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  1. My wife, Nicki looking very bored at 2:37. She'd lost the will to live during the Linn Technical DIrector's explanation of the principles of Exakt.
  2. Not sure I can answer that from memory, Chris. The imaging with Organik was wonderful, if that's any help to you. That's something that I lost a little bit of when I moved to a smaller room last year. Organik also dispelled any thoughts that I needed surround speakers.
  3. As I already posted in another thread, I have had both the new Klimax Hub and Organik Exaktboxes on loan. I did an extensive comparison of Next-Gen Hub and Katalyst Exaktboxes versus KDMS/1 and Organik Exaktboxes. My preference was for the Hub, but not by a massive margin. They do different things and I wouldn't like to put percentages on their contibution to the overall sound improvement. To me the difference between them was qualitative rather than quantitative. I am not good at putting these things into words either, but I felt the Hub was more lively, rhythmic and exciting whereas Organik was more refined and analogue like. I expect many other people would have a different preference. Of course, both together was best of all. However, if I had to choose which one to go for, it would be the Hub. It was also the less expensive option after allowing for sale of the KDSM/1. There's a good argument for saying go for the Hub and enjoy the improvement for while. Then, if you can afford it, get the Organik upgrade later and do it all over again.
  4. They certainly agreed to do mine this time last year, but may be less keen while they're busy with all the new upgrades. I think it depends on how many are to be done together - it may be more worthwhile for Linn if there are eight in the batch. Also, my dealer thinks that Linn will be more inclined to do them when they are less busy than at present. I am guessing that it's a question of numbers and timing.
  5. It would have been great to do, but I just can't have it all my own way
  6. If I remember it right, I Dynamiked the DS, Radikal and Kontrol at the earliest opportunity. It stopped there because there was no Dynamik for the analogue Tuneboxes. I hestitated to spend a large sum on Dynamiking the Solos while I still had non-Dynamik Tuneboxes. Then Exakt came along so replacing the Tuneboxes with Exaktboxes took priority over Dynamiking the Solos. Around a year ago, another opportunity arose to Dynamik my Solos. This time I hesitated because I thought I might add surround speakers. Not to mention thoughts of another turntable. As I procrastinated, the Next-Generation KSH and Organik upgrade appeared. So, once again, Dynamiking the Solos slips to the back of my priorities.
  7. Maybe, there’ll be an upgrade to the Solo that utilises the existing Klimax case. Possibly, a double Solo in a Next Generation style box.
  8. I was thinking about this the other day as I mulled over whether to put a big chunk of my life savings into Next Gen and Organik. The change would give me an even more unbalanced system with a state of the art front end and twenty year old power amps and speakers. Even if Linn launch new power amps and speakers in the near future, the front end upgrades are always going to give me a bigger bang for buck. That’s the reason why I went for Exakt rather than the Dynamik upgrade for the Solos. My worry is actuarial - will the Solos survive for as long as I do. In fact, I’ve even thought of buying a pair of pre-Dynanik Solos as back up because I doubt I’ll be able to afford any new top end amps Linn may come out with in the mean time.
  9. Yes. It’s on Qobuz. Has been for a few weeks . Not the first time an album’s been on Qobuz long before its release date. Same thing happened with Maria McKee’s most recent album last year. Edit: Just checked CD is available on Amazon.co.uk.
  10. Delighted to hear that Frank has fixed your SACD ripping issue. Also, it was a pleasure to meet him.
  11. Probably, replace the KDSM/1 with a Next-Gen KSH. Possibly, upgrade the Klimax Katalyst Exaktboxes to Organik.
  12. It's a sort of joke, Chris. Before I sold my LP12, I digitalised all my vinyl records to FLAC with Songcorder. I can still listen to them just like CD rips. The only downside is I can't get the benefit of upgrades like Karousel. On the bright side, they do sound better with the NGKSH and Organik just like other digital files.
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