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  1. This seems odd, on the one hand, akurate dsm sounds no diff than klimax dsm, yet ASH sounds better than SSH. Lets look at why this may be. It seems to me, that with the advent of exakt, the streamer now plays a minimal role, I.e. k, a, s sound very similar as the DAC, amps and speakers are all downstream. If exakt katalyst speakers (Akubariks, Akudorik), then difference between k, a and s would be minimal, and the speakers would dictate the sound quality, same DAC (essentialy) but different speakers. If same speakers, then they would sound very much the same. Any difference would be minimal and not worth the price point difference. With non exakt speakers, the cheapest streamer with most expensive exakt box is best bang for buck. Or, in this case, akurate streamer with akurate exaktbox, unless of course sex with your wife is important to you then go selekt. This would explain why KDSM sounds no different than ADSM, but only if driving exakt. If non exakt, then all bets are off. It would also explain why I didn't upgrade kdsm to katalyst but only my Akudoriks. It would also explain why my KDSM is for sale, does anyone have a used selekt by chance? 😁
  2. Too bad we don't know someone with a Klimax DSM who lives close and could easily slip by with a bottle of wine for a comparison.
  3. I do use the power Line solution and it works well. No other choice really in this space. It has been very stable, no outages where as last gen there were some issues from time to time, which of course drives you nuts.
  4. Oh officially resurrected. Welcome back, sorry to hear about your recent troubles, not fun. With that said, release the hounds 😀
  5. That's quite the assertion and may be correct. However, having a Wi-Fi option instead of hard wired is a big benefit for some where running Ethernet is difficult. I wonder if Linn has plans to equip Akurate or Klimax with wifi in later generation upgrades. Is there any data that shows impact to sound quality with onboard Wi-Fi, increased EMI for example? Would Linn have equipped selekt with Wi-Fi if it impacted sound quality or is it simply a must have to compete in the broader market?
  6. You know the best part of this thread, besides everyone rooting for your new Linn system, its that I think I can get the last word of the day, being on British Columbia Canada time, and not having to read those brit opinions, priceless, haha. Does that mean it's morning in NZ?
  7. Tough choice, not sure about sexy glass box which you probably will never touch once you configure your system. Can also be completely hidden away. If you can stretch budget to exakt katalyst do it, source first, stands later. Conversly, speaking of asthetics, loved the look of my KDSM sitting proudly, alone, atop console underneath tv. Good looking box. Since then it's now essentially hidden away, which is a shame. Dam linnie opinions 😏
  8. Great post. Was a bit of a chase for me, a step backward then forward again. The best, perhaps, when I purchased Klimax DSM to pair with Sonic Frontiers Power amp 2 (tube amp) driving Mirage speakers, sublime. I then upgraded to Akudoriks (exakt) and sold the tube amp and speakers. Detail was great but too clinical and lifeless. The old setup had it beat musically, was more visceral albeit but not as integrated and easy to use. In other words hitting power button on amp (and warm up time) was a pain. Fast forward to Katalyst upgrade for Akudoriks. There it was, best purchase, however I still wonder and would love to A/B against old setup. For additional reference, Linn 5103 was great, the remote (the brick) sucked and front panel controls lost their function over time. 5125 just couldnt compete in two channel against sonic frontiers, A/B confirmed.
  9. Regarding opening without door, I modelled the room beyond to account for it in SO2. It worked well and only takes a few extra minutes. Think you could upgrade to the heavy bases in the future, would give you something to look forward to. Great to hear about your journey, in home demo definitely a plus in your decision making.
  10. Looking forward to it Paul, being good covid soldiers here as well. Stay safe.
  11. Wondering about advantages, quality of sound, volume control, etc of using optical instead of HDMI. I currently have HDMI from cable box going to KDSM, then to tv. It works and sounds great. The issue though is that for one of my TV apps, DAZN, I have to switch to Optical (out from tv into KDSM) to hear sound. Not a big deal but I have to change input sources and makes me wonder if I connected cable box HDMI to TV without going through KDSM I could disable HDMI entirely on KDSM. Would love to hear your thoughts on quality of optical vs HDMI, and the benefits of configuring in this way instead.
  12. Couple of things on my list. System is sounding great with SO2 but havnt really experimented with ideal position in terms of speakers placement, toe-in, distance from front wall, and distance from each other, and...actual listening position itself. I have some wiggle room in the above so would like to try optimizing setup without SO then fine tune with it. Reconnect with my friend Paul who can help with the above 😊 Lastly would like to try adding a sub to help the low end of my Akudoriks, but am wary of the investment, cost of exakt box plus quality sub adds up quick, so maybe a demo in my room would be in order before pulling the trigger.
  13. Its brilliant! Jack 96.9 Vancouver playing currently, NDR1 Bremen Germany next, we are international baby!