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  1. Thanks, guys. Only the the Linn Owners Club give a gamut of answers from absolutely hilarious to incredibly useful.
  2. I've had my Next Generation KSH for six days and haven't yet touched the knob. I've been too busy listening to music. The unit seems to work perfectly well without it. Why is it there? The only thing I can think of is that it looks nice.
  3. It's hard for me to disagree with that logic because I traded in my LP12 two years ago. Yet just to play devil's advocate, there's a lot to be said for having both digital and vinyl. Don't underestimate the importance of mastering. Very often the vinyl LP is better than the digital equivalent. I still listen to digitalisations of vinyl records that I made when I had a turntable because they often sound so much better than a CD rip or Qobuz version of the the same album. Also, many of us who were brought up in the pre-digital age have an emotional attachment to vinyl that shouldn't be disregarded.
  4. Mikizee. Did your dealer manage to repair the amp? My dealer fixed my faulty Solo. Even the blue light comes again.
  5. Out of curiosity, I connected my Roon ROCK NUC to the USB input of my KSH. There was a marked deterioration in sound quality from that using ethernet or SFT. The same digital information is being transferred from A to B, as Chris Morton said. Yet the sound produced is dramatically different.
  6. Thanks, Paul. It's a remarkable coincidence that I while I was in Peter Tyson yesterday, Nigel showed me his demo pair of 520s and suggested the very same thing.
  7. I heard someone ask Gilad how many Komris were sold and he said 100 pairs.
  8. After a year of considering various options for Exakt surround speakers, I am coming round to the view the 520s may be the most cost effective solution. Less powerful bass in surround speakers isn't so much of an issue as it would be in a stereo set up. Also, depending on colour, they would not be too instrusive in the back of a lounge already dominated by hifi gear at the front. My dealer has indicated he will be selling off his demo pair at a fair discount on the new price. There's currently a pair on eBay for £3,000. Good luck with your sale, Gilangelugo. I have sold items on eBay at fixed price or best offer and they do sell eventually if the asking price is not too high. You can sell quickly with an auction starting low, but that can be risky if there aren't many bidders around. Unfortunately, values aren't always as high as you expect. I sold a superb guitar for £2,000 a few months ago. I thought I'd let it go far too cheaply. The guy who built it thought so too because his new prices start at £7,000. Yet, my buyer sold it on in an action recently and only got £1,800.
  9. I'll explain how I did as best as I can remember. As you've already seen Roon Knowledge Base is helpful, but it's not always obvious where to look. I'm not an IT expert by any means, but still managed ok, eventually. It's probably a good idea to back up Roon before you start. I presume that you are already familiar with inside NUCs from putting in memory, etc. I had difficulty fitting the SSD. For some reason, it didn't make a good connection. I had to reopen the NUC reconnect everything a couple of times. It has been fine since then. After installing the new SSD in your NUC, you need to set it up for use by Roon. If I remember correctly, it was pretty obvious how to do this when I went into Settings Storage in Roon on what ever you use for control laptop, ipad, etc. I preferred using a laptop. I think Roon had recognised there was an SSD that needed setting up. Then you can find the SSD in Explorer on your PC or laptop. I guess you'll also be able to do it on a Mac, but I haven't done so. Use the path \\rock\ I found all this fiddly at first, but soon got the hang of it. You'll find the SSD in network > data > storage > internal storage Then you copy all your music folders and files from the NAS or wherever they're stored at present. The final stage is go to settings storage again in Roon and you will be able to redirect Roon to look for the music files in the new SSD. Click on the three dots of the current path and then edit. Then you can use browse to find the new SSD. Roon should then just treat the new location exactly as if it was the old one with all your info still intact. I found it useful to Map a Network Drive on This PC in Explorer. That gives you a shortcut to find the SSD when your copying files. Same for the NAS. Also, copying files can be very slow - sometimes takes a couple of days. In my case, the data was going from my NAS in the garage across the network to laptop in the lounge then all the way back across the network to the NUC in the lounge next to the hifi. It was possible to speed things up a bit by connecting the laptop by ethernet to the switch nearest to either the NAS or the NUC. Even faster if I moved the NUC and the laptop to the NAS in the garage and conected everything to the same switch as the router. Hope this helps and that I am not confusing the issue. It's a shame Kelly200269 isn't here any more because I am sure he would have been able to help
  10. I use HDMI for TV and Sky audio for convenience of use - with HDMI 2.0, TV and Sky remotes control the DSM. Can't say I've noticed a loss of sound quality due to HDMI being on since time when I used optical toslink, but I've never made a comparison.
  11. The last three Klimax Exakt DSMs I can see sold on eBay went for £4,250, £2,850 and £2,795. I presume these are similar to the system hub without analogue outputs. So one for considerably more than the 2,870 Euros you saw in Germany, but the other two only slightly more expensive. More than I indicated, but still good value compared to the cost of a new Klimax Hub 2016 at £9,200.
  12. I don't suppose Linn will sell many new KSH 2016s at 10,960 Euros when there's pre-owned hubs available at a quarter of that price.
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