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  1. 24bit

    playlist Jazzland

    Monty Alexander "Love You Madly" (Mini-Documentary) Highly recommended album with a young Paul Berner on Bass!
  2. 2 small but high on quality labels; SOUND LIAISON ....the visual sound. Trptk.com - TRPTK - High-End Music Label Both labels are also available on Native DSD for the albums recorded in DXD but for the pcm recordings you have to got he label site.
  3. 15% storewide at https://www.nativedsd.com/
  4. Up to 50% off on downloads on the SOUND LIAISON site.
  5. 24bit

    playlist Jazzland

    I always found that Jeff Hamilton was the best drummer for Monty.
  6. I agree. that song is fantastic. And it was the only song to that kept a Beatles release from going straight to no.1
  7. Yes they don't make singers like that no more.
  8. 24bit

    playlist Jazzland

    Here is some more not 100% jazz
  9. 24bit

    playlist Jazzland

    Great stuff, Thanks for posting! Anyway what is 100% jazz?
  10. It's not only singers that can perform jazz. I like Karin van Kooten's violin playing here, on this superb One Microphone recording and the bassist is super dedicated; https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=DLLabPCm3pI&loop=0
  11. Highly recommended One Microphone recording so completely phase coherent, amazing depth and overall sound stage highly recommended. On special offer for the next 24 hours; https://www.soundliaison.com/
  12. I like everything except for maybe the very last albums. This very album is a favorite;
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