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  1. Thanks to zee9 and David for the comments. I’ll take blame as being too sensitive to hearing my speakers were a mediocre 2/10. opinions as you say. I’m lucky I’m happy as I can’t afford anytime soon, all that kit that David mentioned .
  2. It’s nice that your individual taste is aktiv Linn speakers. I don’t think that your subjective taste qualifies all Linn speakers as mediocre when passive. Its a pretty broad, unfair generalization, in my opinion. I love my new Akubariks passive with.my new A4200.
  3. I’d love to....after I finish paying off the Akubariks👹
  4. It’s all semantics. I used to see a sexy girl and I loved the reduction of resonance parts of her body.🤡
  5. I haven’t been able to receive Venice Classics for about a week.
  6. Yes, I changed because I wanted Akubariks before I died. My exactboxI wouldn’t be suited to them and it had to go too. Im quite ecstatic with them and the cabling. I don’t perceive anything lacking in the sound.
  7. I was using lower priced Kimber 4PR for my exakt system Akudoriks. They sounded very nice. When I switched back to a passive system and new Akubariks I decided I wanted an all Linn system. I acquired 4, 3m runs of K200 (new) for about $550 can$. so far I’m as equally impressed as I’ve no chance to do an A,B comparison. The sound is full, Bassey, sweet highs without sharp brightness. Im very satisfied.
  8. Danke schon. Das ist ausgezeichnet. success and now the enjoyment of numerous jazz worldwide stations.
  9. Thanks for that info. I’ll summon the courage to enter that realm. I’m from the analogue world.
  10. Forgive me if I’m missing a distinction between Tunein and Linn radio. i don’t pay for tunein or use it. im talking about the few free station that are on the Linn system, ie. linn Jazz, linn classical, linn indie, radio paradise et al, including Venice classic. im in Toronto, Canada. thx, Scotty
  11. Has anyone noticed that there is no signal from Venice classic radio, on Linn Radio selections? Ive had no signal for about 5 days. All of the other channels are operating properly. thx, Scotty