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  1. I live in Québec. Audiotech do the service. I talked to Audiotech and they told me Linn have many different versions. Original caps were Nichicon and Jamicon and they put Panasonic as replacement. They told me Panasonic are faster cap. While different version = different age of the amp, it's difficult to tell what come from the version and what come from the age of the transistor/caps. They play very good anyway and while I have 2 pair of solo and one twin dynamik, I can't have 3 x the sound of my preferred solo. When I tested the twin, was faster, more energy in
  2. I got the solo's back from recapping job. It's "difficult" to do a real A/B because I don't have the same speaker cable. One is mogami 3103 and other one is digiflex. One unit have RCA and other one speakon. The recapped solo have tighter bass and more predominant highs while the old one is more relaxed and have a bit more hollow. I will give few hrs on the recapped one to do a sort of burn-in. The solo still don't have a silent power off. I have "poc" in speaker when power off while my other pair are completely silent (probably relay or something like that). I w
  3. The original parts are not available anymore. While I have another pair, I will do some A/B to evaluate the sound of the solo's after the recapped job. I will report back ... I live in Canada and each time unit go outside the country, $$$$$$ is involved (customs/brokage fees) To give you an idea, I got around 700-800$ us fees for my first pair of solo and around that amount for my Twin Dynamik. I got a quote for my first pair of solo to upgrade to dynamik ... was the price of one new unit. Too expansive for me while I need separate amp for bass/mids/highs
  4. So, 29 caps to change each amp. 685$ usd per amp (40% of the price is for the parts and 60% for the work). No surface mount caps on thoses ... just regular caps. I
  5. I dropped them at service center ... we have more precise estimate by the end of the next week.
  6. I talked to local autorized dealer to perform service on Linn amp. For solo, recapping job 400$ usd each amp if only the caps on the power supply are involved. 750$ if the filtration board are involved. Somes caps are not manufactured anymore and the board need be patched to match the pin out of the replacement caps. They told me the put vishay caps for the supply board. I don't know how will become the sound after recapped ... but I don't think Linn put "fancy" caps in their amplifier anyway. I sent a email to the dealer that sold me the solo to see if he open to negoci
  7. Yes, small "pop" when power on (wakeup). I have 100dB speaker without crossover and the "toc" at power on is very gentle. I talked to a service center and they told me they certainly need to be recapped completely. They do that locally and they had Solo being recapped at the moment. I think they are autorized. What is the best approach to resolte the problem with the seller (Commercial audio shop). Open a paypal dispute and agree to send the unit at that shop for an estimate for recapped job ? I understand the side of the seller, he not sell me new unit but other side
  8. Ty but they "fart" when I power off both unit. My other pair of Solo (pre-dynamic) don't do that. I suspect something need to be service with them. I found the sound "strange" and not on - par with my other old solo's. "blurry/lack grip ..." very strange.
  9. Here my new babes ... Now I have 2 pair of Solo and 1 Twin for my 3 way active setup. Even if they old amp, they outclass completely the Kinki Studio EX-B7 monoblock (I got one pair and got didn't keep them). I know, they not at all in the same price range but the fact is a good old amp still today a very good amp. I will post an update when I will install them in my audio rack. 8-)
  10. I have twin dynamik and pre-dynanik solo ... Solo are FAR better than dynamik twin ... But the price hurt ...
  11. The upgrade is about twice the price I have payed my solo. Last year, I was able to upgrade them. Has anyone ever sent linn their amp for repair ? Was a flat rate ? Was very expansive like 1/2 or 1/3 the amp cost or something more reasonable ?
  12. Just a follow up ... I took measurements between solo and twin and they have the same gain. The measurement curves are the same.
  13. Best klimax solo (not dynamik) ... Disapointment Klimax twin (dynamik) ... it's good but the step to the solo is not small ! If someone want a trade + $$ I am open !8-)
  14. I have a pair of solo (not dynamic) and no clue if I have the full potential. I have a twin dynamic and it's very different sound. Again, it's a old amp .Normally after 15 years, all the caps can be affected by age ...
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