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  1. Paul, your buddy was not alone: My class teacher at school back in the early eighties had a very good stereo system - I think the term "high end" didn't exist yet - and an impressive vinyl collection, exclusively Rolling Stones records.
  2. 1. What Linn products do you have and how long have you had them for? Linn Majik DSM/2 (4 years) Linn Majik 140 with upgraded stands (1 month) 2. What made you choose Linn? I was not really looking for a Linn product at all. All I new about Linn was that their products were too expensive, that the LP12 was a overpriced clone of a Thorens TT and that they had a dedicated group of followers/nerds willing to spend $$$$ for pretty standard hifi equipment I was looking for a 2 channel (stereo only) AVR with HDMI input/output AND good phono stage AND good network music features AND within my budget AND all these features within one single reasonably small box It turned out that at that time there were no real alternatives to a Linn Majik DSM available. 3. What do you like about your Linn system ? DSM: Good build quality, frequent upgrades of firmware, 5 year warranty (although I didn't have to make use of it) 140: look (high gloss!) and feel (I love the sound...) 4. Conversely, what do you not like or feel your Linn item could be approved on. more reasonable pricing: I would like to replace my Thorens 126 TT with a LP12 Majik (entry model!) but still have difficulties to justify the price and buy even this entry model in view of the (comparatively) small improvement in sound. 5. If you could speak directly to Gilad Tiefenbrun, what new product would you like to see, or existing product improve? Record cleaning machine
  3. Presently reading two very interesting books on "Krautrock": FVTVRE SOVNDS - Wie ein paar Krautrocker die Popwelt revolutionierten Future Sounds How a few Krautrockers revolutionised the pop world Germany 2021, 511 pages (unfortunately no English translation available) "FRG, around 1968. Like everywhere else in the western world, the young generation is pushing for radical change. Many flock from the lecture halls to the streets. Some into the underground. And some into the practice basements, in search of the soundtrack of the movement. The outrageous sounds that German bands like Can, Neu!, Amon Düül, Popul Vuh, Tangerine Dream, Faust, Cluster or Kraftwerk produced back then are now considered a blueprint for modern rock music. And the stream of their creative admirers and continuators has been constantly widening since the first fans like David Bowie: whether Blur, Aphex Twin, Sonic Youth, Radiohead or the Red Hot Chilli Peppers - they all refer to the so-called "Krautrock". Christoph Dallach interviewed its pioneers, including Irmin Schmidt, Jaki Liebezeit, Holger Czukay (all Can), Michael Rother (Neu!), Dieter Moebius (Cluster), Klaus Schulze (Tangerine Dream), Achim Reichel (AR Machines), Lüül (Agitation Free), Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk), Brian Eno and many others. Their answers combine to form an oral history that points far beyond the individual band histories: on the one hand, into the past, to Nazi teachers, post-war parental homes, free jazz, terrorism, LSD and extremely long hair; but just as much into the future, to global recognition, myth-making, techno or post-rock." (Translation of the cover text) This is not a boring 500+ pages essay on Krautrock, it is a collection of - sometimes very short - interview snippets conducted over a long time. The first 100+ pages are not really about music but about the first post-ware generation (most of the Krautrockers were born between '37 and '52) growing up in a Germany with - too often - Nazi teachers and either no fathers or fathers surviving the world war but suffering from what we now know as post-traumatic stress disorder (regardless of whether they were Nazis or not) The other book is "Krautrocksampler" by Julian Cope (ex The Teardrop Explodes) Cope wrote this book in 1996, the 150 pages paperback is long sold out and now being traded for scrazy $$$ but an online version is available under above link.
  4. With new Owners Thorens is apparently aiming for clients prepared to spend $$$ for retro TT's. They have a reincarnation of their classic TD160 (TD 1600/1601, price in Germany incl MC abt € 4K) as well as of the TD124 (TD 124DD, price in Germany abt € 8k excl. cartridge) Unboxing Video Thorens TD1601 Unboxing Video Thorens 124DD
  5. I am in a similar situation - considering purchasing a brand new Lin. Majik -and told the Linn dealer here in Germany that I would alternatively also consider buying a used LP12 from him for same budget. His advice was that he would recommend a new Majik LP12 as this is excellent value for money (for Linn standards) Recommended first upgrades were used Lingo 2 and Trampolin.
  6. @akamatsu I studied in West Berlin from 1987 - before the fall of the Wall - so I know a bit about living within very narrow borders. But West Berlin was at least an "island" of some 100 square kilometers with more than 2 million inhabitants. Compared to that, Point Roberts is very tiny and must be really constricting in times of Corona...
  7. I am not aware of any. Besides that I am still quite happy with HDMI 1.3 on my MDSM/2 although this limits resolution to "full hd only" which is still very nice despite having a screen size of more than 150'' with my HD projector
  8. Yes, ROCK is a one trick pony. If you want to run Roon AND Plex you have to go for another OS. Windows appears - for whatever reason - quite popular for this purpose.
  9. Agree, never observed any sound quality problems but performance issues issues (too slow etc) only.
  10. In this case you have no absolutely no reason to change. However I had many performance issues with running the Roon Core on Synology NAS.
  11. @Billz I was in the same situation with Roon running on my Synology NAS (Roon Core running on a small SSD attached to the Synology) AND abt 1.5TB music files stored on the NAS. I eventually ended up with a fanless NUC from german company Cirrus7 http://www.cirrus7.com running Roon and the music files still on the NAS. I have a 8i7 which is absolutely sufficient, no need to go for faster CPUs anless you do a lot of DSP stuff with your files In case you don‘t need the RAID I would suggest to go for a fanless NUC running the Roon Core and the music lib stored on a.internal 2TB SSD on the NUC.
  12. Sure! My doors are based in Hamburg but be aware: My system is really "Linn Light" Good idea Mike!
  13. Just make sure that the Yamaha has "pre out's" for the front speakers. The lack of same makes many older or entry level AVR unsuitable for your purpose. It's been a while since I did the setup but I don't recall any problems with the Marantz (otherwise I would still remember), I simply played around with the delay until the sound matched.
  14. In addition, our system is located in the living room and 6 or even 8 speakers are simply out of the question for "optical reasons". I simply find it very pleasant when the system doesn't dominate the whole room, which we are currently doing very well: Besides the Thorens, there is actually only one "box" (Linn Majik DSM), the 140 speakers and an "invisible" 3.5m screen diagonal made possible without a canvas on the white wall by a projector hidden in the wall unit on the opposite side of the room.
  15. Not sure if these Exakt speakers are on the agenda yet for a "Pennypacker" . More seriously: To get a feeling for whether "surround" is the right thing at all, I wouldn't spend a few thousand right away. For me this - trying surround with a Marantz NR - was a fascinating experience. However I learned that we are absolutely fine with watching even movies with 2.0 sound "only".
  16. Yes, I recall that I had to play around with delay a bit to sync fronts (directly connected with the Majik DSM) and the rears (connected via teh Marantz). This has also been discussed in the same thread:
  17. @Solanum Chris Rieke is the great guy (afaik he is doing this as a hobby ) who implemented the Roon on NAS versions for QNAP and Synology. You might find some help on his website https://roononnas.org/en/roon-on-nas/ I used to run Roon on my Synology NAS (218+, i.e. one of the more powerful units) but due to performance issues eventually decided to run the Roon Server from a fanless NUC with just the music library remaining on the Synology NAS.
  18. @Pennypacker The Marantz NR series has almost the same dimensions as your ASH I had the 1508 model of 2018 (the latest one is the 1510) but you can even go for an older version like 1504 (2014) as they are all basically identical with 5.1/5.2... If you wish to upgrade at a later stage: There is the 7.2 Marantz 16xx series..
  19. @Pennypacker if you are looking for an affordable „Surround Light“ solution I can recommend a Marantz NR 15xx Slime Line AVR (just sold mine, 2nd hand prices in Germany around 250-350 Euro). Just connect the Marantz front pre out with an analogue input of your ASH and set this input to unity gain: Your Fronts will still work Exakt (ASH—>AEB-i—>Keilidh) and you can connect any analogue speakers (Centers, Rears, Sub) to the Marantz. I have been using the Marantz for a 4.0 Setup, although non-exakt. The surround sources like BlueRay, Apple TV etc where connected via HDMI to the Marantz. The Marantz solution was originally proposed by @timster in the old Linn Forum. Jens
  20. Emily Barker - The Toerag Sessions (2015) FLAC 16/44 Usually I prefer physical copies but this one I bought via bandcamp after listening to Emily Barker on Linn Radio.
  21. Steve Guttenberg (as a reviewer of audio equipment, of course, something like the devil's advocate) gives us very good reasons why you shouldn't permanently upgrade your audio equipment via purchases every other year - he's talking about loudspeakers, but of course this applies in general: A "must view" for all people infected with the "Upgraditis" virus:
  22. Not really: While this is correct for Katalyst and most likely for Organik there are still a lot of upgrade options for Majik equipment: - LP12 Majik can be upgraded even to Klimax level - HDMI 2.0 for DSM - MM/MC cartridge for DSM - Dynamik power supplies
  23. @zee9 Thanks for this, I was not aware of the superiour sound of my DSM/2 compared to the earlier versions
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