1. Would the following upgrade qualify for the 20% discount on Surround system promotion? Akurate System Hub plus Surround Sound Upgrade (upto 7.1) for Akurate System Hub (Euro 1,430 list price) plus Akurate Exaktbox-i (Euro 6.365 list price) Total list price in Germany 3.225 + 1.430 + 6.365 = 11.020 Euro x 80% = 8.816 Euro ??? 2. Exaktbox-i active Stereo setup I presently own a Majik DSM/2 (Ekakt ready). I understand that by adding just a Akurate Exaktbox-i to my system I could drive any pair of "Exakt ready" 2-4 way speakers - but no 5 way speakers as Exaktbox-i has only 8 channels - Stereo in active Exakt mode. 3. Exaktbox-i "Surround pass through mode" By adding Akurate System Hub + Surround module + Akurate Exaktbox as per above (and selling my Majik DSM/2) I would not require any further box (i.e. no amp nor any other Exaktbox) to run upto 7.1. surround in Exakt passive mode Is my understanding of 2 and 3 above correct? Thanks for your help Jens
  8. Akamatsu, same with me. Actually even with a fully paid and legal Tidal subscription I still keep end enjoy buying LP's and CD's of the albums I like. Jens
  9. Frans, from what you aresaying Option 3 seems to be the one you should go for. In case you have not tried Roon at all sofar I would probably start with Option 0 with hardly any cost: Install Roon (they have 15 days trial free of charge) together with a Tidal and/or Quboz subscription on your PC or Mac with your music library also being stored on your computer or on an external drive attached to your computer and stream with Roon via ethernet connection to your Akkurate system hub.
  10. You are welcome! For anybody considering running the Roon Core on a NAS i can strongly recommend Chris Rieke's site
  11. @entdgc Not really: The Purchase of the - pretty expensive - Nuclues(+) will obviously tie you in to the Roon eco system but I doubt that this is the case with ROCK: Rock is distributed for free and the NUC can be used at any time for any other task by simply deleting ROCK OS and installing a "proper" OS like Windows or Linux. To the contrary disctribution of ROCK might even reduce sales of the Nucleus(+): The cost of my Cirrus/ NUC was about 1/3 of a Nucleus(+) only while having the same functionality but better hardware. Roon seems to be aware of this problem and therefore officially doesn't allow sale of 3rd party NUC's with preinstalled ROCK OS. i doubt, however, that Roon could prove this violation of the license terms ... Jens
  12. Frans, sorry if my explanation was a little misleading and Mick is absoluitely correct: Roon Core is not the same as ROCK. Roon explains this on So in order to get the Roon Core running you just install the Roon (Core) App on the Apple, Windows or Linux computer of your choice. Roon offers also it's own pieces of hardware called Nucleus (abt 1500 $, based on Intel 8i3 NUC) respectively Nucleus+ (abt 2.500 $ starting price excluding any disks for music storage, based on a Intel 8i7 NUC), which comes preinstalled and you can use them out of the box as a Roon Core, for prices and spec please have a look at In addition to the Roon (Core) App Roon offers also an Linux based OS called ROCK (Roon Optimized Core Kit) which is apparently pretty similar to the OS Roon is using for the Nucleus(+). This ROCK runs headless without any need for a monitor (upgrades etc are possible via the Roon App and a web based interface) and has no other functionality than running the computer as a Roon Core. Therefore you have two alternatives to run a NUC as Roon Core: a) you install ROCK which is pretty easy but will prevent you from using the NUC for any other purpose than being a Roon Core (this is my preferred solution) or b) you first install your prefereed "normal" OS (usually Windows or Linux, possibly also Mac OS) on the NUC and then install the Roon (Core) App on the NUC. This alternative will allow you to use the NUC for any other task you like (e.g. Plex), it can even work as a desktop computer with monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. Jens