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  1. Like MDSM/2 and /3 then? It seems that Linn has put the Exakt watershed between Majik and Selekt or Akurate, whichever the hierarchy is. The only passive speakers are Majik level except for the K350. The Majik Exaktbox-I was rebadged Akurate Exaktbox-I, of course the latter containing Katalyst. So my guess is no Exakt outputs in the coming MDSM/5.
  2. The strange thing is that the optimum mixture contains 10% of each component. Not very much tweaking of the oil as such.
  3. Well, the SOv2 values are dumped in the log file as well. I’ve tried some time ago to interpret the contents in the file. Didn’t come as far as @entdgchas come. One thing I noticed was a difference in the representation of the width of the dips between versions 1 and 2. I think it was then I gave up. It’s a bit tricky without a true result to compare with. But I will try this Excel sheet.
  4. Well, the room modes are a result of the room dimensions. Only. Of course the sounds velocity in the media comes to play as well. The position of the speakers in the room will then determine how much each room mode is excited. In the same manner the listening position determines how much you will perceive of the mode. Maybe this is what you meant with “one position”... when come to think of it. Hmm,... Using multiple subs to tame the modes then implies that some of the subs should be out of phase. Viable of course.
  5. That stopped with 4.50 I believe. We were so confused about the missing 13 versions that the discussion ended. Now we have SO to debate instead.
  6. Where does the minimum 3 m recommendation come from? Edit: You can also split the K400 and get a slightly more manageable cable. However I think the new K200 is slightly softer than a splitted K400.
  7. When I only want to do a partial quote, i.e., erasing some parts I need to type some of my own text before erasing in the quoted text. Otherwise I not even get a cursor... so not exactly the problem you are experiencing. Using an iPad.
  8. No. But intriguing. MDSM/4 is fairly new and what’s new to add? Organik,... nah, not likely.
  9. No I wouldn’t hesitate. I have it arranged like that. At least a L-shaped one. The sweet spot must be practical, acceptable for the rest of the family and have comfort as well.
  10. In principle yes. I’m not familiar with Kazoo server (using Minimsever or Twonky) but you maybe after ripping have to “build” the database by pushing some button in Kazoo server. But since Kazoo now has found the Kazoo server I’d say the worst crux is passed.
  11. No, that should work. The reason for me using a NAS for storage is that it’s always on and available. Usually I turn my computers off.
  12. OK. Not very much help here, but is the firmware up to date?
  13. It seems wrong. My experience from two different boxes and handsets is that holding the volume buttons ramp the volume. Which apparatus are you controlling? Edit: Giving this some more thought, yes I think I have experienced this on my sister’s MDSM.
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