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  1. Hi, I'll be honest I don't actually understand what ' drives ' this change in the music heard as a result of using different types of platter mat. I just know that it does and there are differences so picking one that suits your musical tastes matters Cheers Ady
  2. Hi, I've had a Colloro mat for over a year now and I do prefer the sound it creates in my system as I find it a bit brighter and livelier than the Linn felt mat however, I wouldn't say that it has completely cured the static issue on its own. I still need to use my rcm and carbon fiber brush for best results. YMMV. Cheers Ady
  3. Well, this was going to be my first ever experience of exhibiting my hifi kit at a show and I am disappointed as I was really looking forward to it however, I fully understand and accept that it can't go ahead so I'm now going to hope that I get a chance next year. Can I put my name down now? Cheers Ady
  4. Fortunately my wife has volunteered to bring the rest of my kit in her car so that will make it a lot easier. Looking forward to an interesting weekend although I still haven't got any sort of rack etc to put things on. I've looked at pictures of the rooms but it's not clear where the kit will go. I have no previous experience of this but I'm sure it will all work out. Cheers Ady
  5. ' Sadly, listening to a batch of cartridges is now impossible, pretty much ' I appreciate that they are not on your doorstep but Peter at Cymbiosis has numerous interchangeable tonearms that will enable you to listen to different cartridges in one demo. Could be worth the trip. Cheers Ady
  6. Interesting, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience. I too, found the Keel to be a worthwhile investment. Cheers Ady
  7. Hi Gwantommo, I'm not far from you and have a Icon Audio 845pp integrated. If you're interested in having a listen pm me or alternatively I'll be at the Wam show in Oct. Cheers Ady
  8. Thanks for your kind comments. Cheers Ady
  9. These are now sold. Cheers Ady
  10. FWIW, when I was using my Dali Epicon 2's ( sensitivity 87 ) the volume control was at 12oclock which was 50%. Now I'm using the Klipsch Cornwall iii sensitivity 102 the volume control is at 10 o'clock. Cheers Ady
  11. Hi apologies for the delay, The cables are 140cm long. Cheers Ady
  12. Hi Lawrence001, apologies, I didn't mean to offend anyone with my comments regarding the price. I have pm you. Cheers Ady
  13. I purchased these new 7 months ago so hardly used. They retail for £1200.00 I'm offering them for £600.00 Cheers Ady
  14. With regard to the Dali Epicon 2's I have reduced the price to £2400.00 and they are now on the bay. Cheers Ady
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