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  1. Hi DebsE, Obviously we all hear sounds slightly differently but I did the audition between a Cirkus/ Tranquillity LP12 and a Karousel LP12 and the Karousel was noticeably better. Hopefully we will all be vaccinated soon and you can do the audition. Cheers Ady
  2. I've purchased quite a bit of vinyl from them over the years and not had a duff one yet. Best bargain was the Cream boxset super deluxe edition. Cheers Ady
  3. 2020 I upgraded to a Karousel bearing which was a significant improvement. 2021 I'm torn between swapping my akurate Radikal for a Klimax Radikal or swapping my Dynavector xx2 mk2 for a Dynavector Te Kiatora Rua. Which one would bring the biggest improvement? Obviously demonstrations would have to be done on both. Cheers Ady
  4. Hi Antz Davis, Welcome to the wam. Good looking system you have there, it reminds me of being in Cymbiosis! I have also spent the last 12years being looked after by Peter. Looks like the only thing you're missing is a Keel 😁 I'm relatively new here myself but you might get more of a response to your post if you move it to the 2 channel thread, but don't ask me how to do it I only understand vinyl 😄 Cheers Ady
  5. Hi, I've not changed any of the valves in the power supply unit since I've had it, but I have replaced the 6SN7 in the phono stage although it was prior to me changing the E88cc's. So no they weren't all replaced at the same time. Cheers Ady
  6. Hi Bi Focal, I also have an Icon audio PS3 phono stage although mine is the mk2 version, not that that really matters. I've had it for about 4years and it was originally fitted with 4 x JJ E88CC Valves in the phono stage section. Just a couple of weeks ago one of these valves became microphonic so I decided to replace all four of them with Genelex Gold Lion E88CC which have gold pins. In my opinion they did improve the sound bringing a bit more clarity to the music.Nothing night and day but an improvement. I also use the David Shaw CV181. I purchased all the valves from Icon Audio as David gives me a good discount. Hope this is of some use to you, Cheers Ady
  7. Without a picture I'm struggling to see what the exact issue is here but, why not mount the tv on the wall away from the lp12 if feasible? Cheers Ady
  8. All advice is welcome, one of my local dealers has offered to lend me a Pro-ject dac box rs which has a tube option, unfortunately I have to wait 3 weeks before I can try it. Any suggestions of what other tube based dac's I can try are welcome. Cheers Ady
  9. Hi jon, What I am actually trying to achieve is to bring the sound quality of the digital side of my system closer to the sound quality that I get when I listen to vinyl through my LP12 however, I accept that my LP12 and phono stage have cost me far more than the money I have set aside to improve the digital.
  10. Hi Psilonaught, Forgive my ignorance, are you suggesting then that I should keep my Yamaha and add a better quality dac rather than replacing the whole thing? Cheers Ady
  11. Hi DomT, no apology needed, if you think it's that good, I better start looking for a second hand one 😁
  12. Hi, Thanks to everyone who has made the effort to reply -appreciated. DomT, when you say your Luxman DA100, that going nowhere, do you mean you are keeping it or looking to sell it? dannybgoode, I did look at replacing the Yamaha with a innuos zen mini 3 but don't think it will allow me to connect my tv to it via optical lead. newlash09, interesting, I listen to all genre's of music but my main source is my LP12 with all valve amplification into Dali Epicon 2's on Track Audio precision 500 stands.
  13. Hi Stingray, Thanks for that, good point regarding the power supply I hadn't thought of that, I'll look into it. Cheers Ady
  14. Hi everyone, I currently use the above streamer which is hardwired to my router and use it mainly to listen to Tidal and various radio stations. I also have an optical link to it from my TV so I can listen to the sound via my tube amp which is a Icon Audio stereo845pp. I want to improve the sound I get and have been advised that connecting an external dac like a Pro-ject dac box RS would be ideal as it has a tube section and will also improve the sound. I'm happy to spend up to a grand if it will. A good move or not? Cheers Ady
  15. Well David, I'd recommend trying it out. You may or may not hear the improvement I did. Don't know if they take returns. Maybe your dealer could let you try one to compare. Cheers Ady