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  1. Never thought of this, I measured to windows as well as its all windows behind my Akudoriks. I'll give it a try.
  2. Completely agree. I very much enjoy learning from more experienced members. Much to consider from Elads very informative post on this subject.
  3. I'll take those cheap S3 and exaktbox off your hands Out of context can you explain why you think they are overkill with Akudoriks as I would have thought overkill with Akubariks?
  4. Wonder also about the relationship between how close together the speakers are and its effect on depth and width. Obviously it impacts width but as distance of speakers decrease does depth increase?
  5. Having heard your system Paul, I can agree that your sound stage depth is massive. Elderboys is also large and both of your systems have rear wall quite close to listening position, hence my questions on this topic. Obviously room size, placement, etc, have a large impact on sound stage. Wondering if others with lots of free space behind listening position also have a deep front to back sound stage?
  6. Yes, think cable is insignifant as conditioner is also regenerator. Yes SO was konfig'd for both toe and no toe scenarios. I heard Akudoriks were designed for wide dispersion and quite forgiving, i.e. toe is not necessary. An audio illusion, makes sense, ill take the blue pill.
  7. As usual I made too many adjustment at one time, adding Isoacoustics Gaia 3's to my Akudoriks, new power cord for conditioner and reduced toe-in to zero. The impact on sound quality was significant. Base has improved significantly as has the texture of the music, timbre, transparency. I dare say its more organic (KDSM2 BTW). Quite a improvement in my opinion especially at low volume although I haven't cranked it much. It has taken the detail, which was always there, but added significant texture to voices, instruments, base. Quite thrilled really, it really sounds good. In no big hurry to upgrade to newest KDSx. Wonder which change created such an improvement. As an aside, I heard a member comment that some forum enthusiasts think because its a LINN, improvements cannot be made, its as good as it gets within a certain class of gear. Not sure I agree with that. Anyways, wondering what your thoughts are on: 1) Toe-in on base and whether toe can actually cancel base from the other speaker if not correct. 2) Soundstage and specifically depth more so than width. What are the effects of toe-in here, and whether the listener position in terms of close to rear-wall creates more depth. I wonder because I can't quite get the depth I want and whether this is due to my rear-wall being quite far back from listening position. Other systems I have listened to with a rear-wall right behind listener seems to have more depth, but it could be my imagination. 3) Speaker designers and electronic engineers. Wonder if they design equipment with a rear-wall distance in mind. Cheers
  8. Above are some more pics of the Treehouse. You can see the north view is complex with the half circle, which BTW is hard to furnish due to the sectional which should really be reversed but that would require a new one. The TV could go in that space but same issue, would require new furniture and I like the view to the patio and trees beyond. BTW, for the sharp eyed folks, I mixed up my East and West in previous email, should be reversed.
  9. There are a few reasons. There are many (many) more windows to the North with far better views than the West windows shown here that look across to other buildings. There is no wall to put it against to the East as that flows into the kitchen/dining area, so the TV and components would essentially split the room in two, and who wants to looks at the back of a tv, console, speakers, wires, etc so that's out. That leaves South, which would close off a whole room removing the sense of space and would remove the views to the north when sitting on the couch. I could have put it on the ceiling but SO doesn't support suspending the speakers from there.
  10. You could go optical from tv to KDSM instead as workaround, should sound just as fantastic.
  11. Have to comment on how impressed I am with this body of work. Do you think this tool could help with tuning practical vs "virtual" ideal position changes? Not sure what one would look for, or value of it but it would be at least academically interesting to see the changes SO makes.
  12. Or toss all the Uber proprietary Apple products and go open source. Yes I'm not a big fan and switched away from Apple a number of years ago. ITunes simply drove me insane, it may be better now but incompatibility issues were rampant when trying to connect to anything non-apple.
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