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  1. I'm of the opinion if the door is opened 90% of the time then model it in space. I did but its a double door so lots of sq/ft for the music to pass through and get adsorbed by the other room. The hard work (relative term) is modelling the room initially. If you don't find an improvement reverting back would be as simple as removing it in space and reconnecting wall.
  2. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649723074-linn-klimax-350-exakt-speakers-organik-dac/ Didn't know you could order original boxes, being storing mine for years (but not for these unfortunately). Having moved a few times they have definitely come in handy. $35K Canadian seem like a good deal for Katalyst 350s, and they are local?
  3. Would it be fair to say 'I Was not able to compare them to Akudoriks directly, but prefer my Akudoriks indirectly'?
  4. Didn't know we had so many old farts on the forum, glad you got the needle, great news!
  5. A wee bit off topic but thought David might get a kick out of a potentially controversial post. So here goes. It seems to me that our hobby is a bit male dominant and wondering if there are any forum members of the gentler persuasion? Doesn't seem so but why is that? Many of us are supported in our hobby (by the vice president of finance), perhaps not to the degree we may wish in terms of expense, room treatments or converting our abode into the perfect music room at the expense of all other considerations. How nice! For many, the lucky ones, they have the lux of setting up thei
  6. Thanks for letting us know Paul. We miss your wise wisdom David so get well soon!
  7. Does anyone make shielded speaker cables at reasonable price? I ran some very long cables to my rear surrounds at old house and they picked up a huge amount of noise. Advice would be to always use shortest cable run as possible, although it does hurt to cut expensive cable that you may need if you intend to move system in the future. Taking Paul's advice I wrapped all my pre-cat8 cable in foil, not sure if it helped or not, it was tedious to do, and didn't look very nice although I did tape it all with white electrical tape so it somewhat disappeared on white walls-baseboard. If you were
  8. Sitting here listening to Biden inauguration music show on my klimax exakt Katalyst Akudoriks and it sounds so very very nice. So neutral without a hint of colouration or sound signature from the speakers themselves.Truly impressive. Understand your wife's concern 😊
  9. Guess the verdict is in. Funny, I posted this 2 min before reading Geektastic decision to go with Selekt. Not a Trump (i.e. lie).
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