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  1. Bought the Vinyl version virtually hours before I learned the sad news that Tony Allen passed away This one is on heavy rotation now for a week (not really as I am listening to my viny rip...) A great drummer and I deeply regret that I didn't buy a ticket for his gig with "The Good, The Bad & The Queen" allstar team (Damon Albarn etc..) @ Große Freiheit 36 in Hamburg last June.
  2. As for the amp: In order to keep the "boxcount" low would prefer an integrated amp, so LK100 etc. are not top priority. Will have a look for Intek and Majik-I, how about the Classik Musik?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! In view of (small) size and look Kans appear to be more appropriatethan the pretty big Keilidhs
  4. I have no clue about Teufel Raumfeld - being a former owner of a nice pair of Teufel M200 speakers some 30 years ago probably doesn't qualify - but there is a 200+ pages Raumfeld Thread on Perhaps some of the guys over there can help you. Jens
  5. I am absolutely happy with my Linn Majik DSM and the rest of my equipment and - at least for the time being - I am somehow immune against the Linn upgraditis virus. However I am thinking of buying an affordable vintage stereo system - i.e. amp, speakers, possibly tuner, but no phono and no cd - for our second livingroom. No modern digital in- or outpts required as would simply attach a Google Chromecats Audio to the system, so just need a simple Cinch Input. I don't want to spent a fortune, preferrably less than 1000 Euro for the total system. Any recommendations for vintage Linn equipment?
  6. About six weeks ago - in the middle of the Corona crisis in Germany - I bought a Tacx Smart Bike Hometrainer and started cycling on my balcony. At that time - being a citizen of Hamburg, Germany - I was not allowed to bycicle across the "boarder" to other federal states in Germany I am using Hometrainer in connection with the ZWIFT App, a cycling and running simulation. This combo is really great and I have cycled more than 1000km and yesterday even finished "Alp d'Huez" (only 12km but more than 1000m elevation), although it took me ages to finish...
  7. Why should there be any inferior sound? Official Roon announcement for Roon 1.5 back in 2018:
  8. Agree but I only realized this after using Roon for more than a year .
  9. @Billz I fully agree with you that the Linn controlpoint software is ar from being perfect and ofcourse it should be Linn's obligation to provide a proper Controlpoint SW when selling very expensive equipment. Ofcourse you can complain about this forever but - at least to me - Roon is the solution: A nice controlpoint software PLUS "What you get is a searchable, surfable magazine about your music" (Official Roon marketing quote). I really don't understand the reluctance of many people to pay for good software: Roon is 10 $ monthly and even if you don't subscribe for the Lifetime license this is a fraction of a Linn entry model such as the Majik DSM which costs the equivalent of 25 years Roon subscription. The cost of a Roon plus Tidal or Quboz combo subscription is the equivalent of buying 1-2 records per month, so what are we talking about as owner of expensive Linn equipment? With regards to your issues with Roon: - "visibility" of your NAS: Although I don't see any reason NOT to allow Roon to scan your NAS (as stated by @kelly200269 it will not make any changes to your files) you can also specify Roon to scan a "dummy" directory without yourlibrary content. - "iPad battery drain" - you can probably change this within the iPad settings (disable the "keep screen awake" feature) Jens