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  1. Six or so months ago I decided to take a punt on a 2nd hand pair of Klipsch Cornwall 3's that I had never heard before but had read reviews and thought that they might work in my system. They did and I personally love the sound. I'm now seriously tempted by the Cornwall 4's. Cheers Ady
  2. I couldn't agree more I think it would be foolhardy to leave any valve amp switched on and unattended.
  3. So it would appear that every cloud has a silver lining, well, it does for me as I will explain shortly. With regard to the cause of the amp failing it would appear that it was the power transformer that sits front and centre of this 845 integrated amp. So @Disarmamantwas spot on. So it just needs a new transformer which is on order. In the meantime Icon Audio have lent me one of their stereo 300b mk2 integrated amps which is where it gets interesting for me because prior to acquiring the 845 I had one of these amps. At the time I was using it with my Dali Epicon 2's and although the sound was good I felt it was lacking 'body' and weight. So I traded it for the 845 which improved things. 8 months ago I still wasn't really happy with the sound so I took a punt on some 2nd hand Klipsch Cornwall 3's. I love the sound that these speakers bring to the party and have now sold the Dali's. The really interesting thing for me is that the 300b just sounds so fantastic through these Klipsch to the extent that I am trading in the 845 against a new 300b. It's a funny hobby this isn't it? Anyway I'm now eagerly awaiting a new modded 300b. Cheers Ady
  4. Good point however, the dealers I use offer this service for free Cheers Ady
  5. Sorry to hear you have been ill. I'll take the Budgie album please. Pm me your details etc. Cheers Ady
  6. @Disarmamantthanks for that. I'm obviously very interested in learning what has gone wrong but don't have the knowledge myself. Hoping that it won't be too expensive. Cheers Ady
  7. Hi @Chivas thanks for that. The amp is an IA 845pp integrated about 18 months old and at the time of purchase David Shaw wasn't using Jenson caps for that very reason so I had Mundorf silver/gold fitted instead. Although I'm not technically minded at all I did take off the bottom plate to see if I could see anything obviously blown inside but to my untrained eye there was nothing obvious. One small resistor was coloured slightly brown but that's all. As you say all should be revealed tomorrow. Cheers Ady
  8. @rabskiI believe the GZ34 is a rectifier for the driver stages. The smoke mainly came out from the underside of the amp through the air vents but some some did come from around the GZ34 which would account for the marks like you suggested. I'll hopefully get it sorted Monday but many thanks for your knowledge and input. @audio_PHIL_e thanks, I'll update when I know what actually happened. Cheers Ady
  9. @audio_PHIL_e unfortunately I would have no idea if the GZ34 is involved however you may have a good point as on inspecting the valves afterwards it's only the GZ34 that has a dark mark around the red base although this is the first time I have ever removed it from it's socket.
  10. Thanks for that. The word 'biggie' is a bit worrying though
  11. @Jules_S I am really grateful for your offer which is very generous. I'm going to see if Icon will lend me something on Monday, if not I will take you up. Many thanks Ady
  12. @audio_PHIL_e many thanks for that input. Hopefully I'll get it back to the dealer on Monday. Unfortunately the spare amplifier I did have I gave to a friend 6 months ago so he could get into vinyl.
  13. So I turned on my 845 amp and it went through it's start up procedure, the music started playing via my streamer and then after about 2 minutes the sound went off. I was momentarily in the next room and just heard my wife shouting that the amp was smoking. I immediately turned it off via the power switch by which time the mains RCCB had cut in and cut the power off. The amp was emitting quite a lot of white smoke for a few seconds. So, any idea what may have caused this? My wife said when she looked up the GZ34 valve was red but the other valves were not lit up. I will obviously be taking back to the dealer on Monday but was interested in what may have caused this? Cheers Ady
  14. I have a RA power block similar to this, purchased it about 5 years ago,and find it quite useful as you can put 8 plugs into it. I paid £20.00 for it second hand which I thought was good value. Cheers Ady
  15. I've got to give a shout out to Icon Audio of Leicester. Over the years I've always received great service and attention from David and Adrian. I've been loaned amps and speakers to try at home with no rush to return them. I've also been given great trade in prices by David. Cheers Ady
  16. In my limited experience I have only ever had straight tonearms. I would be very interested to know if an S shaped arm gave any sonic improvement if all other variables were the same? Cheers Ady
  17. FWIW Peter recommended that I leave the Radikal switched on and the turntable running for 48hrs to speed up the running in process. I can't explain the physics as I'm not clever enough but I do believe electronics can benefit from this. Cheers Ady
  18. I have Dali Epicon 2's and Track Audio Precision 500 stands up for sale if you are interested. Pictures are in this classified section. Cheers Ady
  19. So, surprisingly I got a call a week later saying that my upgrade kit had arrived and was ready to fit. Due to being on holiday I arranged for it to be fitted last Thursday. I spent that morning listening to my favourite test tracks then packed up the LP12 and Akurate Radikal and headed over to Peter at Cymbiosis. I was sceptical about this upgrade making much of an improvement as how much difference can a circuit board and new motor really make? I mentioned my scepticism to Peter who assured me it was misplaced. An hour later I headed home and set everything back up again to start listening. Straight out of the box without any running in it was clear that there was more air around the instruments. It was more musical and easy to listen to. I would say the improvement is on a par with the Karousel bearing upgrade. Cheers Ady
  20. Well I don't know where Linn get the components for their circuit boards but I ordered the new Radikal upgrade kit on December 1st and 7 days later it arrived at the dealer ready to fit. I've been away on holiday so had it fitted today. My better half also ordered some covid test kits which were delivered 2 days later. Cheers Ady
  21. In an effort to move these on I will reduce the price of the speakers to £1900.00 and the stands to £500.00 That's a real bargain for someone. Cheers Ady
  22. If I could find a buyer for my Dali Epicon 2's I'd be knocking on your door. I presume you are not interested in px. These would be my end game speakers. Cheers Ady
  23. Yes you are right I should probably persevere and give them more time. The problem with time is that it keeps slipping away and I have trouble finding it again.
  24. Hi @robin I used them to replace the David Shaw CV181's / 6SN7 that came with the amplifier. I basically much prefer the David Shaw version. Maybe I'll try and sell them on, they've only got 20 to 25 hours on them. Cheers Ady
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