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  1. A few times a year remove all inter connect and speaker cables, clean with Deoxit D5 and replace. If you’re really serious, open up components and clean internal connection points as well. Tighten up the bolts on speaker drivers. Tighten up the bolts on speaker bases and spikes and level speakers carefully.
  2. It really doesn’t matter in the end because if you’re into music from all eras you’re going to need a system that’s good at BOTH. it really just gets down to the mastering, and for the majority of recordings out in the wild the first mastering is best. Most records never get a spendy remaster, they get crummy remasters. So the vinyl version is often the best version of the first master because it’s the only version. Up until say 1990 or so. My 1979 textured cover round cornered sleeve “a porky prime cut” Unknown Pleasures sounds best because George Peckham cut
  3. The Lingo 1-3, Valhalla, and Majik power supplies do not compensate. If you have an old belt it may be time to recheck the speed and adjust the motor angle. The Radikal and Lingo 4 detect the speed change over time and simply change the motor speed.
  4. Ways to make Kabers Aktiv: 1. Kaber Aktiv crossover. This was a LK-size single box crossover with one big circuit board, similar to the Isobarik PMS crossover. Old and not as good. 2. Mono Aktiv cards that fit LK100 and Klout and Aktiv Tunebox. Most common configuration. 3. Klimax crossovers. Extremely rare in Kaber configuration. 4. Chakra mono cards. These fit Majik and Akurate level amps. Fairly common and cards still available from some dealers. 5. Exakt. What’s missing are the Stereo Aktiv cards that fit intermediate amps like LK
  5. The bright green caps are the Nichicon Muse UES bipolar caps.
  6. Yes, but these three amps has already been recently recapped, save for the tantalum caps which are supposed to not age. So either the tants had degraded or the switch to Muse UES did the huge improvement.
  7. For the last few years I’ve been recapping my 1990’s LK system, with usually good results. Recently I had a big step up. I have three LK280 amps which I use with Aktiv Kabers and a slimline Tunebox. Two of the amps have Spark external power supplies, on the treble and mids. About two years ago I replaced all the 100uF caps with Nichicon UPS series. The main reservoir caps were replaced with Kemet (BHC Aerovox) ALT22 series. This brought about a welcome slight increase in dynamics. This week I tried a second round of upgrades. The four 100uF caps on each boar
  8. First impressions of the new KDSM. Anyone speak Japanese? https://youtu.be/pf2r_385A64 This is from a dealer called Soundline Monolith in Iwade, Wakayama.
  9. I understand. It’s, um, a bit ugly looking. I still have my Kairn, sitting in a closet for some future project. Another free tweak is to use your best amp for the treble, next mids, then bass. Each LK280 amp circuit board has a level (layout) and revision (components) number printed on it. Like PCB020L3R3. Simply put the newest amp (highest L number) on the tweeters. Speaking of ugly but effective, do you have K600 cables for the Kabers?
  10. I have a similar setup with Aktiv Kabers and LK280 Sparks. The Lk280 get hot, and can be improved by replacing the old capacitors. The big caps can be replaced with Kemet ALT22A103CD063. There are 4 per amp. The smaller s caps can be replaced with Nichicon UPW1J101MPD. There are 12 per amp. New caps really woke up my system. The old ones in high heat can wear after 30 years of continuous use. With an all LK system the only bottleneck I found was the Kairn, which was easily bested by a Linto + AV5103 preamp.
  11. Also, while smaller Backblaze recoveries are free, a larger one has added costs. So $189 for up to 8Tb and they just mail you a new hard drive with your data. That’s about the price of a drive anyway though.
  12. Yes, unlimited storage for one personal computer for $60. Separate rates for business. I was a radio DJ for 9 years so I copied the station collection...
  13. I use USB hard drives for my collection. About every two years I buy a new larger drive and give the old drove to a friend as off site backup. Other than that I pay $60 a year for a Backblaze subscription, which automatically backs up online. Any local backup is likely to suffer the same fate as your original drive, whether power surge, fire, or theft.
  14. I use an Uptone ReGen USB purifier with TeraDak U9 linear power supply into into Wireworld Ultraviolet 7 cable a to an Audiophilleo2 with Purepower battery into.....a Linn Numerik. So basically it’s a really really clean signal into an old DAC. The output filter of the Numerik has been recapped with ELNA Silmic II and there’s a big new Cornell-Dubilier power supply cap.
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